• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2006

Mixed or average reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 54
  2. Negative: 6 out of 54
  1. 80
    Due to the tight wrestling engine that is bolstered by hundreds of unlockables and online play, I have to say this one has some considerable replay value.
  2. It looks fantastic, and it's definitely sexy, albeit in an unabashedly slutty, so-tacky-you-should-probably-feel-ashamed kind of way. If that sounds cool, take this babe out on the town tonight.
  3. Slip Rumble Roses XX inside a copy of SmackDown if you must buy it, just don't go expecting any innovations other than a big tickling stick, blushing faces, a gigantic Xbox Live porn archive and the wobbliest boobs yet seen in a video game.
  4. Only now, with the power of the Xbox 360 and some truly “bonerific” graphics do we finally get to explore all the splendor of scantily clad, well-endowed women, both in and out of the wrestling ring.
  5. A solid wrestling game, built on top of a good game engine. The graphics are great, as well.
  6. If you're an adolescent boy who is able to play this game without fear of being reprimanded by mom and dad, you'll most likely think this is a gift from the gaming gods. I'd definitely argue with you on that point.
  7. A fun enough game, as these things go, but it saddles you with a lot of busywork.
  8. There’s no back story or true information regarding any of the characters in the game. There are also plenty of match types that are omitted such as a Royal Rumble which as the name implies would have been a perfect inclusion.
  9. Hot graphics, solid controls, decent fun factor, online gameplay which the first game didn't have; but a totally shallow game.
  10. It’s one of those rare games where you know exactly what you are getting before you play it. You simply need to trust your instinct on this one.
  11. Despite the addition of tag matches, Battle Royales, and Street Fights, there simply isn’t enough depth to keep this hopeful at the top of the ranks. The playability is high, especially amongst human combatants, but the single-player offering wears thin.
  12. Stunning character models, simplistic controls, and fluid gameplay usually result in a instant classic. However, the wrestling genre is, and always will be, dominated by a licensed product. Rumble Roses XX is a enjoyable pick up and play alternative to other wrestling titles, despite its fictional characters and lack of gameplay options.
  13. It is a great looking wrestling game but focuses a little too much on the eye candy and not enough of the real wrestling angle.
  14. Rumble Roses XX introduces a few positives into the original game's formula, but too much of the content feels recycled, and the game's sense of sexuality is still rather unseemly.
  15. 65
    More about the scenery than it is about gameplay, the equivalent of playing "Far Cry" because you love palm trees. The difference here is that "Far Cry" is a good shooter; Rumble Roses, despite all the love we have for all of our old schoolboy fantasies -- and some new ones -- is a passable wrestling game, at best.
  16. The sound of Rumble Roses XX is passable and mostly centers around female grunting. There’s some decent background music throughout but nothing to write home about and most of the voices of the Roses are extremely overacted in an exceedingly smutty way.
  17. 60
    But even with sluttier graphics and hot girl-on-girl-(on-girl-on-girl) next-gen processing capabilities, the reversal-heavy game is unfortunately afflicted by the not-so-sexy slow reaction time. The venues, digital vixens, and excitably slick moves all convey an illusion of frenzied energy that the reaction time just cannot match.
  18. 45
    Rumble Roses XX seems to be more of an exercise in voyeurism for young teenage boys than a serious wrestling game.
  19. It's not like I need to be barraged by bells and whistles or the world's slickest design, but Rumble Roses XX comes off as cheap and patched-together. Konami should have put more work into making things (besides the women) appealing.
  20. 80
    This isn't the deepest videogaming experience you can buy for sixty bucks. It's not going to change the genre. It's not going to be the game of the year. It's just something fun to do after killing a few beers.
  21. 60
    Trying to take dirty pictures with a bondage queen has its place, but shouldn't improving the basic-as-tomato-soup gameplay be first on the to-do list?
  22. 50
    There's no doubt that the arenas look amazing, and the presentation is great. Unfortunately, this is a game and not a tech demo, and the gameplay and modes are severely lacking.
  23. Rumble Roses XX is not a terrible game, or as some may think, video game porn. Beneath the surface there is a pretty good fighting game hiding underneath.
  24. It also could have been a lot worse. It’s powered by a solid engine, features a ton of unlockable content, and is rife with humorous potential, which we hope Konami taps in the inexorable "Rumble Roses XXX."
  25. I can certainly understand challenges, but “obtain all of Evil Rose’s costumes” isn’t a must-play reason for me.
  26. Feisty and unapologetic, it’s a game that's happy to break the resolve of those who fail to accept its rules: play casual and compete at leisure. [June 2006, p.91]
  27. There are worse wrestling games out there. At least Rumble Roses is solid, if you can put up with its general silliness. [June 2006, p.114]
  28. Online play is fairly lag free and will add some longevity to the game, but the only thing that would really save Rumble Roses XX would be a whole new set of moves for each of the characters on offer. There are only so many times you can punch and kick your opponent until they’re vulnerable to a pinfall before you start looking elsewhere for your thrills.
  29. Smut aside, Rumble Roses XX is a lacklustre wrestling game that loses its appeal after just a few hours. Having said that, teenage boys are sure to love it. [Issue 7, p.98]
  30. But once you’ve stripped away the enticing pictures, unquestionable innuendo and blatant sexual undertones, you’ve got a wrestling game that is mediocre at best. The story and characters are laughable, gameplay is dull and sluggish, the presentation is a mixed bag, and the incentive to actually complete this game is practically nil.
  31. The game structure is a complete mess. The player has no idea what to do, when and where. [Aug 2006, p.52]
  32. As wrestling goes, XX is quickly learned and mastered, particularly against the computer. [May 2006, p.83]
  33. It's thorny, to be sure, and the caveat remains: handle these roses with care. [Apr 2006, p.59]
  34. 70
    Fans of wrestling, character creation, or sexy women will fall most likely fall in love with what the game has to offer and get extra mileage out of the game's somewhat limited gameplay features.
