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  • Summary: The Darkness features a distinct blend of dark modern crime drama and supernatural horror with intense first person non-linear gameplay. The game is a dynamic first person shooter that allows players to call upon the forces of the evil underworld as they fight in gritty, urban environments. Armed with an arsenal of guns, gamers battle an array of demonic creatures and supernatural powers. In the game, players assume the role of mafia hitman Jackie Estacado. On the night of his 21st birthday, Jackie is possessed by "The Darkness," an ancient demonic entity that gives Jackie spectacular powers. The story, written by Eisner Award winner Paul Jenkins, follows Jackie and his fight with the fictional Francetti mafia. As the story unfolds, the player will learn to utilize traditional weapons and the extraordinary powers of The Darkness. [2K Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 63
  2. Negative: 1 out of 63
  1. A game that’s built on a foundation of great gameplay with an intense and unique story. The look and sound of the game are awesome as well.
  2. 90
    It pushes the stilted FPS genre in a direction not often associated with mindless run and gun action. The seamless integration of brilliant performances, staggering character animation and near photo-realistic presentation only serve to enhance impressive white-knuckle action gameplay and a truly creepy yet compelling pseudo RPG storyline.
  3. 90
    With production values to marvel and extra content to indulge, the tale of Jackie Estacado is not one to miss.
  4. It doesn't quite reach the heights of Chronicles of Riddick, but The Darkness is still one fine first-person shooter/adventure game.
  5. It’s like a great amusement park ride: fun while it lasts. But peel off that shiny paint and pause the adrenaline rush and you see there are some core problems hiding in the shadows, like underlying structure and play that just don’t completely congeal. Even so, it’s a hell of a ride, and it’s hard not to be forgiving and embrace this darkness.
  6. A couple of flaws cheapen the single player experience and the shallow eight person multiplayer modes don't extend the replay value more than a few hours, but The Darkness does an excellent job at making players feel good about doing horrible things. To that we say, bravo.
  7. 40
    I was looking forward to it, but left very disappointed. It’s completely playable. Being about 7 hours long helps but I spent the entire game waiting for it to get good, to make sense, to make a case for all the incongruous elements of design, gameplay and story, and then it ended.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 58
  2. Negative: 6 out of 58
  1. IainF.
    Jul 28, 2008
    THIS GAME IS AMAZING. The graphics are sublime and realistic, and above that the gameplay is phenomenal. There are loads of guns at your disposal, and creatures to kill our enemies with in the most gruesome ays imaginable. The gore is amazing, and the thought of introducing The Darkness, demon heads out of your back that have demonic powers, was original and brilliant. And don't get me started about the story, which is enthralling and moving. Expand
  2. Dec 13, 2013
    Although short in terms of the games I usually play (Oblivion, Morrowind, Skyrim and the like), the Darkness proves that not all games have to be monumentally long to be superb. You really get a feel for the characters both dark and light. The game was a pleasure from start to finish. Expand
  3. KevinMarquardt
    Jul 2, 2007
    The Darkness a one of a kind game that is a refreshing break from what the console world has to offer right. This game is one of the best looking, sounding, and story driven games I've played for a long time. When I first started playing it, i thought i wasnt going to like it very much, but after and hour I was really into it. The game has its flaws though, Jackie walks like a zombie, there were some major anti-aliasing problems in the beginning, and more can be desired from the gun play, If you enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick, then you should play this cause it offers awesomeness aplenty. OH YEAH BEST GRAPHICS EVAR< EAT YOUR HEART OUT GEARS@!! Expand
  4. EstherN.
    Jun 28, 2007
    A game so good that it makes me realize how absolutely crappy so many releases have been of late. The atmosphere is wonderful, the facial models fantastic (although the lip movement is paralytic), the action is not only fun, but it gets very tense. The creative use of imps is a hoot. Expand
  5. JackE.
    Jun 26, 2007
    This game is innovative, entertaining and just plain fun for those who can stomach it. Darkness/darkling powers are practical and engaging, especially creeping darkness, though not without minor control issues and gunplay, which you'll still rely on to a large degree, is fairly standard. But the exceptional production values, attention to detail and interesting story and gameplay elements will keep you coming back to see what happens next. Collapse
  6. JeffA.
    Dec 10, 2007
    This game is one of a kind. It's storyline is one of the best to come out for this platform, although slightly confusing at first. The graphics are first rate. Long gone are the boxy characters of old FPS and this game pushes the envelope when it comes to character detail. Graphics and storyline aside, there is something immensly satisfying about eating someone's heart or impaleing them and flinging their body across the screen. Although the world is somewhat small, there are various side quests to keep you occupied as you revisit old areas of the game. And the macabre aura the game puts off is excellet. It keeps your attention through the entire game. And all of the extra content is for the most part, worth picking up. Now the bad points. The game is very empty of reactive NPCs. Meaning all of the bystanders that should be filling the streets simply are not there. Sometimes there are lulls in between plot points that leave you feeling frustrated from having to go back and forth between the same small areas. And it would have been nice to have more diverse weaponry. Grenade launchers and such. Explosives. Things of that nature. Your special darkness powers keep the main guns slightly underpowered. Other then a few blemishes, this game is a great one to pick up. It's definately a game ill tell others to pick up, because hey, we all have a dark side to us, do we not? Expand
  7. ICUH8N
    Jul 2, 2007
    I was really looking forward to this release, and like Gary W. I was let down by the poor A.I., bland level designs, auto aiming and dated controls/gameplay. While I thought the graphics were good, the physics felt like a 6-8 year old game. Gears of War and F.E.A.R were much more enjoyable because of how intense the fighting was, the physics and how real the A.I. reacted. This game is basically walking around for blocks on end, find some guy shooting at you while standing still, kill him and then move on. I don't get how this game can be so much worse than the Chronicles of Riddick, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Expand

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