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  • Summary: (Downloadable Content) In Ultor Exposed, the first downloadable content for Saints Row 2, gamers return to Stilwater to expose the Ultor Corporation's latest plans while trying to bring down the evil company once and for all. Players can battle through three all new co-op enabled missions starring adult film star Tera Patrick, while commandeering new air and ground vehicles such as an attack aircraft and a luxury sports car. Ultor Exposed offers all new customization options, including new hairstyles, clothing and costumes, along with new multiplayer maps for the Strong Arm and Gangsta Brawl multiplayer modes. [THQ] Expand
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  1. 81
    In the day and age where DLC is sometimes criticized because it could actually have been included in the retail disc, it is nice to see some substantial content for a game that already came packed with so much.
  2. The three new missions take around one hour to finish, but the Meta-Game and the new multiplayer maps bring an extra duration to this add-on. Nothing remarkable in this Ultor Exposed expansion, but still a nice option for those who were asking for more Saint’s Row 2.
  3. Don't go expecting there to be a whole catalogue of things to do though, as the inventory of items added to the itinerary would barely fill an A5 flyer.
  4. However, the fact remains that for those who have completed Saints Row 2, there's not a lot of bang for your buck here.
  5. If you’ve already completed the main game then Ultor Exposed is nothing more than a diversion, and a relatively expensive one at that.
  6. I initially tried to justify the cost of the content based on all content included, and while for those who are still addicted to the row, these newly mentioned toys in the sandbox will be greatly welcomed. For the rest of us though, the new, incredibly-short story arc, ultimately acts as a big tease and unless you're addicted to Saints 2's multiplayer offerings, you will probably feel robbed of your 800MSP by the corrupt government that is the Ultor Corporation.
  7. The value of the downloadable content is surely the pack’s questionable aspect. Adding multiplayer maps to a pretty poor online mode won’t please the vast majority of fans of the title that have no love for its multiplayer gangsta’ stylings. Those that love Saints Row 2 for its wide open, co-op enabled world will ultimately come away disappointed having spent 800 points on what ultimately is a few extra vehicles and an hour’s worth of gameplay.

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  1. jacob
    May 9, 2009
    Although a short story line i haveto say that the new outfits and hairstyles are amazing and the vehicles are magnum opus!Over all I think It is a great DLC Expand
  2. jj
    Sep 17, 2009
    It was a waist of time effort and money on this so called exstra content wtf?
  3. JBell
    Dec 29, 2009
    This DLC package is one best reserved for only the most diehard Saints Row fans who want to stretch out the length of the game a little bit longer. Given the amount of content, the pack is a complete ripoff. Most of the new clothes and facial accesories are boring, and the new vehicles would have been passable had they have been customizable. Then there's the horrific three-part story arc to discuss. This was obviously made on a very tight budget, as the story missions are completely terrible. Expand
  4. May 27, 2013
    Includes a small story arc (not that it has to be big) of 3 average missions about what Ultor is doing wrong, an awesome EDF outfit and vehicle, and some more clothes, and Volition or THQ believed that would be enough to justify 800 MS Points, an absolutely rip off and a letdown for a small amount of content, and it only has 35G to it while Corporate Warfare includes 50G. Collapse
  5. MorkJ
    May 6, 2009
    Very disappointing, they promised a lot of new content and I was very let down by the content they provided. There's not much GOOD new hair, the new vehicles aren't very good (can't customize any of them), and I can't even FIND the clothes they mentioned. The storyline is only three missions... ONLY THREE MISSIONS!? Come on. It ends with Tera getting an interview with the news, the news chick twisting Tera's words and then Tera saying she'll get her revenge on Ultor. That's it? That's seriously it? I mean I wasn't expecting a big storyline but that's pathetic. Expand
  6. AnonymousMC
    May 5, 2009
    I love saints row 2, but the being able to complete the new missions in less than an hour, was kind of a downer. The writing in the new story is sub par compared to the rest of the game, and I definitely do not like it coupled with a cliff hanging type ending. The new toys are nice, but the whole thing is too pricey for what it is. Personally... IF I buy the next two... it will be after they release the third and final one, and after I am convinced the purchase is worth it. Expand
  7. JeffC
    May 5, 2009
    The biggest problem with this additional content is its brevity. Within an hour you will be finished, and wondering, "Ok, what next?". There is no humor to the storyline or dialogue, and the addition of a polygonal Tera Patrick (who looks like she was beaten with the digital ugly stick) seems pointless. Wish I could give bad DLC back to Volition, beating it first with the "bad deal" stick. Expand