  35. 70
    In the end Rumble Roses XX does exactly what it set out to do, deliver a healthy amount of T and A with wrestling action thrown in as the means of reaching it.
  36. Not as pointless as it first seems, but dull for anyone not turned on by "Carry On" films. [July 2006, p.72]
  37. In fact, with the frustratingly confusing new progression system, this game is a lot less satisfying, even for those who only want to see more boobies.
  38. The game sure is nice to look at, but it lacks the depth needed to build a long term relationship.
  39. Rumble Roses XX plays as good as it looks but with very little variety in the gameplay as well as the lack of a story mode makes this a wrestling game that just doesn’t have what it takes to make this a new favorite.
  40. Rumble Roses XX could have been a contender against DOA4 and still set itself apart from the fray. Instead, the game comes off as juvenile with plenty of moves that would only seem to be appropriate in movies you’d find in a dark hallway in the back corner of the video store.
  41. On the outside chance that some nameless gamer out there is thinking about picking up Rumble Roses XX on the basis that it will provide an excellent wrestling experience, I should plainly state, that the actual wrestling action is just average.
  42. 60
    Omit every female jiggle, every thong and leg split, all you are left with is a mediocre game with so-so online play.
  43. And that is perhaps this game's only saving grace: it is one damn fine looking game. Both arenas and the ladies are visualized exceptionally well.
  44. Rumble Roses XX is like blow pop candy without the good stuff inside.
  45. If you really want to see naked women that bad just go download some porn, or better yet clean up a bit and get a girlfriend (not the made up one that lives in Montana). Don’t fall for XX’s good looks. For all its focus on T and A, it ends up being SOL.
  46. It's simple and quite fun - especially if you're a depraved and drooling pervert - but the extremely basic, traditional wrestling action and lack of any lasting challenge sinks Rumble Roses down to a disappointing A-cup of a game.
  47. While the first "Rumble Roses" game was a fun, solid wrestler with some cheese-cake amusement, XX simply feels aimless, dull, and a little offensive. [May 2006, p.104]
  48. I remain a firm supporter of the original PS2 Roses, but this flaccid follow-up fails to get me in the mood. [May 2006, p.89]
  49. Trying to straddle the line between simulation wrestling game and fetish video, Rumble Roses XX invariably fails. Like most beautiful people, RRXX has a great package on the outside and glaring faults within.
  50. A very disappointing game, even when you strip it down to pure wrestling. Fuzzy graphics, mindless fighting, and poor audio make for an expensive game of dress-up.
  51. A shallow, hyper-sexualized wrestling game that makes up its lack of finesse with an absurd amount of flash. It might be worth a rent to ogle the ladies, but beyond that, avoid it completely.
  52. It's puzzling and disappointing that the single-player game seems as neglected as it does, but it's a basically solid, pretty package with some new diversions for veterans. Enter the ring knowing it's a "v1.5" rather than a true "2.0," and you won't feel sucker-punched.
  53. If you're looking for some quick and easy fun, it's here. However, if you're looking for some depth in the wrestling engine, you'll need to wait for a next generation "Smackdown."
  54. The whole thing is an embarrassing reminder that there are still plenty of people making, publishing, and buying games who have a lot of growing up to do. [July 2006, p.93]
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 26 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 11
  2. Negative: 4 out of 11
  1. JaceN.
    Aug 28, 2006
    This game feels like a minigame that should have been hidden away in a much larger title! Sure the women are amazing and the This game feels like a minigame that should have been hidden away in a much larger title! Sure the women are amazing and the costumes...scandalous...but its really let down by the gameplay mechanics. Its far too easy for one or the other player to dominate the ENTIRE match! The AI characters cheat by reading your controller input for a near psychic prediction and countermove out fo the blue (a trademark of japanese fighting games since the 16-bit era) and there just arent enough arenas and costumes to go round. And whats with all the schoolgirl junk? Japanese people may love the look of scool culture but give us western gamers more latex & whips for our dollar! Full Review »
  2. Aug 14, 2013
    The computer cheats; it can reverse your attacks the second you press the button to make them. Attacks and grapple attempts consistentlyThe computer cheats; it can reverse your attacks the second you press the button to make them. Attacks and grapple attempts consistently visibly pass through the opponent without connecting. The computer can and will stunlock you for several minutes at a time. In tag team matches, the AI's partner will routinely run into the ring to break pins and holds but your partner will just stand in their corner and watch you lose if you're being held, and if the AI's partner decides to hang around in the ring afterwards don't expect your partner to do anything whatsoever. Considering these are basic issues that occur very consistently, and since this is the same developer and even the same engine as the SVR series which does not suffer from these issues, I can only conclude that this game was not playtested at all. This lack of effort from the developer means the game receives a zero, which is sad because the game is actually fairly entertaining despite being unfair, but I'm not about to reward a lack of effort from a developer. (And speaking of the SVR series, anyone complaining about the clothing in this game has clearly never seen any of the WWE games. The Rumble Roses characters wear, on average, several times more clothing than the characters in the WWE games.) Full Review »
  3. Dec 13, 2012
    It's sexy ladies "wrestling" in skimpy outfits and it does nothing to hide that fact. It knows who its target audience is and lays it onIt's sexy ladies "wrestling" in skimpy outfits and it does nothing to hide that fact. It knows who its target audience is and lays it on thick. As a wrestling game it is average at best, but the interesting and well designed characters and some unique wrestling ideas are really what give this game its shine. As long as you don't take it too seriously and enjoy the view, it can be a fun game. Full Review »