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  1. Sep 14, 2014
    This game removed half of the features I enjoyed from the original game. Even the spike reinflating wheels removes the challenge from the game. But it's still good either way
  2. Jun 5, 2014
    This game is by no means perfect, but also not necessarily a bad game, either. It would be a lie if I said I didn't enjoy this game, even a little bit, because I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. Being a major Burnout fan, along with being an avid fan of NFS games, I thought that a NFS with similar mechanics to Burnout would be ideal. Of course, this game isn't really NFS at all, more like a weird spin off game. None of the mechanics or themes are similar to the older games of the franchise, and I can safely stand by those that believe this is a dirtying of the Most Wanted name.

    However, if we disregard the fact that they labelled this with such an absurd title, then we can finally enjoy what the game REALLY is. If Criterion set up their own franchise with an entirely different name, then I believe this game would not have crashed as hard as it did. I can't simply remove points because of a namesake; that's just ridiculous. Nobody was forced to buy this, and nobody was forced to akin this game to the original Most Wanted. People chose to do this because of the title, but simple research shows that this game is NOTHING like the original Most Wanted. So why complain? It was a cheap shot, but anyone with common sense would look beyond it. The game itself is fun; multiple vehicles with varying handling, each with their own set events to complete to unlock new performance modules. Every action is simple and intuitive via easydrive, though the world map is a little confusing, with no labeling of roads or districts, and is not even set in a satellite view to clearly display what lies where. This can get very confusing rather quickly for first time players, but overlooking this, it's not such a major problem.

    The pursuits aren't strictly riveting, and once you get used to them, they are simply too easy. After a while it gets a little tedious, and is really just a distraction.

    The races can be interesting, and they're is a host of several different event types; the basic sprint and circuit races, along with ambush events in which you must evade the police in as short a time as possible, and an event type where you must retain an optimal speed to keep your average speed as high as possible to achieve the gold medals. This variation is very welcome, and each event proves to be an interesting challenge.

    I'll admit that the game isn't a masterpiece, but it's nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. If I had the choice, I would rate it 6.5/10. However, since I can't, I'll give it a six just to appease those that feel a little cheated with this installment.
  3. May 28, 2014
    NFS: Most Wanted (2012) falls short of expectations as both Need for Speed game and/or Burnout game. Criterion game ruined both by making a game that doesn't offer story, challenge or even good controls. The game is open-world but don't let that fools you, the races are very limited and repetitive and the streets of the city aren't balanced at all, ad to that frustrating controls that only rely on drifting with almost non-existing steering. Burnout Paradise didn't have story but it had good controls, big and fun open-world and over the top cars action while the on the other hand NFS series was always known for good lengthy story, great selection of cars and deep customization options; Most Wanted (2012) doesn't have any of these pros, it only got all the cons from the two making it a very hard to recommend game to anyone. The graphics are probably the only good thing about this game. Overall this is basically Burnout Paradise with less content, less fun, less action and frustrating controls. Expand
  4. May 9, 2014
    it's very cool play it alone, chasing police, winning cars, racing, finally
    but this game is much better to play online
    the 2005's NFSMW is much better than this, not by the item nostalgia, but for fun
  5. Jan 25, 2014
    If you loved the first most wanted and as a result are thinking of getting this game, well think again. I am not sure how you manage to make a game 7 years after the original and utterly destroy everything that was excellent about the first.

    Positives are the graphics, the cars and the soundtrack.
    Negatives, the police chases are repetitive, boring and beyond aggravating whilst the
    first game offered something, frantic, fast paced, destructive and a little stressful, the new game has replaced it with a dumbed down version lacking any of the real fun that was present in the earlier title.
    The car customisation has taken a turn for the worst, no longer can you race to purchase upgrades to take on those harder challenges, now you must beat the race to get the upgrade, you don't progress to better cars you are given whatever car you want. There is no discernible story and no real incentive to play.

    The multiplayer is probably good, but I have not tried it as I intended to play through the main game first but since I am horribly disappointed with the game that will no longer be happening.

