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  1. Dec 30, 2010
    It is a very strange industry. I mean, a game that is not broken, that has superb graphics and excellent music, that provide players with solid combat and fun platforming is a rare gem these days. And yet, it doesn't give the credit it deserves. Please, trust people that have played the game to it's completion (I have done it 3 times). A very, very solid game from beginning to end.
  2. Dec 15, 2010
    The only thing I regret about Tron: Evolution is putting it into my ps3 and having to wait 30 minutes for the Game Data to install to my HDD. You can't "kill" enemies in Tron, You "derezz" them. Like all videogames made by Disney, This is an abomination. I hope no one purchases it as a Christmas gift for their loved ones or else there will be a lot of hollering and anger from experiencing the boring, repetitive levels and the annoying soundtrack. Don't even waste your money renting this game. Expand
  3. Dec 29, 2010
    TRON: Evolution is by no stretch of the imagination a great game, but it's a joy to look and and very polished. It "works." It's not marred by bad level design, awkward graphics, or broken gameplay, but it also plays things safe by not attempting to reach new heights in videogame design. This isn't necessarily a flaw, though, because what the game offers is still enjoyable! The Prince of Persia-esque platforming is just as fun as it is in the Ubisoft franchise; the blend of ranged and melee disc combat is fluid and thrilling while offering some devastating combos to derez your foes; the game also adds variety on top of the action platforming by including light cycle and light tank scenarios I greatly enjoyed (the light cycle scenes consist of trying to outrun enemies and explosions set off in scripted sequences, so it's not really a groundbreaking use of the iconic vehicles, but it still offers a proper adrenaline rush; the light tank sequences are reminiscent of Space Paranoids from the first film). I had a blast playing through TRON: Evolution and I look forward to maxing out my character in the online gaming grids--my only hope is that they continue the game franchise independent of the movies so the development cycles aren't rushed to allow for more features (I think a BioWare-type conversation system and free roaming would be an awesome addition to Evolution and I'd love to see something like that in the future). Expand
  4. Jun 22, 2011
    The claw is cooler than the halberd so this game is obviously bk. I mean the movie itself was arguably the worst movie ever due to the low realism contested by other movies and games such as the ever realistic call of duty franchise or the social network. this game is not worth the money, you should buy a Ferrari instead of this bad kid game.
  5. Dec 7, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall a great experience. Loved the sleek and crisp look of the environments and with all those reflections. Also had a decent amount of variety in the settings; the rock levels looked really cool. As far as gameplay goes, movement was very fluid and quick. Combat felt good but started to get repetitive once I was well into the game. I would have liked to see more levels using the light cycles. Handling on the light cycles was a little twitchy but the sense of speed and danger came through well.

    Wasn't a big fan of the tank, ended up moving backwards and forwards like Austin powers a couple of times....ugh!

    The big airship level was a very cool environment! I haven't yet tried multiplayer....that's next! Overall an above average game and I think worth buying. I love Tron!
  6. Dec 7, 2010
    Tron: Evolution, a story bridge between the Original Tron, and the upcoming Sequel, Tron Legacy. The game tells the story through a non-vocal, faceless character, Anon (Anonymous anyone?) , a system monitoring program. While the story holds solid, it is kept shallow by few details, and often moments that pull you out and make you realize your playing a game. Pros:
    -The Second Modern Tron
    game, and the first considered canon.
    -graphics and sounds are quite amazing, especialy for a movie tie-in/prequel.
    -Animation and general feel and good, as well as keeping that "Tron" Atmosphere.
    -Control scheme lacks on vehicles.
    -learning curve so steep, it might as well be ninety degrees.
    -buggy camera that likes to clip occasionally.
    -Incredibly difficult, even on easy, requires patience and will to play.
    -Awkward multiplayer setup, and lack of original game modes.

    Even thought the cons seem to outweigh the pro's, the game holds together, although not for the mainstream. In the end, it does what its meant to do, tell the player whats happening between Tron's, and entertain them. I recommend purchasing, as light cycles alone are worth it.
  7. Dec 8, 2010
    I have never done a review on metacritic before. In fact I have never registered for it because I use it mainly to see what other people think. The complete retardation that is TRON: Evolution required that I do so so that I may register my opinion that this game is a complete and utter turd. Its almost as if it was specifically designed to be annoying and frustrating.

