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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] In Rush'n Attack, the enemy holds prisoners of war deep in their base and it's up to you to rescue them. Using your trusty knife and other weapons you find, fight your way through four stages of increasing difficulty to free your compatriots and escape to safety. Authentic arcade action: Experience the original gameplay of the arcade classic, including authentic arcade multiplayer with two players taking turns. Xbox LIVE Arcade multiplayer: Multiplayer modes include Versus and Co-op. Both modes are split screen, showing both your screen and your opponent's screen. Results are captured in the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards. Retro and enhanced graphics: Players can choose to play with either the authentic original graphics, or the enhanced graphics including fully 3-D rendered models. Multiple stages: Fight your way through 4 stages to free the POWs. Enhanced music: All tunes and sound effects have been digitally enhanced to sound richer and deeper. Achievements: Rack up twelve possible achievements ranging from simple to challenging. [Microsoft] Collapse
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  1. Anyone who was a fan of the coin-op original, who was letdown by the NES version, should be more than pleased with what has been carried over to Xbox Live Arcade.
  2. Based on the difficulty of the game and the hard-earned Achievement Points, for the 400 Microsoft Points Rush 'n Attack is a solid purchase. A retro title that earns this much replay value from both a desire to beat the game and tough-as-they-come Achievements does not come around often enough.
  3. 70
    Back in the day, Rush'n Attack set the bar for virtual tanks and Cold War theme music and it's great to see the old game back in action, if only for the memories.
  4. Simply doesn't have what it takes to survive in today's cut-and-thrust market. [Issue #22, p.115]
  5. Charming little platform riot, but not a game that has aged well at all. Perhaps one for curious Spectrum owners to download - if only to check out what the original looked like.
  6. It’s actually a pretty fair price for what you get. But it’s hard to justify even that price when there’s surely something a bit more substantial coming to the service in the near future.
  7. 28
    I can't recommend that anyone pick up this game, not even fans of the game in arcades.

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