    The biggest problem is simply that they named it most wanted, cashing in on a successful game by implying some sort of re-imagining or sequel then presenting us with a glorified multiplayer arcade racer which if that is what I or most other people had wanted, then it would have been great, but unfortunately what we most wanted was most wanted.

    You will have more fun playing through the original again than playing this terrible game.
  6. Dec 26, 2013
    E.A Has once again created a sensation of a game with this game but the fact is that when you've completed all most wanted races all you can do is complete races to win upgrades for all of the cars. Now if you take a look at one of the closest rivals to NFS- Burnout you kind of get the same game but not real cars Over all if your looking for an amazing game for single-player and a long game play time this ones for you Expand
  7. Dec 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has many great features to like about it, yet there are drawbacks to each of them.

    First of all, the city of Fairhaven has great. The Seattle/ Pacific Northwest-themed location is a nice change from the constant southern-California theme we have seen in countless racing titles. The city is visually stunning, very lively-looking, and many hidden alleyways, parking structures, train tracks, and other areas not marked on the map that adds a lot of depth into the city and takes deep exploration to find every nook and cranny which I believe makes an excellent open-world to drive around. There is one pretty big issue I found with the city, despite the diversity of sprawling city streets, dense industrial and port areas, and open highways that leads to the rural farmlands, it is not well designed for police chases. It is very hard to escape from the police when free-roaming because the lack of alternate roads and intersections that provides less options to hide or change direction if you know police cars are coming down the same road. Many of the alleyways are useless for hiding as police cars will find you. I can't count how many times I was in the "cool down" stage of a chase and I was stuck going down one road with no alternate route to drive away from the police searching for me. Every time I was in cool down I had to "hope and pray" they weren't coming at me on the same road as it happened very, very often. This made pursuits fluctuate from exciting to annoying. Paradise City was a much better map for police chases (If you played online) and had countless alternate routes to escape that Fairhaven lacks in many areas of the map.

    The police chases in the game range from exciting to annoying (As stated above). I do like how the heat system works when you raise your heat and cool it down. It causes the police to often change their tactics and depending how the pursuit plays out, you can have a decent variety of police cars chasing you at once (Which is dynamic and also realistic), but the SWAT trucks are going a bit too far in my opinion. The way the police chases carry out in the city are not well suited for the way the city is designed (Again, as I mentioned earlier) and would have been better if the police were less frequent during free roam and less difficult to evade (spawning randomly everywhere)!

    The biggest chunk of this game is the career mode and I'll start with the good parts about it: it will take you a very, very long time to complete. The career mode is also the biggest problem in this game. The career mode's biggest drawback is the structure of it....and there isn't one. All the cars (Except the Most Wanted cars) are unlocked and just need to find them. I hate this "everything is open to you from the start" structure! I don't like everything handed to me, I like to earn them like in NFS Hot Pursuit or even Burnout Paradise. An even bigger problem with the career is that every car has their own events which every car has a heavy overlap of the same events which means racing the same race in a different car over and over and OVER again. It turns the career into a chore and the repetition has myself putting the controller down after awhile as if I am taking a break from doing college homework. This is why it took me about a year to "complete" this game, because every 2-3 times I repeated the same event and the AI difficulty made it ridiculous. The career mode is the most monotonous I have ever played in a racing game. I can't even hold onto my favorite cars to complete the career!

    I have nothing good to say about the upgrades, I found most of them useless (in my opinion), and had to earn them in every car repeating the events. I can't even select where to start with a car, I can only start where the car is located.

    The online does not have cop chases and everyone keeps crashing into each other so I never bothered again with online. Not as good as Burnout Paradise.

    The car selection is good and diverse, but not as large as NFS Hot Pursuit or other previous NFS titles. Why the heck did they remove the Hummer H1 from the previews? Car handlings are ok, but depends on the car.

    The soundtrack is pretty good, had a nice variety and found many favorites, but the lack of dramatic chase music that is very common in the past NFS titles was a big disappointment.

