Pac-Man Museum Xbox 360


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  1. Feb 28, 2014
    If you've never played Championship Edition before and thus do not have DX to compare it to, it's a perfect way to re-acclimate yourself to the franchise, while you use Royale to spice up your next local gathering. Everyone else who lacks friends on-hand or has already played CE should wait for a sale, or pass this one up entirely.
  2. Feb 28, 2014
    The overall presentation is cute, with a virtual Pac Room that you can deck out with unlockable items, and a sticker album that you fill up by completing challenges. Namco missed a critical opportunity, however, in putting all the games into a greater context.
  3. Apr 1, 2014
    Pac-Man is a classic game in everyone’s opinion. Therefore, it's really nice to play some old Pac-Man games. Although the price is quit expensive for what you get. Four or maybe five Pac-man games are really worth it, the rest is simply too outdated.
  4. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Apr 27, 2014
    An okay celebration of 30 years of Pac-Man's furious assault on the four unluckiest ghosts ever. There are better Pac-related options though. [Issue#110, p.78]
  5. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Mar 26, 2014
    A disorienting mix of the classic, the needless and the forgotten. [Apr 2014, p.89]
  6. Mar 5, 2014
    You cannot help but think that a more fitting tribute to the little yellow fella would have been a standalone version of the top-drawer Battle Royale, with the inclusion of online play that they have bafflingly ignored.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    Mar 26, 2014
    The world's first bona fide videogame mascot deserved better than to have five failures trotted out alongside four dirt-simple classics, and the inflated price of admission doesn't do his flawed exhibition any favors. [May 2014, p.83]
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  1. Feb 27, 2014
    The difficulty in rating a game like this is that it is a collection of aged games, albeit that some of the collection has not yet appeared onThe difficulty in rating a game like this is that it is a collection of aged games, albeit that some of the collection has not yet appeared on consoles. As a whole, this collection could stand from including the history of the more obscure games and xbox live support for more than just leaderboards, but this seems to be a hastily put together compilation.

    Pac-man Battle Royale would have saved this collection from being a money grab, but the exclusion of xbox live support (local player only) basically limits this to a party game. Pac-man, Super pac-man, mrs. pac-man, etc. are all faithfully emulated, so much so that the emulation causes the screen to be letterboxed (cannot be adjusted). This game would have been disappointing at $10 and is a travesty at $20.
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