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  1. 100
    RDR is a phenomenal game that stands out as one of the year's best. The utmost attention to detail is apparent in every aspect, and is something that no gamer should miss.
  2. Rockstar have redeemed themselves and there's no need to return to the city after providing this compelling argument against automotive transportation.
  3. 100
    As good as if not better than Grand Theft Auto IV and is as beautiful as a Hollywood epic.
  4. 100
    Red Dead Redemption has a beautiful virtual world with an enormous amount of things to do, an exciting story and fantastic action. The game not only shows a world of the past, but also makes the player reflect the times we live in now. An exceptional achievement for a game.
  5. 100
    This is simply a beautiful game, and it's provided more than a few moments where I completely forgot where the hell I was supposed to be going while riding over golden hills at sunset or through the desert in the middle of a nighttime lightning storm. It doesn't quite convey the loneliness of the real empty spaces, but does compress the essence of all the varieties of land and weather native to those parts into a few hundred miles ride.
  6. 100
    Although this is said of almost every single new Rockstar product, Red Dead Redemption is arguably their best effort to date, if only because it distills all of the lessons they've learned from their previous titles into an engaging, expansive, and enthralling world. But the best part of Rockstar's open-world oater is its honest and open appreciation for the iconic Western genre.
  7. Red Dead Redemption is not just the definitive sandbox gaming experience, nor simply the best Wild West videogame (hardly a challenge), it is developer Rockstar's crowning achievement to date.
  8. Even if Red Dead Redemption doesn’t make your top ten favorites it will at the very least be a tale of outlaws, dead men and deceit that will remain with you for years.
  9. 100
    An awe-inspiring game. The gameplay and structure may be beginning to show their age a little, but the storytelling, characters and world-building is on a par with the best the medium has to offer. It's a sprawling and engrossing experience, epic in scope and size and offering a gigantic amount of playing time. With their latest open-world game, Rockstar have produced nothing less than the finest recreation of the Wild West on a console, and one of the best video games of this year.
  10. If this game's concepts seem even remotely interesting to you, head out immediately to your nearest game store and slap your cash down. The single-player story alone is more than worth the price of admission, and the multiplayer is truly unique and will likely evolve into something very special as the community continues to grow.
  11. The game itself is absolutely spectacular...The sheer quality of Red Dead Redemption is evident right from the word go.
  12. 100
    With Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar succeeds in creating one of the most impressive open worlds I've ever seen in a game, and it's telling that -- even after playing for over 30 hours -- all I want to do is get back on my horse and gallop back into the wilderness.
  13. 100
    A gumbo of immaculate gun play, a story that stays stimulating until the very end and one of the most remarkable worlds seen in any game combines into this fantastic symbiosis. The sandbox genre has a new king, and his name is John Marston.
  14. Rockstar Games exceeded expectations once again in creating a game that can achieve excellence in all aspects.
  15. Thoroughly enjoyable, superbly atmospheric and deliciously detailed, it performs the enviable task of giving Rockstar yet another solid IP to produce a series of games from.
  16. Red Dead Redemption is easily and will probably be the best game of 2010 and the developers should be commended on the amazing attention to detail.
  17. The first goddamned good action Western that gaming has seen.
  18. The end of the game - and the outstanding epilogue - punctuates one of the most complete video game stories in a long time. The story will stay with the player for a long time afterwards - long after they get their hands on whatever the next 'it' game happens to be.
  19. The Western genre has been won. Fans of the Western genre will feel as if they've died and gone to heaven and open-world gamers will be treated to an experience unlike any they've had before.
  20. 100
    There are so many aspects of Red Dead Redemption that make it an experience above and beyond all other open world sandbox experiences that we can't even begin to list them all. Some of the reasons that stand out are a wealth of content, a beautifully rendered and detailed world, an interesting and engaging storyline, a fantastic roster of characters with their own personalities, great and believable dialogue, the ability to experience the game world online with or against others; the list can go on forever. Rest assured that this is one of the greatest game we've played in 2010 so far, and possibly ever.
  21. The whole Wild West has been a huge missed opportunity for the video game industry, until now where we finally have a game that has put the Wild West back on the map.
  22. They've grown up again, giving players a more mature role to play as a man fighting to save his family rather than for more selfish reasons, and layer the story with a bit of human condition which hasn't been well-reflected up until just recently in video games.
  23. The sheer amount of stuff to seek out and do in this game makes it utterly enjoyable.
  24. Red Dead Redemption is more than a great western, it's the first time this type of game has been successfully recreated for a home game console.
  25. When Rockstar teased fans in 2005 with a video indicating an upcoming PS3 release, fans took notice – sadly, it took nearly five years for the sequel – Red Dead Redemption – to hit the shelves. But believe me, it was worth the wait.
  26. Red Dead Redemption is the game that finally does the western it's well deserved justice. The missions are varied, the characters awesomely crafted, the story is great and everything comes together as the best Sandbox ever. Rockstar's lastest is just a must-have.
  27. Superior storytelling, audio and graphics all come together to create one of the most enjoyable games in years.
  28. Rockstar San Diego has captured the environment and the emotion of the time masterfully. So much is done right that the bugs which do exist do not detract from the game. If you enjoy open-world titles at all, Red Dead Redemption should be in your gaming library.
  29. The game perfectly captures the expansiveness of frontier life and the gritty gunplay of spaghetti westerns, rightfully earning its place alongside the great Western films and the best Rockstar games. [Issue#206, p.86]
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  1. AndyZ
    May 20, 2010
    Simply a masterpiece of a game. The world is beautifully crafted and the story is engaging. As a person who though GTAIV was only so-so, I Simply a masterpiece of a game. The world is beautifully crafted and the story is engaging. As a person who though GTAIV was only so-so, I can fully endorse this. There is a wide variety of mission types to do and the minigames are actually fun. The characters are likable and the voice acting and animations are really nice. Graphics are great on the 360, especially for a console game. Anyone complaining about lock on shooting is out of their mind. Half the time in this game you are riding on a horse, shooting people on other horses. Without lock on you'd never hit anything as the action is too fast and people don't just stand there to let you shoot them. That's why you can go manual in Dead Eye mode, because it slows everything down to possible speeds. It is a joy to ride around the countryside and the random events that happen there really break up any monotony you might feel. Full Review »
  2. SFN
    Jan 4, 2011
    the game is absolutly amazing, i mean the stroy line behind it is really really good, the graphics are amazing!!! Rockstar really out didthe game is absolutly amazing, i mean the stroy line behind it is really really good, the graphics are amazing!!! Rockstar really out did themselfves yet again with this game, this is definitly worth every single pit of your money and trust me you"ll be glad you bought it. Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2010
    Just like all other sandbox games, it's fun for a few hours, but then the novelty wears off and all you're left with is a crappy story. ThereJust like all other sandbox games, it's fun for a few hours, but then the novelty wears off and all you're left with is a crappy story. There is no challenge here, because this isn't a game. It's a movie shoehorned into a cowboy simulator. Trust me it's not as fun as it sounds. Unless you think watching a man bouncing up and down on a horse, as he rides from one end of the map to the other, exciting. Much of the gameplay consists of what feels more like chores than fun. Activities like hunting for rabbits, plucking flowers, training horses, and herding cattle. None of it is challenging. It's all just designed to waste your time. And after a few hours you'll realize that it's just exactly that: A waste of time. Full Review »