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Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 49
  2. Negative: 1 out of 49
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  1. 75
    The big downside to all of this frantic fun are the vehicles and heavy armor walkers.
  2. Pretty innovative and very interesting in its multiplayer side. Just for hardcore fans of first person shooters.
  3. 75
    Section 8 is a decent shooter which doesn’t really excel in a particular field. If you’re craving multiplayer and teamwork, the game won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a game with a deep story, a beautiful single-player campaign and run-and-gun tactics, move along.
  4. AceGamez
    Section 8 lies paradoxically somewhere between innovation and mundanity: it has its moments (zipping around the battlefield in overdrive mode is a good laugh and the orbital drops are simply awesome) but for all its good intentions, it simply can't overcome its eventually-boring gunplay.
  5. This game is almost strictly a multiplayer experience. As such, you're not getting a whole lot of value for your money. That said, the competitive online play will be worth the price of admission for many.
  6. I really would like to recommend Section 8. It has some pretty neat features which make it stand out from Halo, especially if you are tired of it, but the fact it is mainly an online game with not enough people playing it renders it obsolete.
  7. Section 8 isn’t very good. It’s bland, generic, lacking in original ideas, poorly executed in nearly every department and you’ll probably grow bored of it within the few essential hours it takes to complete the awful single player campaign.
  8. At the end of the day Section 8 is not that bad of a game, but it is just that it isn’t a great one either.
  9. A flawed, but ultimately good game. However, here we come to the major malfunction. Barely anybody is playing this thing. Even with 32-player matches available, it's really hard find a game populated by even half that number.
  10. Ultimately, TimeGate Studios has created a good foundation for what could be a very popular FPS MMO. The online community is certainly growing, but it will be interesting to see how things look six months from now. Right now, the pulse seems very positive and here is to hoping it stays that way.
  11. Edge Magazine
    Under the topsoil its functions are often ingenious, improving genre weaknesses with more success than its over-familiar form might suggest. [Nov 2009, p.95]
  12. Just a Quake Wars clone, with a design too similar to Halo series to impress players. Creepy graphics and some issues with the control system.
  13. The nice backend clan support is wasted since the game just isn’t much fun to play. The shooting lacks the high-intensity lethality of Counter-Strike, the lightning-paced speed of Tribes, and the great cooperative mechanics of Battlefield. You won’t spit this hamburger out, but you probably won’t tell your friends about it, either.
  14. All in all this is a great game with solid gameplay, beautiful worlds, tons of customization, and an excellent multiplayer component.
  15. Although I'll be the first to admit that online multiplayer is usually the least interesting aspect of any game for me, Section 8 did a great job of making it easy to learn and easy to take part in. That facility combined with the excellent abilities of the armor and fast-paced nature of play make for a solid experience that 360 owners should certainly take note of.
  16. Unfortunately, I suspect that the initial impressions of Section 8 will not be positive for many due to the slightly odd setup system, fairly complex character customization system, muddy controls and bland single player campaign. This is fair to a certain extent as all of these are valid issues but once you become accustomed to the game it really does offer an awful lot of value.
  17. 80
    The pistol is one of the most satisfying I've handled since scoring head shots with Halo's popular handgun, and when you're shouldering the rocket launcher, your character fills nearly a third of the screen with an impressively threatening presence. Most of the gadgets and features from the online conquest mode carry into the solo campaign, too.
  18. In a genre filled with dull, uninspired shooters, Section 8 sits atop of the pile of mediocrity.
  19. Even so, Timegate’s shooter is a well-put together experience that should make Tribes fans giddy, and remind the rest of us a time, for better or worse, when shooters were a little bit bigger.
  20. games(TM)
    Section 8's major problem is that, despite offering a huge number of options to the player - in both gameplay and ideas - it feels decidedly empty and the shooting lacks the pace and kick of other shooters. [Nov 2009, p.126]
  21. The only aspect of Section 8 that truly stands out is how you spawn into the map, leaving the rest of the gameplay to reside in more of the tried-and-true territory established by previous games in the genre.
