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  1. Sep 7, 2010
    It's been a long time since I've played any Spidey games personally, ever since the sand box style gameplay came around I pretty much gave up on the series, even though I used to purchase just about all the ones that came out. I gave up on it all though after Ultimate Spider-Man.

    There was a gleaming light of hope however when this gem was announced. Gone is the repetitive free roam
    style, and Spidey returns to real, level by level gaming (or in this case, split up in Acts). You play as four different Spider-Men after the Amazing Spider-Man shatters the Tablet of Order & Chaos, a mystical relic that apparently grants great powers to evil minded villains (even when only in pieces), in a scuffle with Mysterio. This begins Spidey's journey to recover the tablet shards and restore order before these villains dish out complete havoc. The storyline is basic, and doesn't change from start to finish, which I personally don't mind, I'd prefer an overly-simple story over an overly-complex one (which most comic books and games in general do now-a-days), so I suppose it's a breath of fresh air to not get any dumb plot twists and other stupid things of that nature.

    The graphics are pleasing to the eyes, looking they were torn straight out of the comic book pages and onto our televisions. Every dimension (Amazing, 2099, Noir, Ultimate) has a unique look and feel to it. Amazing looks just like the comic books, 2099 is very bright with lots of lights and flashing, Noir is very dark and mysterious (the sky looks awesome, just thought I'd mention that), and Ultimate looks pretty much just like the Ultimate comic (probably the more lackluster of the three since the Amazing universe does that too). Gameplay is where this game shines. Each universe has a different gameplay style, from the Noir stealth, to the crazy free-falling 2099. Amazing and Ultimate are a bit more on the normal side though, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable to play through. Each stage has a lot of variety, and plenty of nooks and cranny's to explore for Spider-Emblems, and Hidden Spiders (which give you more Spider Essence to purchase upgrades). There's plenty to do in this game, due to the Web of Destiny, which is a series of challenges or goals that you must do to unlock the entire web. As you unlock more challenges, you gain access to more of Spidey's special moves and new costumes, so you don't want to ignore these. Some of them are inevitably unlocked (such as defeating a boss, etc), but a lot of them are not, and you won't want to ignore them. I also must mention that zipping around the stages couldn't be easier with the easy to learn control scheme, and beating the crap out of enemies is a real pleasure too. There's also the first person view brawl scenes with the bosses, which I thought were weird thing to add at first, but it grew on me very fast. The camera has its problems I suppose, though to be honest I've only had issues with it when I'm wall crawling, which I rarely do anyway.

    The sound is great, notably due to the amazing voice actors of the Spider-Men and their foes. A lot of classic Spidey VA's are here, with funny lines and witty phrases being spout at every corner. It was a trip down memory lane for me, hearing Noir Spidey in particular, since I loved the 90's animated series, though I'm sure others will be partial to other VA's. The music isn't memorable, but that doesn't mean it's bad either. It gets the job done, to say the least. I particularly enjoy the music of 2099 and the Noir universes. I'm guessing by this point it's obvious that my two favorite dimensions are those two, since I continually mention them with praise.

    This game is a must buy for Spidey fans, and fans of the action genre, or just plain anyone that's into a good game. There's a lot of potatoes with the meat with the Web of Destiny, 3 difficulty levels, rankings, and alternate costumes, so there's a lot of reason to go back and continue playing (probably more than the reasons I mentioned here). This is a great direction for Spidey, and I hope Activision keeps Beenox on board for their next Spider-Man release. Crossing my fingers for an exclusive 2099 game.
  2. Mar 26, 2011
    Thoroughly enjoyed this game, coming from someone who got bored of playing FPS and racing games, I fancied a change, loved the idea of this game and bought it.
    Really glad I did, storyline with 4 characters [each in turn voiced by Classic and Modern Spider-Man voice artists]
    Also with Noir, had a nod to the brilliance of Arkham Asylum.
    Game didnt take long to complete, really enjoyable and
    lots of unlockables Expand
  3. Sep 9, 2012
    This is a must for any Spider-man fan. Kids and adults will love this epic Spider-man adventure. With no less then 13 amazing boss fights, anybody who likes Spider-man will love Shattered Dimensions. Perfect 10.
  4. Jan 18, 2013
    When I heard this title announced I grabbed a pre-order and have had no reason to look back. While being linear, the areas are open to explore. Hidden spiders and collectibles are hidden throughout, and the combat system is simple and effective. The story is goofy, but it brings together 13 villains across 4 universes and each level is topped by the next. The righting is great and each Spider man acts as you'd expect. The each has his own style of comedy and style of play. Noire is a stealthy Bat-man/Ninja approach while the rest play like your usual spider man game with the exception of either the Symbiotic suit in the Ultimate universe or Free fall sequences in 2099. The unlock-able costumes are great and the Web of Destiny means you'll probably be replaying the levels. While this doesn't match up to Web of Shadows in my opinion it's a great Spider-man title, Expand
  5. Dec 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Excellent game,it's on my Top 5 Spider-Man games,on the second place.The game offers 4 Spider-Men from 4 dimensions: Amazing(Original),Ultimate(Symbiote),2099(Miguel O'Hara) and Noir(a Spider-Man from 1745).The game doesn't allow you to play on free roam,but,allows you to use skins and DLC skins.There is 4 acts: Act 1,Act 2,Act 3 and Final Battle.Kraven is the villain of Act 1,on the amazing.Sandman is the villain of Act 2,on the amazing.Juggernaut is the villain of Act 3,on the amazing.Hammerhead,Vulture and Goblin are the villains of Act,1,2 and 3,from Noir.Hobgoblin,Scorpion and Doc Ock are the villains of Act 1,2 and 3,from 2099.Electro,Deadpool and Carnage are the villains of Act 1,2 and 3,from Ultimate.The gameplay from amazing has the light and heavy attack,like every game.2099 has that too,but has sky falls some times.Ultimate has the light heavy attacks,AGAIN.But,it has the transformation of full symbiote,like,I don't know how to explain,the real "ULTIMATE".Noir is like Arkham City,Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins: Get the enemies from the shadows.But sometimes,you have to fight with your Light and Heavy Attacks.The Final Act allows you to use the 4 Spider-Men against Mysterio,that caused the problem from the Tablet of The Order And Chaos,on every dimension.First,you will use Noir to sneak behind Mysterio and give him an Attack.Then,you use Ultimate Spider-Man(Symbiote)to fight against illusions of all the villains from Act 1,2 and 3,from EVERY dimension.After that,you will use 2099 to have a good Sky Fall and punch Mysterio's face.Then,you will use your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from Amazing Dimension and defeat Mysterio,saving the world.

    So,the game has a good gameplay,good skins,good cheat codes,good villains,epic history,I never saw a glitch on the game,and never gets bored to play as the 4 Spider-Men.P.S. It's the only game that has Madame Web as one of the protagonists.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 68 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 68
  2. Negative: 0 out of 68
  1. Dec 25, 2010
    The greatest Spidey game of this generation. Four fantastic flavours of arachnid awesomeness. [Issue#231, p.89]
  2. Dec 20, 2010
    Your enjoyment of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will depend on how much you agree with Bobby Kotick's assessment of the previous entries in the series. If you truly believe they sucked, skip Shattered Dimensions as it's more of the same (just without the open world New York). But if you enjoyed them, you'll want to give the game a shot as it's another entertaining Spider-Adventure that's more linear than recent games in the series, but still a lot of fun.
  3. Oct 25, 2010
    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a fun game and enjoyable for anyone who is a fan of the comic book or game series.