Warriors Orochi 2 Xbox 360


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 17 out of 28
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    Warriors Orochi 2 is a divisive game and one that many will over-look due to the largely negative reviews circulating for it.
  2. So in essence, the game saves itself a touch in multiplayer but if you’re already a massive fan of all things Dynasty Warriors / Orochi, or if you’re a recent platform convert from the Playstation 2 you might well find plenty here to entertain you.
  3. It's the same game you've been playing a long time ago. At least Koei fanatics might be satisfied with the formula.
  4. The premise undoubtedly has promise, and there are now enough characters within Omega Force’s franchise to make a truly epic action/strategy title. But with same-old-same-old gameplay and the visuals to match, Warriors Orochi 2 ends up feeling very much like the original Xbox’s Dynasty Warriors 3, which released six years ago.
  5. Koei fanatics might be satisfied, but everyone else will be as disappointed as ever. [Nov 2008, p.76]
  6. That being said though, judging the game on its own grounds, Koei have never failed to populate the series with its many options and the tradition continues here, this is something definitely shedding fifteen or so pound for the Playstation 2, but to pay an extra ten or so on top for the Xbox 360 is hardly justifiable.
  7. Warriors Orochi is exactly what its mentally ill fans anticipated – more of the same. This is appropriate fare for them, but technically incompetent and repetitive for everyone else.
  8. Warriors Orochi 2 isn't short on content, but it's unlikely that many will want to persevere past the staggeringly poor frame rate and distinctly old-gen graphical flaws.
  9. Slowdown apart Warriors Orochi 2 on the Xbox 360 really is an excellent game, it’s just that until a patch is released to fix this issue it will never stand out from the crowd.
  10. Games Master UK
    Lots of people enjoy this type of game but we feel it needs more to it. [Dec 2008, p.85]
  11. While this would have been the best Warriors game to date, the frame-rate issue and other technical problems really eliminate it from contention. Hopefully KOEI will patch this game to make it more playable, but with their obvious disregard for their fan-base I doubt it.
  12. WO2 just does not offer enough new features to warrant anyone other than the most serious fans of the series to make a purchase. It is apparent that Koei is less concerned with releasing innovative and groundbreaking product and is more concerned with releasing a Warriors title they know will sell to its loyal fan base.
  13. 45
    Unless you are a hardcore Warriors fanatic, Warriors Orochi 2 offers nothing more than button mashing monotony at its finest.
  14. I tend to review KOEI titles higher than some other reviewers as I have no interest in panning a game that people have put some effort into; on the surface this is not one of those games.
  15. Essentially, this game is simply Koei offering a great deal of fan service to it’s loyal followers, and for those people, this game will certainly deliver what they expect. For everyone else, however, there’s nothing here but a boring hack ’n’ slash with some horrible voice acting and a horse racing minigame.
  16. 40
    I could only recommend this game to the hardest of the hardcore Warriors enthusiasts who can completely disregard the overwhelming (and apparently increasing) number of problems that plague this title.
  17. Warriors Orochi 2 elevates hack-and-slash action to amazing levels of repetitive boredom.
  18. If you’ve never played one and are somewhat interested then you are best of buying Dynasty Warriors 6 instead because Warriors Orochi 2 just doesn’t get past private rank anymore in this world of dynasty wars.
  19. Koei starts the new season with yet another entry of their famous franchise. They mix again the worlds of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, but Orochi 2 lacks innovation, character development, great gameplay, good visuals and nearly everything that made the series so great in the first place. A mere copy and paste from the previous game, not enough to satisfy gamers or even die-hard fans.
  20. 35
    Personally I get a similar amount of pleasure from cleaning the oven or mowing the lawn, both of which I can do for free and both of which provide some tangible benefit when I'm done rather than just making my thumbs hurt.
  21. 33
    My advice: If you ever want this series to evolve into something better, stop buying every iteration that comes out -- you're just encouraging Koei to crap out another.
  22. The final problem is one that has plagued the gameplay in this series for a long time—the pure sameness of everything.
  23. AceGamez
    The problem is that multiplayer is not enough to save this pointless and empty attempt at creating a new game.
  24. Overall, as with many KOEI games since Dynasty Warriors launch in 2000, you’d have to be an avid fan to fork out £40 each time, but sadly for Warriors Orochi 2 it’s going to take much more than an avid fan to buy this title. Apparently Orochi is reborn, don’t count on it.
  25. I simply don't understand how this got the green light in its current condition and I am gravely concerned that something like this is going to be sold to people. Maybe it's fine on the PS2, but the Xbox 360 version is poison for your disc tray.
  26. It amazes me how Koei can get away with releasing the same game every year, without even attempting to fix the problems that have plagued all their past entries. There’s nothing worth investing in here.
  27. Warriors Orochi 2 is awful and it couldn’t be any worse if it made your Xbox 360 explode.
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  1. Aug 27, 2010
    Slightly worse than its predecessor, but still better than DW6. If compared to games outside of this genre, it would get a 5.5/10, in itsSlightly worse than its predecessor, but still better than DW6. If compared to games outside of this genre, it would get a 5.5/10, in its genre, I give it an 8, while the original got a 9, and Bladestorm got a 9.5. If that doesn't put it into prospective, try this: If you liked Orochi 1, get this used, but not new. Full Review »