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  1. 100
    UFC 2009 Undisputed does have a couple of issues that keep it from being a MMA-fan's dream come true but it is still a tremendous title that will make any fan of the sport proud.
  2. 100
    This is easily the most satisfying and wildly entertaining one-on-one brawler I’ve played on a console.
  3. Yuke’s hard work has paid off in spades with UFC 2009: Undisputed. While the game may have taken more time than some fans would have liked to hit shelves, the wait was worth it as they delivered a top-shelf game in every area that counts and provided an amazing base that they can build upon in the future.
  4. Even if you have no interest in the UFC, you should really check this game out, because it is just amazing. Congratulations Yukes, knockout in the very first round.
  5. Great graphics, tight controls, plenty of fighters and a great online community make for a game with great lasting appeal.
  6. AceGamez
    As great as UFC 2009: Undisputed really is, it's hard not to look forward to the inevitable sequel. The fact that Yuke's has done such a great job with the fighting engine first time around bodes very well for the future, while minor improvements to the online and career mode are things that can surely be amended in next year's iteration.
  7. Nearly perfect: technically good, deep, entertaining, funny, brutal. The best choice at the moment, if you are looking for a real combat on a ring!
  8. The best thing that Yuke's has made in years. It's stylish, fresh and deeply engaging. It is, in short, a bruising powerhouse of a game.
  9. I am not a big fan of the UFC. Sure, I’ve seen a few matches here and there, but I don’t really follow the sport devoutly. I guess wrestling is more my cup of tea. Now, that said, I have to admit I love this game. UFC 2009 Undisputed takes all the things that makes the UFC sport electrifying for fans, and puts it into a cohesive and realistic game experience.
  10. 90
    Undisputed includes all the main MMA disciplines and fighters, along with a career mode that I can't stop playing. That's enough to keep even the most critical fans happy.
  11. We were both literally and figuratively gob smacked by UFC Undisputed. The nuances to the hand-to-hand/fist-to-face/foot-to-face combat were ridiculously deep, and far from the realm of button-mashery. Top it off with some of the most sexified graphics we’ve seen, and an intricate leveling-up system, and there’s little wonder it’s…undisputed.
  12. Unless you’re particularly unsportsmanlike when it comes to multiplayer sessions with your mates, bludgeoning a man unconscious on your 360 doesn’t get any more realistic than this.
  13. UFC Undisputed is an excellent recreation of the actual sport as you will find. If you weren’t watching the screen you would think an actual UFC event was on TV from the quality of the sound and announcing quality.
  14. UFC 2009: Undisputed hits the mark, giving us a very good fight sim. All the different fight techniques are well explained, and it will attract even gamers new to this extreme sport. One of the best fighting games seen this gen, a must have for every fan of the genre.
  15. Considering this is the first next-generation instalment of the UFC it is likely to be a great selling franchise for THQ as UFC 09: Undisputed is truly a knock-out.
  16. It's definitely worth the effort and the learning curve to master this title, UFC 2009 is (pun intended) undisputed!
  17. To put it plainly, UFC 2009 Undisputed is not only the game that fans have been waiting for, but it’s also the game that the sport deserves. UFC 2009 is intense, addictive, and acts as a great showcase of how MMA is much more than the brutal bloodsport many detractors claim it to be.
  18. 88
    A fantastic game for both the hardcore UFC fan, and the casual fan alike. With its deep gameplay structure and great selection of game modes, Yuke's has laid down the foundation for a really solid series here.
  19. UFC 2009 Undisputed is one of the best real-life fighting games out there on the Xbox 360 and should by no means be ignored by sports fans across the globe, especially those that have been waiting to spill some blood on the octagon floor.
  20. After taking the tutorial and discovering the nuances of submission wins, I found myself addicted to the career mode.
  21. A solid game with hours of brutal bloody enjoyment, whether you're a veteran, or newcomer to the genre.
  22. While it’s easy to find other fighting games that do a portion of their action better than Undisputed, not many games are as technically solid across the board, while still delivering some type of feeling or visceral dynamic. Hmmm…sounds like a UFC contender to me: Strong in many disciplines, weak in few areas and filled with a burning desire to be the best.
  23. 86
    Through focusing in making a fighting game, THQ has achieved a high quality title only lacking in its sometimes excessive complexity.
  24. It would have been easy to create a simple button masher and slap the UFC label on it – instead, THQ have created a detailed fighting engine that is not only a blast to play but gives you wonderful insight into the depth of MMA combat.