    Lastly, the DLC improved the game's car selection and the airport was a nice addition but the airport feels like it's incomplete, smash n' grab events are not fun and actually crash the game where it is literally impossible to complete the expanded career therefore the DLC actually broke the game and will forever be "incomplete" on my profile.

    Overall, this game has good quality with a city and car list to admire, but with the career mode being a chore, mixed feelings with the police chases, and the glitch with the DLC (Xbox 360 version), every feature has pros and cons.

    Score 7 (3 for the city, 3 for the cars, 1 for the cops).
  8. Nov 23, 2013
    Beautiful scenery, unfortunately none of it can be applied to your vehicle. Love the music. Only 2 camera views? Disappointing. Lacks a story line and even character names. As far as I know my character is a car thief who wears a helmet. Was really hard to get into due to my lack of racing games for the 360, that wouldn't be a problem if difficulty was an option, I can of course forgive them for that. I understand a game needs to have challenge but if your making this type of game at least put a restart option at the end of the race. Instead I'm forced to stare at a sideways screen for 10 seconds, then forced to drive until it finishes autosaving, then I am able to pause and restart. If that isn't bad enough I am forced to watch every single crash which takes an unbearable amount of time out of gameplay. Controls seem to lag and WHERE DID THE RACE DIVERSITY GO!? The original Most wanted dropped drift racing but introduced a few new race styles. This has two. From knockout, tollbooth, drift, sprint, circuit, drag, and snapshot, we get to keep the 2 most boring... Thank you EA team! Any race that involves police it repetitive, the cops will always be in the same place. SWAT vehicles. Really? A truck moving at 250 mph can't move a SWAT truck an inch. That's believable. I was psyched to hear a new Most Wanted was being released having been a big fan of the original PS2 version but was very disappointed after 2 minutes of gameplay and it only became worse. I can't understand why they would make a game this bad and then name it Need for Speed Most Wanted. Why destroy such a great games' name like that? Sorry to lay into this game so hard but for me this game is just a train wreck and does not deserve the name it was given. I do hope someone out there received more enjoyment from this game than I did. Expand
  9. Aug 14, 2013
    This game is horrible, I got the Limited Edition for $14,99 and now I understand why... Is over and over again the same is not fun is horrible and boring... DO NOT BUY IT!
  10. Jul 26, 2013
    I gave this an 8.0 just because the M3 GTR is DLC. DO NOT HATE ME OR ANYTHING, READ MY COMMENT CLEARLY. If you don't read carefully, then I'll just ignore your comment.
  11. Jul 22, 2013
    I have owned and played every NFS game since NFS 2 SE for PC, and I'm probably the biggest racing-junkie out there. I don't come out and write reviews too often, but this game really made me want to come out and express my displeasure.

    When I first heard about Criterion making a "sequel" to the original Need For Speed Most Wanted, I was extremely excited. Criterion made Burnout Paradise
    (Once of the funnest racing games this generation), Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Another great game), and here they are making the long awaited sequel that fans have been begging for YEARS (Youtube, Facebook. Every video fans asked for a new NFS MW)

    Boy, they really let all of them down.

    Of course, no one knew any better before it came out. Positive reviews were coming out a few days before launch, and I would even check Google news every few hours for any new info on it. I pre-ordered the Limited Edition for $60.

    It came in 2 days after launch, and I immediately played it. And was immediately disappointed.

    There are examples of the devs being CHEAP everywhere you look. There are only 2 car views (compared to the original: 4 views) The licensed soundtrack is HORRIBLE (I turned it off after about 5 min) The "career mode" is NOTHING. It is far too easy, and didn't make me want to come back to play the game. You just drove around doing random races for not real purpose. Oh and no split-screen! If that isn't cutting corners, I don't know what is. The freaking GAMECUBE ORIGINAL HAD SPLIT/SCREEN! Seven years ago! And they can't do that today!

