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  1. Qix++ is fun, but may not be worth the investment to a lot of folks unless they’re willing to splurge for the DLC.
  2. Ultimately though, for those who enjoy the niche quality of retro titles, there is something enjoyable and genuinely fun here for you.
  3. Qix is great but this does almost nothing to improve it or make it more palatable for modern audiences.
  4. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A bit of a disappointment, then, and for easily avoidable reasons. [Issue#55, p.105]
  5. QIX++ strays from its namesake, offering an experience so short that you'll wonder just what those plus symbols are trying to tell you. With some more care and a lot more content, this could have been great.
  6. The trouble is there’s simply not that much content here to justify it, and although there is a little room for replayability and high score chasing, the credits roll-up in under fifteen minutes playtime.
  7. 46
    The arcade original is a fun game, but this version forgets some of the things that made it cool and doesn't give us an opportunity to spend any quality time with its new features. Ten bucks for twenty minutes of gameplay? Kick this one to the curb.
  8. While it doesn't carry the weight of a Pac-Man or a Donkey Kong, the core gameplay works well enough that it's easy to see how it could be remade in a flashy new way that appeals to the digital download crowd. But QIX++ is a short, dull take on the Qix formula that won't rope in new players or satisfy aficionados.
  9. A bland and uninspired rip-off, steer clear of this one.
  10. Qix++ is a title that can't be faulted on gameplay but only having 16 levels is a major let down.
  11. Qix++ is a poor remake of a classic arcade game.
  12. While Qix++ offers some new twists on an old classic it falls short of what the standard is for a remake. The game play is fun, but it is hard to ignore the generic inspired graphics, monotonous techno, and lack of content. The game costs 800 Microsoft points, so unless you enjoy feeling slighted your points are better off spent elsewhere.
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  1. Aug 14, 2011
    It's fun, easy to learn, and highly-addictive...I love this game! I guess the only downside is the cost.. If you're willing to spend a fewIt's fun, easy to learn, and highly-addictive...I love this game! I guess the only downside is the cost.. If you're willing to spend a few coin on the DLC it adds a bit more variety to the gameplay. But, if you're going with the basic version alone you may feel well..ripped off. Full Review »