    I am a (reasonably)
    seasoned gamer and I found the controls to be *way* too difficult to even use, much less master, and the 'help' that you receive in trying to follow the course the game thinks you should take is borderline actionable - I want to sue Propaganda for causing me to question the very reality in which we exist.

    Hm... I can climb this wall, but not that one. Jumping forward rips me backwards. Go left? No... we know which way you want to go... Down this time. No, left this time. Ok, lets settle on right. Pretty much anything but what I wanted to do was done to me. I started to wonder if it was actually reading my control stick to know what I was trying to do, or to use that information to frustrate me deliberately.

    One word review: ESS AYCH EYE TEE.
  8. Dec 8, 2010
    Game for $15 ,not worth 55 , trust me. Running and jumping and nothing more. Characters not interesting , game more for kids . Maybe ''not my type'' of game but.......
  9. Dec 10, 2010
    At a high level, this game is not nearly as bad as some critics make it out to be. Seems like people are taking it out on Disney, or the fact that it's a movie tie in. Setting that aside, this is what you get: Pros 1. Platforming is only Prince of Persia only when you wall run; the similarities end there. Not only is the platforming using parkour, your character stays mobile even during combat. While fighting you can vault off objects, attack from walls and more. It's nice not to be locked to the floor when fighting enemies.. 2. You can go online at any time, then return to story mode with the same upgraded character! That's awesome as I hate having to start levelling again in other game where the multiplayer component is completely separate. 3. Multiplayer is frantic. If you get tired of fighting AI, get a taste for real players. Not only that, in multiplayer you can go 90 degrees with your light cycles as well, and you can go back and forth from on foot to bike at any time. Pretty sweet. Cons 1. I like Tron and all, but the neon does get to you after a while. Don't get me wrong, the fidelity of the game is super high and looks real good on my 50 inch TV, but there's only so much blue, black, and green neon I can stomach. 2. Light cycle moments in the story are identical: drive to survive in a straight line. It doesn't capture the feel of the cycles (but if you go online its way better!). 3. Gameplay looks great, but the character renders in cinemas are awful! Olivia Wilde has a plastic wax face from house of horrors, and some of the other characters don't fare any better. Expand
  10. Dec 15, 2010
    I'm not a Tron fan but I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I'll steal one of the quotes I read from an official review "it's a good game; just not a great game.". There are several places where the game goes through familiar motions; and there's nothing wrong with that! What I loved: crazy fast combat that is not simple melée. Also loved the online integration that keeps my character the same in story mode and online. Hated: the world looks "same-y" regardless of the attempted changes in colour. That said, of the 4 action platformers I finished in the last 2 months, Tron has been quite the enjoyable surprise. Expand
  11. Jan 9, 2011
    Cons: There are some definite hiccups with the camera not helping you to understand the acrobatic puzzles, and the targeting system was so wonky I ended up using the area-effect attacks almost exclusively.

    Pros: Fun, not too long for a movie game, nice tie-in if you're interested in the larger Tron story.

    Bottom Line: If you can rent it, and you liked Tron, it's worth the play.
  12. Jan 22, 2011
    This game is pretty damn fun... from the Campain that would take about 6-8 hours to complete to the multiplayer thats gonna keep wanting you to lvl up so you can unlock power ups and new light cycles and the graphis a pretty good too.
  13. May 20, 2011
    Short and simple if you like Tron you'll like this game. The campaign is decent, its telling you the story that leads up to the Tron:Legacy movie. Where the game really gets addicting when when you jump into the on-line matches. Definitely worth checking out despite what the critics have said.
  14. Jul 25, 2011
    In all honesty, TRON: Evolution isn't a BAD game... it just has too many short comings to be called, "Good". For starters the controls are some of the worst I've ever played with a 3rd person on my 360 (then again the only 3rd person I have really played and enjoyed was GoW), the camera angles are simply terrible and like most movie 3rd person games, has a mind of it's own and would rather kill you then let you play. The online play, however unbalanced is semi fun. If TRON just took more example from TRON 2.0, or just fixed A LOT of the things I mentioned above, this game would easily be a 7 or possibly even an 8. However, it just simply become to tedious to play after a while and for the first time in a while, I actually put down a controller and walked away from boredom... and I wasn't even through the 2nd chapter. After the 2nd chapter, I came back and found myself having fun, but never really kept me pleased due to the amount of times I died trying to master the controls. The light cycle chase segments would be jaw dropping, if it wasn't handling like a drunk driving simulator...