    Probably biggest letdown though: Overall, it was not fun to play. Cars handled like TANKS. While in Burnout Paradise it took SKILL and good reflexes to get by traffic at blazing speeds, here you will crash out in random situations. MANY TIMES. I consider myself an excellent racer, and when I keep crashing for BS reasons too many times, there is a problem. (There is also too much traffic, as if they want you to continue to keep crashing out.)

    You drive around, "hijacking" whatever car you see. You get no feeling of "accomplishment" and again is extremely boring. No visual customization (but you can change the paint by going through repair shops. Its random too. Common, this is so pathetic that they completely IGNORED the BEST PART about the original game!)

    Cop chases was the best mode in the original MW. It was very dramatic, and was it was fun smashing into cop cars (WITHOUT "CRASHING OUT" YOUR OWN CAR EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH SOMETHING) and knocking donuts shops over, blowing up gas stations. It was very cool. In this game however, it is a total JOKE. There is no dramatic music, no things to knock over. If they replaced those with something else, I would be happy. But no. The cops are SUPER DUMB, and will try to take yo out no matter what (the original, they also tried to spin you out, but again you wouldn't get "crashed out".)This makes for REAL BORING cop chases. I didn't even try in them, because nothing happened to you if you were caught! (The original had cool videos, and you would have to pay with money or impound you're car.)

    Looking at the online stuff, it's obvious Criterion spent most of their time here. And I admit, I give them some credit for making a somewhat decent system. Too bad they ENCOURAGED players to take each other out(Yes, they give you points for this)! I wouldn't go 30 seconds without someone smashing into me. This is not real racing. And no way is fun. Anyone who says otherwise is either brainwashed from all the mediocre games lately, or works for EA.

    In the end, this is more of a "reboot" and new interpretation of the term "Most Wanted". If they tried to make something original that was fun--they failed. If they intended to make a direct sequel--COMPLETE FAIL. This game gave me no enjoyment, and is currently sitting on Craigslist for $30. (Funny fact: the game was $35 everywhere 2 weeks after it came out. Thanks guys!)