  22. At first glance, Section 8 won’t make you scream out of enthusiasm, mostly because its graphics are not entirely up to next-gen expectations. But design was not the programmers’ purpose. They rather had in mind to tailor up a brand-new multiplayer gaming experience, filled with loads of new ideas and original solutions. And that is what they have definitely obtained!
  23. With a few more weapon types and vehicles that actually worked, Section 8 could have been a lot more exciting. As it is, this is a satisfying take on the genre that makes up in fun what it lacks in innovation.
  24. Unquestionably, Section 8 is a rock-solid multiplayer game that deserves to find a strong audience. But it certainly has its faults. The underwhelming campaign, über-generic setting, mediocre graphics, and occasional frame rate loss plague this otherwise excellent experience.
  25. It's a decent time-killer, but serious shooter fans are best advised to set their sights on bigger fish down the horizon.
  26. Section 8 is a remarkable shooter that goes above and beyond its expectations.
  27. All the little things that game incorporates into combat, like the drop ship spawning, the customizable load outs, the base control with automated defenses, and the various modules, keep Section 8 from being a bland multiplayer shooter, and help it stand out against the pack of Halo's and Call of Duty's that currently populate the system.
  28. Wait for this game to come down in price and then hope there are still some people left playing online.
  29. There are some neat aspects of Section 8 and some good ideas that keep the game from getting too straightforward. But it feels like half of a game.
  30. 75
    If you're willing to put in some time to learn the game's systems and are eager to work as part of a team, then it's easy to have a good time with this one.
  31. A deceivingly original multiplayer shooter with plenty of unusual ideas for the committed player.
  32. ection 8 really brings some neat new concepts to the table while at the same time drawing on a wide variety of ideas from other games such as Planetside, Tribes, Counterstrike etc.
  33. Section 8 mixes many elements from previous games in the genre, and actually does so pretty well, but the control issues, overall weapon imbalance, and even slight learning curve prevent this game from being all that it can be.
  34. Section 8 also offers a lot of customization options, with players able to tweak their weapon loadouts, tools (like healing abilities and various flavors of explosive), and even a whole slew of buffs and perks called “passive modules.” Best of all, racking up kills nets you points that you can use to buy deployable gun turrets, hard-to-drive tanks, or hulking mech suits.
  35. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    New ideas, but the payoff is disappointing. [Nov 2009, p.94]
  36. Pelit (Finland)
    Section 8 tries to combine with some success many of the best elements of popular multiplayer shooters and boosts the package with rocket-powered action. Unfortunately not many players have found the game. [Nov 2010]
  37. Slick sci-fi palettes, strong sound design and stable performance pull you into Section 8. Sub-orbital drops, zippy character movement and effortless mission tracking make navigation dynamic and fun. A scarcely adequate campaign means life for S8 proceeds online, where teamplay is rewarding, the loadout system is fairly nuanced, and both 360 and PC enjoy detailed multiplayer portals.
  38. 75
    Certainly, it is far from perfect, and misses out on lessons learnt elsewhere. But what it does do is bring some genuinely new ideas to the genre, while creating a game that is a lot of fun to play.
  39. Section 8 for me is something of a mixed bag, technically it’s a pretty solid title with some of the best A.I I’ve ever encountered However, it’s heavy focus on multiplayer action means that those looking for an immersive single player campaign will have to look else where and only the most hardcore multiplayer gamers will want to stick with the game for any length of time due to the super tough A.I bots.
  40. Overall, Section 8 is a competent shooter but there really isn’t anything amazing to speak of. If you are one of those people who are all about the multiplayer be sure to give this game a try.
  41. 60
    Has a scarce story mode and an interesting multiplayer, but uneven results in global.
  42. The lack of a proper single-player experience (it's an extended multiplayer tutorial and nothing else) and the poor graphics will prevent Section 8 from achieving huge success and high review scores, but the core multiplayer gameplay should ensure a healthy and loyal following for a while at least.
  43. Section 8 is difficult to recommend to anyone but fans of the space-marine shooter subgenre.
  44. X-ONE Magazine UK
    If you don't play Section 8 online, it's value for money is more than halved. [Issue#50, p.90]
  45. Providing a complex and multi-layered experience, Section 8 is one of the better multiplayer titles currently available on the 360. With clan support, stat tracking, and more, hopefully this game will sell well and build up the sizable community needed to keep the battles large and epic. Despite some need for the weapon balance to be re-tuned, an undersized HUD, and poor tank controls, Section 8 is a blast, and worth checking out if you're into large-scale multiplayer battles.