    To sum this all up, I love TRON, and the original games still have a warm spot in my heart and every once and a while I try to get my name on the weekly leader boards for both TRON and Discs of TRON, but TRON: Evolution is a rent at the very most, other than that, this can be skipped. A avid TRON fan isn't missing out on much if they pass this up except hours of frustration and trying to master a game's mechanics that will have it's servers possibly shut down in the next 4-5 years...
  15. Jan 19, 2012
    Its not that bad of a game. Its does a decent job bridging the two Tron films together but the campaign is far too short. The collectables off quite a bit of backstory and information on the series (which makes them worth collecting if you are interested in it). The multiplayer is fun. However the vehicle controls are terrible and its annoying seeing the same looking environment every time you play, It would have been nice to see some originality.

    Still its a decen game. Worth getting imo but only at a low price (15 dollars or less).
  16. Dec 21, 2011
    Tron: Evolution is a action, platformer and has a level up system like most good RPGs, but is it a good game? First of all, only if you enjoy platforming! If you hate platformers turn back now. If you love platforming and heart pounding light cycle chases then this is the game for you. It has its anoying "I thought that the wall was climbable but then I fell and died" moments but it's still a good platformer. The combat is intense as you use different disks that you get by leveling up to defeat you foes and each enemy has a weakness to a certain disk. Buy the game used at a good price and you won't feel ripped off when you play this. It's a great game and you should play it if you like TRON, now! Expand
  17. Jan 23, 2014
    Tron: Evolution is an enjoyable game from start to finish.
    Story: 9/10
    Evolution's story is a great way to bridge the gap between Tron 1 and Legacy. You play as Anon, a system monitor recently uploaded by Kevin Flynn, in order to eliminate any serious threat encountered in the grid.
    You'll fight infected programs, and encounter soldiers that are part of Clu 2's regime, all very
    entertaining to combat and destroy. Fights with the game's main antagonist, Abraxas, can be fun but repetitive at the same time. The game's final act is a moment to be treasured, as it is the best part of the game.
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Simple combat controls, easy to understand and use. During the course of the game, you unlock four types of combat: Stasis, Bomb, Corruption, and Heavy. All of these can be used to devastating effect on your enemies. Movement controls are a mix of Prince of Persia gameplay and parkour, and although it looks cool, it can sometimes cause the camera to go crazy, impairing your ablity to correctly see your character, leading to some unfair deaths. Vehicle sections, although short, are cool, especially parts with a light cycle.
    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Multiplayer for Evolution is fast paced; You must be able to react quickly, or you will die. A lot. Light cycle maps are arguably the most fun, as combat on these maps is very fast and will garner you many kills in a very short period of time. Although mutiplayer is fun, I highly suggest you play the campaign and level up first, because you are likely to get killed by a level 50 in most matches you play.
    Overall: 8/10
    Tron Evolution is a great way to bridge the gap between the first and second films. This game will attract fans and non-fans alike with its flashy presentation, amazing graphics, and stellar gameplay. The tragedy here is that a lot of people don't appreciate this interactive work of art, as Disney Interactive nailed it. GameInformer, you have been officially derezzed.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 51
  2. Negative: 8 out of 51
  1. May 24, 2011
    The game is too hard and many parts of it are too frustrating. The controls in Tron: Evolution are a total mess. Why is there a multiplayer in this game?
  2. Mar 7, 2011
    Tron: Evolution suffers from the original movie's main affliction: Monotony. While initially interesting, the gameplay feels repetitive, and an inconsistent control system causes additional frustration. The soundtrack is, on the other hand, awesome – but that's sadly not enough to make this game a classic.
  3. Feb 23, 2011
    Tron: Evolution had the potential for expressing a unique and interesting story, but fell short of expectations.