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  • Summary: Based on Universal Pictures' action-thriller Wanted, this game promises to deliver the same fantastic visual style, in-your-face attitude and edge-of-your-seat action as the blockbuster motion picture. The game continues the story of hero Wesley Gibson, picking up the action where the film leaves off and creating an entirely new chapter exploring both Wesley's journey to becoming an unmatched überassassin and the epic fiction of "The Fraternity." Featuring intense third-person action, the Wanted video game will take combat to the next level with iconic moves -- such as "Curving Bullets" and "Assassin Time" -- drawn directly from the film, as well as an innovative, multi-layered cover mechanic. Expand
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  1. Some complaints would be the length (mainly because we had such a good time we wanted more), lack of features/replayability, and we would have loved a larger arsenal of weapons/locations. All in all Wanted: Weapons of Fate will do exactly what it is meant to do for adult gamers who pick it up in stores this week, provide a over-the-too fun experience with many ties (both gameplay and story-wise) to the Wanted universe.
  2. Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a relatively well compiled shooter, but misses out on top marks by simply being too short.
  3. The main problem with Wanted is that it basically only has one mode, a single player campaign that really doesn't last long.
  4. The short length of Wanted: Weapons of Fate is actually its rescue. If the game would have been any longer it would have gotten boring. For that reason Wanted is only recommendable for the most fanatic Wanted fans. Everyone else might give this average shooter a chance when it’s in the discount bin.
  5. The ideas Grin has introduced work well within the plot put forward by the comic books, it's just a shame they don't hold up over an extended period. [May 2009, p.110]
  6. It's a short game, but if it were longer, the excitement of bullet curving would probably wear off. That said, it's got some cool concepts and it compliments the film fairly well. If you can find it for less-than-full price, it's worth checking out.
  7. Wanted’s repetitive gameplay, awful dialogue, and plain-jane graphics provide an underwhelming experience that doesn’t make a case for being wanted by anyone.

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