  25. The presentation, combat mechanics, visuals, physics, roster, character creation and development, and having a proper matchmaking function are all gold stars. The online lag and saving messages are the only real distractions. It may not have the speed and sense of urgency that the real sport has, but it comes close.
  26. UFC 2009: Undisputed is not an easy game, but those who are patient enough to spend a little time with it, will discover one of the best fighting games in years.
  27. If you’re looking for a game with fun-to-learn controls and if you’re tired of the fictionalized fighting in the recent Street Fighter IV or, dare I say it’s fake, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, UFC 2009 Undisputed might be the true knockout you’re waiting for.
  28. MMA fans can finally rejoice as the five year drought of UFC games has come to an end. UFC 2009: Undisputed is a great start to a franchise as the foundation has been set and THQ can improve on what they have already set in place.
  29. UFC 2009: Undisputed is a must-have for UFC-fans. If you're not a fan, you can still enjoy a good fight and it is a superb introduction to the UFC-world. The game is visually great and the impact of the hits is impressive. Play this game with your friends until the late hours.
  30. 84
    UFC 2009 Undisputed has become a really awesome game. It's possible that you have some problems with the controls in the beginning, but eventually you will get the grip of it. Fans of the UFC will love this game and immediately recognize their favourite fighter. People that don’t know the UFC but love fighting games, will also enjoy Undisputed.
  31. You need patience, skill, and ,in my created character's case, a mean right hook to climb to the top of the ranks and earn a championship belt.
  32. As unfriendly as it to beginners and, well, anyone that isn’t used to pressing every button and moving the joystick on the controller in every which way, that’s just perfect for a brand that is “as real as it gets”.
  33. 83
    Even if you're not a UFC fan this is still an incredibly fun fighting game.
  34. There's some interface stuff I'd like to see streamlined a bit, but the visuals are fantastic, the gameplay is certainly interesting and unique, and the overall presentation is spot on from what I've seen of UFC in general.
  35. UFC 2009 Undisputed is a fantastic recreation of one of the world’s fastest growing sports. The extensive roster, commentary, ring girls, Bruce Buffer and Classic Fights mode with Rachelle Leah ensures that the title is as authentic as they could have reproduced. Despite the stunning visuals though, UFC Undisputed remains on the brink of greatness with a bland career mode, steep learning curve and straightforward online mode.
  36. THQ has a winner here, congratulations on the new champion of MMA gaming, UFC 2009: Undisputed.
  37. UFC 2009 Undisputed has the flash, the look, the gameplay, but doesn't have the style and easy pick-up-and-play feel to make it that undisputed, unbeatable champion.
  38. It may be difficult to get to grips with, but once you do so it becomes one of the best fighting experiences around. It’s going to be hard for a sequel to top this.
  39. UFC 2009 Undisputed is a great and at the same time really difficult game. Different from the other titles of the genre, you won't find energy bars or any other interface, making this game a hardcore simulation. Suggested for anyone who doesn't get scared by a strong experience, as this game is not intended for the faint of heart.
  40. After a few days spent learning the complexities of UFC 2009 Undisputed, you have to applaud Yuke’s for their efforts.
  41. Despite flaws, UFC 09 is a fine fighting game that has carved out its own place in the genre with a mixed martial arts control system that is almost as well-rounded as the modern day warriors it emulates.
  42. Overall UFC 2009 Undisputed is a fantastic title. If you are a UFC fan you owe it to yourself to at least try this game out.
  43. 80
    There is little doubt that this game is likely to be picked up by fans of the extreme sport. It is detailed, well presented and has a fighting control system that is both challenging and rewarding.
  44. UFC 2009 is a delicious fighting game and hopefully the start of a successful franchise. A franchise Mixed Martial Arts-fans have been waiting for. The learning curve is pretty steep, but it makes the taste of success, when you do get the hang of it, a lot sweeter. A must buy for fighter fans.
  45. Sure, it would be nice to have more throws, more submissions, more customization and such, but hell; they need SOMETHING to add to the next one. For those of you who are UFC/MMA fans, this is an essential purchase, no questions asked.
  46. No rivals on the ring, for the most technical fight simulation.
  47. It's true that it has some issues such as clumsy menus, the fights aren’t as dynamic as they could have been and the multiplayer suffers from lag, but otherwise the producers did a good job.
  48. It definitely seems to have been the victim of a tight development schedule, with a handful of small problems that generally hold the entire experience back. Regardless, a strong effort to include and refine basically every major aspect of the MMA sport deserves credit.