    I will never pre-order a NFS game again. EA had every reason in the world to make this a fun, enjoyable game. And failed. They are ANNIHILATING the fans that have been here for them since the beginning. While the original game was fun, and overall a well-polished AAA game, here we have a over-rated CR@P that is a COMPLETE disgrace the Need for Speed series and racing games nowadays. Criterion must be INSANE to think they made a great game. The "professional" critics have not played the earlier NFS games: back when they were well-polished fun, long-lasting experiences to realize that this is total CR@P. They are praising mediocre games that do not have any heart or soul (I guarantee the older NFS games had a bigger budget and had more man-hours into them. That's why they are still great today!)
  12. Jul 15, 2013
    An enjoyable game with great graphics. My problems with it are the lazy backround enviorments and multiplayer is not that great. Also not as many cars as i would have hoped.
  13. Jun 20, 2013
    When I played this game i'm like what the hell is this what is this....... its nothing like I expected,that company that made it doomed the whole game its not worth the buy wrong company made it so....
  14. Jun 18, 2013
    NFS MW is a great installment to the NFS Series although it doesn't have the customisation that Underground 2 and the old MW had its still a great racing game to have. The car switching just makes it a whole lot easier to get the car you wanted without any fuss the multiplayer is a great laugh with friends and is just very enjoyable although people say Criterion ruined it its really hard to tell if its for you, if you like realistic driving simulators then that's what Forza and Gran Turismo are there for, on the other hand if you are a long term fan of the NFS series and enjoyed Most if not All of the NFS games then this game in a good one to pick up. Expand
  15. Jun 3, 2013
    This is a very hard game to review. I have nothing Bad to say about the game but nothing good either. Having played the older version of this game and then having played the new version I can't say that the games felt overly different. Criterion have improved the handling models of the cars and the cars themselves look pretty good and accurate (The damage models are also pretty realistic). The issue I have is that the game is in no way gripping. All the cars have almost exactly the same events attached to them which get very repetitive. during the Most Wanted take downs the cars would drive into walls or down dead ends making it at times simple to take them out. AI card can drive over spike strips with no damage to tyres. I did not notice an onscreen clock which meant you could not predict day/night cycles and the camera angles are awful. they only allow you two options and neither are good. The behind car angle felt sloppy and you did not have an in car angle only a front bumper angle. It just sucked out the life of the game a bit. I will not say this game is unplayable and not worth a look into if you like racers in a similar vein (Split/Second, Blur, NFS Hot Pursuit etc) but as an arcade racer it just did not have enough to get my attention or enough to keep the enjoyment up. Expand
  16. Apr 11, 2013
    Load of crap, constant pauses, car feels likes its floating on the road no feeling of control. Burnout paradise was pure genius this is pure junk, looks good but fails in just about every other way, avoid.
  17. Apr 3, 2013
    This is a racing game, so the NFS series is the latest part of me did not meet your expectations. The Run is even better than that, because there were still cars can be controlled, but it could not. Unbreakable prevented cars, can be performed only in third place in racing. But what is nice to have an open-world game, and the graphics are nice and all parts of the city early in the game has been acquired and car. But even so, the game is mediocre. Expand
  18. Mar 31, 2013
    Poorly executed game that lacks the original Most Wanted's theme. The charm that the previous Need for Speed games like Most Wanted and Carbon is completely gone from the game. Lack of creativity by making the player drive around the city and randomly winning races for absolutely no reason whatsoever. This is not the Need for Speed game that we have been waiting years for..
  19. Mar 18, 2013
    Overall it was a rushed game and is not like the ORIGINAL Most Wanted game. They actually ruined the series and also letting ''Top Youtubers'' play it first so users can get a look at the game was a horrible mistake.
  20. Mar 4, 2013
    This is the laziest racing game made to date... No story, no customization, no car dealers and no point. This is Burnout Paradise with real cars and a NFS title.. The only thing nice about this game is sound and visuals, but in a game where the only plot is running from cops and the only human interaction is a pain in the butt narrator that luckily only speaks twice during the entire game, that's just not enough... Worst NFS made to date, i even preferred Pro Street and Undercover to this Expand
  21. Jan 28, 2013
    Total garbage. If you enjoy racing games such as Forza, Gran Turismo, Dirt, or anything remotely realistic don't even bother with this. You would be wasting your money. The controls and gameplay are simply horrid. The graphics are great, but when the gameplay is this terrible there's no way to put up with it.
  22. Jan 28, 2013
    Trash game without soul. Multiplayer Burnout clone.
    They uses MW name, and now no sequel for original. Never.
  23. Jan 19, 2013
    Though its not as good as the 2005 release of "Most Wanted", this game still gives it a run for its money. The presentation, game-play and overall feel of this game are great.
  24. Jan 19, 2013
    This game is brilliant yes it has need for speed on the cover but this is not need for speed but this is an overall great racing game. I have saw people say that the handling is poor although they are wrong that is the new type of handling in these racing games nowadays it just gets a little bit of getting used to. Also the graphics are brilliant I feel like I am immersed by this big gorgeous city where you can explore anywhere anytime. As with every game though there are a couple of problems like you can't buy and unlock the cars anymore you have to find them which does not give me as near as much satisfaction as unlocking them. Another point is that the most wanted leader board is just something there for you to look at when you take out the car and capture of the most wanted driver it feels good but moving up the leader board does not make you feel like it was enough of a challenge or immersing enough into the the story. There are no cutscenes meaning that you do not find out about the characters which means you get no motive to actually beat them on there are cutscenes they are gorgeous but they are just creating the car and introducing the track nothing more nothing less. Overall I think this game is absolutely brilliant and any serious racer or a person who wants to get into racing games this is indeed a must buy I will just say I want a need for speed like underground 2 which I think personally was the best. Expand
