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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The classic shooting game returns with the original gameplay and newly updated graphics in RAYSTORM HD. You control the R-GRAY, a fighter plane equipped with a lock-on laser system, and battle your way through eight stages. A variety of game modes includes Arcade Mode and Extra Mode, with four selectable planes including the untested new R-GEAR. Rankings can be registered, and replay data can be uploaded and downloaded online. [Xbox.com] Collapse
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  1. 65
    A solid shooter that will get some attention for its nostalgia factor but is ultimately a pretty generic effort.
  2. Raystorm was a fantastic game on the Playstation, and still one of my favorite shooters on the system, however, Taito really needed to update the game to make it worth the $15 and because of the higher cost and better shooters out there, ahem.... Ikaruga.
  3. A lackluster reboot effort combined with a premium downloadable price tag result in an offering only suited to massive fans of the original, who should still have their PS1 copies lying around somewhere.
  4. 42
    As a basic XBLA port at half the price, RayStorm might have made for a fun novelty. But it's frankly bewildering that Taito is charging $15 for an extremely marginal upgrade to a game that we played some 13 years ago.
  5. A gaudy glimpse of the bad old days of mid-1990s 3D. And no-one wants that.
  6. Lots of comparable options come cheaper and offer more fulfilling shoot-'em-up action than this retread.
  7. One of the best shooters of the mid-nineties, ruined spectacularly for the 21st Century. [Aug 2010, p.121]

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