  49. UFC 2009: Undisputed is a different fighting game that we really recommend. At first it might be difficult to understand, but when you master its controls the combats offer lots of fun and tension.
  50. In the end UFC is definitely a worthy investment for those that have the patience, and time, to learn how to play the game as it’s intended to be played.
  51. The biggest merit of Undisputed as a simulator - you can’t beat it using the “arcade” approach. To win a serious match, you will have to use tactics that place your opponent at a disadvantage.
  52. The game's wealth of combos and grapples are made even more impressive by Undisputed's nearly flawless collision detection and animation. [June 2009, p.83]
  53. Quite simply, there is a sh.t-ton to keep track of. But no matter, these worries fall away the more you play. And soundly beating the crap out of another guy will be a walk in the park.
  54. Combine the fighting with the grand presentation, visuals that include sweaty characters, large breasted ring girls and detailed arenas, and UFC 2009 Undisputed has the teeth rattling brutality fans crave.
  55. This great fighting game nails the look and feel of the UFC and demands strategy as well as quick reflexes.
  56. If you're looking for a game you can play alone, UFC 2009 Undisputed will probably get pretty boring for you. Even with multiple difficulty settings, fighting the AI doesn't stay exciting for very long. But if you're in a household with multiple UFC fans or enjoy getting online, you'll love it.
  57. But the main question I keep asking myself about Undisputed is how could it better replicate the UFC experience onto the pad and screen? Apart from the ability to attempt illegal moves like a downward elbow strike or rabbit punch whilst the referee's vision is obscured, I can't really think of any.
  58. From perfectly motion captured fighters, seamless online modes, and excellent presentation, UFC 2009: Unleashed truly is “As Real As It Gets”.
  59. 80
    Like an unexpected kick in the plums, it's a genuine surprise that this is actually rather good.
  60. UFC 2009 Undisputed offers a great game dynamics, with great visuals, an amazing combat system, and many game modes. A great game, but it's too hard to master and, due to the competition itself, it's a game just for hardcore fans.
  61. UFC is the new Undisputed fighting game. Enjoyable to play and great to look at.
  62. The best new fighting engine around, with a very sparse game wrapped round it.
  63. 76
    The career mode is fun and well-designed, the combat is cool and visually engaging, and the classic fights mode is sure to please UFC aficionados. If THQ can fix the blemishes and speed things up quite a bit so the physicality and true athleticism of the sport can shine through, we could have a serious contender on our hands.
  64. It's a healthy combination of Fight Night and WWE mixed together in terms of gameplay, and if you love mixed martial arts, you'll find something to love about this title.
  65. Make no mistake, UFC 2009: Undisputed IS the best UFC game to date, and while it is far from perfect, at the very least THQ and Yukes have created a solid base on which build a successful and long-running franchise.
  66. Undisputed can be complex one moment and crude the next, the dominant ‘full mount’ position (the holy grail of ground-and-pound fighters) far too achievable against even experienced opposition.
  67. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    A great sim, but poor supporting features. [July 2009, p.95]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 51 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 51
  1. JamesD
    Dec 28, 2009
    Just like Fight Night Round 4 the controls are a little annoying also the UFC fights here lack the excitement of the sport. Despite these Just like Fight Night Round 4 the controls are a little annoying also the UFC fights here lack the excitement of the sport. Despite these flaws and the fact that the menu's are so copious, UFC 2009 is a great single and multiplayer/ 2 player experience. Full Review »
  2. BrandonM
    Dec 5, 2009
    This game was amazing! The graphics were great and the fighting was deep and complex. If you think it's repetitive then you must just be This game was amazing! The graphics were great and the fighting was deep and complex. If you think it's repetitive then you must just be a boxer and a wrestler. With Muay Thai and Judo my guy took a different approach every fight. But there are some problems though. Training in career is fast, but hollow, with the exception of sparring. E-mails in career get repetitive within the hour and I don't see the point in credits. Some things you guys can do Yukes is put some more fight styles in, more customization, make your person age and give them a longer career. Also, whenever I'm in an autograph session I'm in my fighting uniform, um... public, no! ALso make entrances and when you win make you're trainers stand behind you! Full Review »
  3. reggie
    Oct 21, 2009
    needs a bigger roster. needs ONE way of getting out of submissions.its dumb to have a technical way that works 2% of the time. also it would needs a bigger roster. needs ONE way of getting out of submissions.its dumb to have a technical way that works 2% of the time. also it would be more fun if you could be a ufc fighter in the career mode instead of having to build up a character all the time which can be repetitive and boring. they should try for something like smackdown in that department. Full Review »