  25. Jan 15, 2013
    Playing two racing games simultaneously could be considered a poor idea but I think it allowed me to hone in what exactly it is that I enjoy in racing games. With that said, please forgive me if my review feels like I'm pointing out what was different from Forza Horizion. First off, this game is a lot fun to just mess around in and Criterion did a great job of creating a gritty city that feels alive and dangerous. Driving around Fairhaven is filled with close calls and action-movie worthy crashes. But in that lies a huge problem, crashing was way to easy. The driving felt clunky to the point where cars didn't really turn how you expect them to (read: everything felt very unpredictable) and they felt really sticky; however, if you needed to make a 90-degree turn at 150mph, no problem, just grab the brake and drift it out. It seemed like the driving system didn't really have itself together and as such you would find yourself crashing into things constantly throughout races and that was the source of difficulty. Through this drive-crash-repeat gameplay style it exposed another huge issue I had with the game: rubber banding AI. I know Forza Horizon had it to but it was so poorly implemented here I was in awe quite a lot. There were points that I would crash multiple times per lap yet I was still able to catch right up to the AI. Conversely, I would "takedown" a competitor and I would gain a good bit of ground only to see their icon on the map fly up at what could only be 300+mph and then slow down as soon as it got close to me. As a result everything was a close race and it felt like you were never really rewarded for driving a solid race, but only a good last 30 seconds. So given the flaws above I still found myself really enjoying the game. It didn't have the variety I would have liked in races as you find yourself doing the exact same race 5 times with different cars. One thing I think Criterion did a great job tapping into is allowing the player to drive all the cases (minus the 10 Most Wanted) right out of the gate at no cost to them. While I think currency in racing games makes sense, it would be great if this concept was replicated in other games, or maybe releasing a class of cars at each stage or something to that effect. So if it wasn't obvious by now I think this was the lesser of the two racing games from 2012, but was still a lot of fun to play and so much so that I think I'll get back into the NFS franchise after a hiatus since Pro Street. I've heard the online is really good so maybe I'll give that a shot but I get aggravated very easily by people messing around online rather than actually trying to play. Expand
  26. Jan 1, 2013
    it's a dumb down burnout paradise the music get's old fast it should not be called Need for Speed: Most Wanted it's burnout paradise 2 the Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 is way better they did not do well by it
  27. Dec 30, 2012
    As a massive NFS fan this was a huge let down. While it looks nice, its just so boring. The game has no soul and by the midway point I found I was playing it just to sell on and say I'd done it. Avoid this and go buy Forza Horizon, that has everything in it that this game should have had. Namely, its fun to play. Also, the decision to name this Most Wanted is a disgrace. The original had everything you'd want from an arcade racer, this has nothing in comparison. I can't can't help but laugh at this being labelled 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game', if I was Criterion I'd be ashamed to put my name to such a weak effort, not including it in the title. Very poor. Expand
  28. Dec 13, 2012
    I really liked burnout paradise so it wasnt to my surprise that i really liked this game. I have no idea what the other need for speed games are like so i see this game purely for what it is And that is pure fun! My only gripe is most of the music isnt to my taste and i would rather input my own. Also i hear two songs being played at the same time sometimes which is annoying that must be a glitch which should be patched. I would like to see more scenic routes aswel Its also a shame theres no real punishment getting caught by the po po. I think there should be some kind of fine like having your car impounded and having to earn it back. Expand
  29. Dec 6, 2012
    As an avid player of the original Most Wanted, I had very high hopes for this game and while it didn't meet them all I think overall it turned out very well. The original was more challenging especially when it came to cop chases, which was one of my favorite aspects that I was disappointed to see "simplified". I was able to beat the game (All Most Wanted Drivers) without ever once being caught by the cops a feat I would have considered near impossible on the original. With that said the rest of the game was pulled off with excellence, especially on merits such as graphics and enjoyment of driving. Unfortunately, as a lack of the depth of the police chases I see no replay value to the game and once I finished finding all of the cars (not jackspots still missing a couple of those) and reaching Most Wanted Rank 1 the game found its way to the shelf and I pulled the original back out which is much more fun to just play around in. I sad a lot of negative in the review but still rated it a 7, you may be wondering why. It is because despite it's shortcomings it is by far the best NFS/Burnout game to release since the original Most Wanted in 2005. It is also the best non-simulation racing game to release in about the same time frame. It is also the most fun I have had playing any racing game in years for about 10 hours, until you run out of variety and realize that it reaches a point where the difficulty flattens out and becomes too easy around Most Wanted rank 5. Expand
  30. Nov 29, 2012
    I really wanted to enjoy this game - I thought that, since its' predecessor (and supposed inspiration) was so much fun, that this can in no way be a disappointment. Let me start off by saying that this is not NFS, this is not Most wWanted's sequel - this is just burnout with no story and licensed cars.

