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  1. 100
    It boils down to the combat system though. A good story is nothing without good gameplay to back that story up, but thankfully The Godfather delivers on all fronts.
  2. With the little additions, I’d say that this is definitely the version to own, as it simply has that much more to offer.
  3. Yes, it has similarities to the GTA model, but the theme provided by The Godfather movies and the way the game integrates you into the famous scenes is startling. This is a venerated movie franchise brought to wonderful life.
  4. There is a whole lot going on in this game and New York is a massive playground full of possibilities for an enterprising young “family” man. Whether you have seen the movie or not, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the world of The Godfather, a world where intimidation and negotiation are your tickets to the top.
  5. The Xbox 360 version of the game is the definitive version as the additional missions and side missions help alleviate some of the repetitiveness that the game previously had.
  6. With language fruiter than a Puccini cocktail, The Godfather is definitely not for the kids. The game will shock, however it should entertain, and if you don’t take it too seriously it’ll probably end up being one of the better releases this year.
  7. I commend EA for not porting over the XBOX version and just adding a fresh coat of paint. They went ahead and added new Blackhand moves, new executions, upgraded graphics, new side missions, and a host of many new features on your way to becoming the Don of NY.
  8. The first time a player receives an achievement for bashing a person's face in a certain way they will be hooked.
  9. A lot of action gamers will appreciate this added challenge, but if you are an action game newbie or get easily frustrated you may find yourself walking away from the game.
  10. This is the definitive version of The Godfather, and it is a tremendous accolade for EA's reputation that this respects and honors the original material so well.
  11. The additional content in the 360 version would be akin to an expansion pack in a PC game. Aside from the added story missions and Favors mentioned before, this version sports five more hit contracts, four new vehicles, six new melee weapons, and 25 new execution styles for players to discover and perform.
  12. The setting is nailed down perfectly, and EA has taken care to get great voice acting and music.
  13. There are now a whopping 25 sliders which adjust your mobsters face and body. Looking at all these new features I really whish I would have waited for this one before diving into this epic adventure.
  14. The across-the-board improvements on Xbox 360 pick up where the current-gen gameplay left off, but they probably don't justify the added cost for people who have already played a current-gen version.
  15. Overall, it's the best version of a good game, but the improvements are mostly cosmetic. [Oct 2006]
  16. Sure, the game is open ended and non-linear, sure, you can mercilessly pummel citizens, and sure, you can hijack cars when you need to get somewhere. The controls take on a new way to perform most of these familiar elements and expand on the experience, which puts the Godfather into a class all in itself.
  17. EA deserves some credit for not dropping the ball on this very important project – it paves the way for a game based on Part II...even though I have no clue how they'd make that into a game.
  18. A rehash of what we saw on the current gen consoles with a bit better visuals.
  19. If you never got a chance to play the original, or if it left you wanting more, this definitive edition ought to tide you over until the inevitable sequel hits.
  20. It's part of the "thug in a sandbox" action genre, so if you don't mind playing a criminal and can accept a few minor bugs here and there, The Godfather: The Game is a solid title.
  21. If you enjoy the gunplay aspects of the GTA-style genre more than the driving and open city concept, then The Godfather is likely to be a highlight of the year for you.
  22. Props go to Electronic Arts for trying to improve the game for its next-gen incarnation and, mostly, succeeding. This newly made man upholds a very fine, if very violent, family tradition.
  23. 80
    The game never strays from what captivated audiences more than thirty years ago, and provides a rich experience that gamers simply won't be able to refuse.
  24. 80
    The Godfather is one of those films that defined a decade of cinema. The somewhat open-ended world of this game isn't destined to have anywhere near that level of impact, but it is juicy amoral fun all the same, even if its belated arrival on the next generation is more than a little disappointing.
  25. 79
    Gamers have higher expectations for next-generation titles than current gen games, and The Godfather looks and plays exactly like what it is: A good upgraded current-gen game.
  26. The 360 version of The Godfather is a lengthy and enjoyable experience that puts the source material to great use, but it's not much of an improvement over previous versions.
  27. It's definitely a quality game that Xbox 360 owners shouldn't be quick to pass over, but if you were annoyed by the game's repetitiveness or didn't enjoy The Godfather in your first go around, then there isn't enough here to warrant a purchase.
  28. However, the fact remains that this is still the same flawed game that was released for the current-gen systems. [Oct. 2006, p.104]
  29. Something of a more slow-paced, strategic spin on the open world genre. It still delivers on intensity during action sequences, but it's a game that rewards advance planning and meticulous tactics to a greater degree than an instant-gratification game like "Saints Row" doesn't.
  30. The Godfather has a few real strengths: the movie scene tie-ins, the overall 40s mob atmosphere, and the whole mechanic of extorting businesses to work with the Corleone family all make this game unique and much more than just a GTA clone.
  31. 77
    It would have been forgivable to exaggerate the gameplay in places in order to make it more entertaining. But The Godfather is a game for the purists and in order to please it has to feel genuine, The Godfather certainly is.
