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  1. Dec 21, 2011
    Heroes & Heralds Mode is an addictive and welcome addition to the main game. Separate from the pre-existing gameplay modes, this free DLC adds both online and offline modes that pits two factions against each other. You can choose to side with the Heroes of Earth, or the silver-clad Heralds of Galactus. The major gameplay change in these modes is the ability to collect cards to use in battle that add and modify abilities. The cards feature both Capcom and Marvel characters and modify anything from attack power to the number of X-Factor activations, as well as adding abilities like parrying, life leeching and invisibility. Cards are won from battles and you can create up to 3 decks to choose from prior to a match. The online mode is much like the original online mode except players choose one of three decks they have created to use in battle, and every week a winner between the two factions is determined. Offline mode has a level selection screen showing whether the Heroes or the Heralds are in control of any given area. There's also a Hit List that acts like a Bingo card, when you successfully defeat a character they are marked off your card, and when you complete a line of characters you unlock another level that gives you the opportunity to unlock some of the more rare cards. In between battles you can get lost in the deck editor trying various combinations as most cards offer two ability sets that change depending on which one you select as your main card. Overall the addictive nature of collecting cards and the strategy of using them effectively makes this a robust and engrossing mode. Veterans of MvC3 will find this free DLC breathes new life into the game, newer or more casual players will have something to do after grinding through story mode, and the daily bonus cards and weekly battle element gives everyone a reason to keep coming back. Expand

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