  46. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Looks hyper-generic. Isn't. [Dec 2009, p.105]
  47. Section 8 looks great, sounds above average and tries really hard, but the short campaign mode will disappoint the non LIVE players; there are some out there, and the LIVE experience for me was just too much work for little reward.
  48. 65
    Section 8 lacks a finishing touch; the game doesn't shine graphically and has a weak story. However there are plenty of multi-player modes available and the sound is just fine. So Section 8 is a decent game, but only for a much lower price.
  49. 80
    Section 8 is what it is, a great multi-player experience that will likely suffer more because of the community and less because of the game itself.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 59 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 14
  2. Negative: 3 out of 14
  1. PeterB
    Oct 3, 2009
    Just a console port of a PC game, very disappointing. Graphics are ok, but not amazing and can't compete with other current FPS releases Just a console port of a PC game, very disappointing. Graphics are ok, but not amazing and can't compete with other current FPS releases on XBOX360. The story mode is a waste of time since it's just a bunch of "kill some guys" and "destroy some stuff" missions glued together with some nice but content lacking cut scenes. The main problem is: there is nothing worth being called a story. No plot, no character development, no twists, no secrets reveiled - nothing. Regarding multiplayer this game lacks any support of console typical features like pre game lobbies, joining as a party at the same side of the team and other genre common features. It is NO MMO like some reviews falsely advertise it! Multiplayer games are mostly auto-balanced making it impossible to play with your friends as a team on one side except you hosting your own (un-ranked!) server. A dedicated server is available but not for the platform the majority of clans are hosting their games on which is often the final nail in the coffin of a game. Compared to other games the size of the community is not even mentionable. When you start with no kills at the bottom of the leaderboard you realize there are only about 1500 people better then you. Prepare to play a lot of games against bots only. Full Review »
  2. XanderN
    Sep 14, 2009
    At first I found this game to be bland, but I was way wrong. The more I played, the more depth I noticed until I realized this is perhaps the At first I found this game to be bland, but I was way wrong. The more I played, the more depth I noticed until I realized this is perhaps the deepest multiplayer FPS I've come across in my 20 years of gaming. As much as some critics rant about this game, I guarantee that many of the features in this game will be incorporated into other games. For example, the "burn in" feature which prevents spawn-camping, the weapons/perks loadout system which prevents the who-can-get-to-the-big-gun-the-fastest, and the orbital drop of weapons and vehicles which rewards you with such things as a tank for actually HELPING your team. Honestly, nothing is more frustrating when, in other games, someone on your team that doesn't know how to play a TEAM game grabs up all the best equipment. Section 8 does a good job of negating this. In the end, Section is a very dynamic, deep game. When I first played the demo, I wasn't impressed. After I learned what to do and how to play the game it was meant to be played, I went out and got the retail copy. Couldn't be happier. Full Review »
  3. JimB.
    Sep 2, 2009
    Uninspired gameplay consisting of slow-paced action shooter antics and tired capping mechanisms irks somewhat. Far worse, though, is how the Uninspired gameplay consisting of slow-paced action shooter antics and tired capping mechanisms irks somewhat. Far worse, though, is how the game's creators have tried to pass this off as "Strategic play". There's nothing strategic about it; as you wander through the pretty yet bland "generic future shooter" environments you're left wondering if there's any point at all in standing next to the highlighted bits of unrecognisable machinery strewn around the landscape. The most fun you'll get out of the game is playing kamikaze with AA defences as you plummet earthwards in the game's signature "Burn-in feature", your method of spawning. Unlike Battlefield 2 (or 2142 if you want to be similarly futuristic), where squad spawning ties the game together nicely and actually improves the flow of battle, burning in almost entirely destroys any semblance of battle flow. One can only guess that this game was made to appear strategic without alienating people who love deathmatch-only FPSs. In summary, Section 8 is a very bland and ordinary FPS with strategy-lite, a la Frontlines: Fuel of War. Full Review »