  32. This next generation iteration is basically a HD version of the game with a few tweaks to fix previous mistakes, luckily however the strong gameplay is still there to make up for some of the let downs.
  33. It’s not a perfect game by any means; heck, it doesn’t even perfectly deliver its core story, but it does deliver a fun and deep campaign for you to play through.
  34. If you are a Godfather faithful then this game is a must buy – just don’t go into it expecting something fantastic, it is not. What it does offer is a compelling in-sight into The Godfather movies as it gives you a different angle on the films.
  35. It took six extra months to bring The Godfather to the Xbox 360 and all we get are slightly better graphics and an online leader board. This is still a great action game that is well worth playing, but at $60 you should expect a lot more than a current generation game with a facelift.
  36. The Godfather on the Xbox 360 isn’t a bad title; it’s just too similar to the Xbox version. There are a few new features and tweaks in the game, but nothing that has you wanting to play the game all over again.
  37. After the shambles that is "Reservoir Dogs," The Godfather shows how to bring a film license to the world of video games.
  38. It makes it hard to justify paying extra for a game that can be bought cheaper on another console.
  39. Certainly not a bad game but this is very much a last-gen title, with a few bells and whistles tacked on. [Issue 13, p.92]
  40. The enhancements from the last-gen versions are clear to see. [Issue #15]
  41. Still, the overall experience is quite fun and usually immersive as you re-experience the classic flick with a twist. [Nov. 2006, p.76]
  42. There's nothing about The Godfather that is especially effective; it just plays well enough and carries enough fun ideas to work as a satisfying experience. [Nov. 2006, p.86]
  43. 70
    Are you one of those people who watches all of the extra features on your DVDs? If you answer "yes," if you're a fan of the film, if you love Grand Theft Auto, and you do not own the game on the current-gen platforms, there's a good chance you'll enjoy it. If you said "no," well...Don Vito Corleone finally gave you an offer you could refuse.
  44. 70
    Though it's not the best free-roaming game ever made, it's easily the best movie-based game in history and pays tribute to the Don with great respect.
  45. Ultimately, the game's body count moves it away from the film and makes it more like a poor man's "GTA." [Nov 2006, p.96]
  46. It still doesn't offer deeper business tactics once you do become the Don of New York, nor full online play ala "Saint's Row." It also leaves out important little things that keep it from nailing the dramatic essence of the film it's based on as well.
  47. 65
    The Godfather for the Xbox 360 isn't a huge upgrade from the previous generation versions but despite a few problems the game is thoroughly enjoyable.
  48. With a longer, more substantial campaign mode, a bit more polish and less pointless peripheral missions we could have been talking about The Godfather more fondly, but as it is, its place is history is as a flawed GTA clone that really didn't need porting to the 360.
  49. Compared to the recently released "Saints Row," The Godfather feels pretty dated. It just doesn't have the variety or presentation to match THQ's made for next-gen offering, with the driving being the biggest disappointment.
  50. A huge, lazy and sometimes glitchy disappointment of a game.
  51. But with winners like "Saint’s Row" out there, The Godfather is one big bully stuck in the past.
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  1. May 5, 2011
    In my view this game is underrated. The main problem is probably that people try to compare it to the godfather films. It is not going to be as good as them because it is in a different line of media and focuses more on the game play than anything else. I view it more of a 1950s Grand Theft Auto which lets face it is something that we do not see enough. I rate this as ten due to the rating being lower than it deserves. I advise that if you are the type of person who enjoys third person soot em ups you should buy this game. If you don't like third person shoot em ups then start liking them. Full Review »
  2. Sep 29, 2013
    This really is one of the most underrated games ever. Even in 2013 it remains a fantastic GTA clone which few games can challenge. Everything you need to know about the game is presented at the start; with both a video and hands-on tutorial. The voice acting and facial detail are way ahead of their time, and the game runs smoothly with great audio. Customisation options are available, but don't allow anything silly and ensure that the game stays on a serious tone. The combat system was by far the best at the time, and still remains unchallenged in my opinion. The hand-to-hand combat is not only stylish, varied, deep, realistic and satisfying, but it is intuitive since there is no command list or inputs to memorise just use the right stick to slap them about! Gunplay is equally as solid with a nice cover system and recoil. The overall tone and atmosphere are greatly aided by the incredible living world of New York and the amazing soundtrack. AI in this game is really good too. The story has been revamped to be centred around the fictional character you control, but hasn't lost the Godfather feel. The open-world gameplay of taking over businesses and warehouses never feels repetitive and is always satisfying. What's more, you can do pretty much everything from the start without having to unlock any abilities by doing the excellent story missions. Furthermore, there is a sort of RPG element where you can upgrade your skills slightly and also use your money to buy things. Make no mistake, The Godfather is not a cheap cash-in on one of the greatest all-time films. In its own right, The Godfather is one of the greatest games of all time. Full Review »