    There is no semblance of a plot to be had here; the basis of the whole game is to
    find random cars scattered about the whole map, evade cops and compete in races - doing the latter two nets you points, which contribute to your most wanted score; once you get to a certain point, you race a most wanted car then, "shut it down", or in other words, crash it to obtain the car, after which, you just rinse and repeat until you're number 1. That's it. You do get an intro scene for each race (that you can skip), so that is kind of a plus - but I can't understand why criterion didn't add some type of plot - it doesn't need to be complicated, just something to add motivation to the game.

    One thing that you can't skip however are the crash scenes. The horrible crash scenes. Every single time you crash your car, either from scraping a concrete fence or by going through a police blockade, you will be treated to a 5 second un-skippable replay of your crash. This is only compounded by the sluggish handling in the game - it takes around 3 seconds from the time you use your analog stick, to the time it actually takes for the car to turn! It feels like i'm driving a brick with melted butter for wheels.

    The use of car modifications does make the handling more manageable and the crash scenes less frequent, but these design choices are still rather infuriating - and only furthering my frustration with the game is it's horrible "rubber-banding" Slender-man style AI; no matter how far you are ahead of your opponent, he will catch up and outrun you, and if you crash (especially in the beginning of the game), then you're almost guaranteed to lose. With that said, there are some good things about this game.

    Namely the aforementioned car mods, and the graphics. The frame-rate is incredibly smooth, the lighting is great and there is absolutely no pop in. I think that's partly due to how empty Fair-haven feels: there are no pedestrians and barely any civilian cars - in fact, I would say that one out every 10 or so cars is highway patrol! There is also a greatly diminished sense of speed, you could be driving 120mph (193km) and feel like it's 40ish - some type of motion blur could help that, but really, that's only a minor gripe.

    The soundtrack is pretty good; it has a good mix of rock, grunge, break-beat, dub-step and Drum and Bass. It is a little on the short side though, and it would be cooler if I could pick my own stations, a la GTA and Sleeping Dogs. I would link to a couple songs, but amazon doesn't allow it, so Google it...


    I found this game rather disappointing, the handling, crash scenes, lack of story and empty environment are all serious issues (which can of course be solved with an inevitable sequel), but the graphics, car mods and police chases are all definite pluses.

    Graphics: - 9.7 Other than a few less then stellar textures (stop the car and look at the canyons), the graphics are gorgeous.

    Sound: 9 - Great soundtrack, but a little on the short side.

    Presentation: - 5 No story whatsoever, but it does have a slick look.

    Game-play: 5 - The car handling needs to be improved, and the crash scenes are inexcusable.

    Replay Value: 6 - Multiplayer, and collectibles extend the game somewhat, but it's still on the short side.

    Side note - I actually wrote a better and more cohesive review, but my computer crashed and I lost it! Then I proceeded to get writer's block, so ya; fun stuff...

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. Jan 11, 2013
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted is caught between two worlds. The game can't quite decide if it wants to be an arcade or a simulation racing game, and it takes a lot to get used to this in-between zone it occupies. That said, once the adjustment period is over, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had when it's not being frustrating.
  2. Dec 12, 2012
    A technically sound and entertaining sandbox for arcade racers. The name should be Need for Burnout, though. [Dec 2012]
  3. Dec 4, 2012
    An open world street racer set in an interesting city. There's a lot of things to do, but they get pretty repetitive after a while. The autolog for online competition is brilliant though.