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  • Summary: Summer Athletics brings more than 25 action-packed sports right into your home. Featuring controls custom-tailored the each platform, the game is accessible to all types of gamers. A character editor, career mode, 3D animations and realistic environments round out the game's offerings, ensuring fun for the whole family and sports fans alike. Collapse
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  1. 67
    Sure the game may not be the prettiest on the market, and while there isn't a lot of competition it does have some major hang-ups, but for what it is it is quite enjoyable.
  2. The difficulty of events varies wildly and it’s hard to accept that inconsistency, but if you absolutely must know if you can ‘virtually’ run faster than your mates it can prove a reasonable diversion, and a fair way of spending a few summer evenings slumped on the couch.
  3. Summer Athletics gets off to a good start with a generally competent control system. It's a shame that its lack of features means that it can't quite go the distance, and ultimately ends up coughing, wheezing and spluttering after just four or five hours of gameplay.
  4. A rental at best. [July 2009, p.81]
  5. Very few redeeming features can pull SA back from the brink of feeling more like a half finished game with unforgiving controls. It will leave you with blisters, but not the good kind.
  6. 40
    Overall the game smacks of rushed development. 49gamers obviously decided that they would speed the game out for the Olympic tie-in, regardless of whether they had the license or not. Unfortunately, the gameplay isn't anything particularly exciting and is in some places completely devoid of entertainment.
  7. Summer Athletics captures none of the passion and excitement of summer athletics.

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  1. Nico
    Oct 16, 2008
    With the olympics just gone, Beijing did a wonderful job of recreating the track and field game. this though, is a half-arsed attempt to milk it. some of the events such as the 100/200m are straight forward (how can they not be). but others such as swimming, the jumping events are extremely poorly implemented and irritating. also lack of live features and such others show that its a rushed game and not worthy of being released, titles like this should be pulled of the shelves. Expand