Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 30
  2. Negative: 1 out of 30
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  1. Whether you're a staunch pigskin purist or arcade all the way, you really owe it to yourself to give Blitz: The League a look. It's easily the best football you'll play all year.
  2. Game Informer
    The gameplay needs some tuning, but if you've got a mind to crush some skulls on and off the field, then I think you're gonna be pretty happy with this title. [Nov 2005, p.149]
  3. Overall the production values are fantastic. It's just too bad the gameplay wasn't more sophisticated.
  4. The addition of the new play styles, attitude, and story mode only enhance this great title. This is easily the best of the Blitz titles, and Midway has given fans a truly fun and entertaining football game that is not hindered by rules and penalties.
  5. 80
    The game is brutally violent, unapologetically vulgar, and simply a hell of a lot of fun to play.
  6. 80
    BTL is definitely not for the 15 year franchise, NFL obsessed, stat tracking, sim minded football fan. However, if you are looking for a fun football game that captures the more gritty and violent side of the game, it is definitely worth picking up.
  7. Serious football players probably won't enjoy this game aside from its humorous elements, but anyone with a sense of humor and a proclivity towards extreme violence and severe bodily injury will have the time of their life.
  8. The football section of the game is flawed enough that it seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the game.
  9. The injury system provides an added adrenaline kick to gameplay, and the campaign mode, while not fully as explored as it could be, is more than enjoyable for most players.
  10. Losing the NFL license is the best thing that ever happened to Blitz-it's finally the hardcore, over-the-top pigskin game Blitz is supposed to be.
  11. While I'm sure true football fans aren't going to love it (better stick with EA), casual fans and players searching for a true, arcade-style sports game are really going to dig this one.
  12. The Campaign mode is worth the ticket into the stadium, and there's enough attitude here to keep you occupied well into the fourth quarter.
  13. EA buying the NFL license seems more like a blessing to those who really enjoy football for what it is-a great, harmful, and fun way to show that your team rules.
  14. Blitz: The League gives a new meaning to smash mouth football.
  15. It's a fun diversion from the standard fare, but you likely won't be throwing away your copy of "Madden 06" or "ESPN 2K5" any time soon.
  16. 87
    This game is all about playing your friends and playing online. Not great to play campaign over and over.
  17. The addition of online play and team customization will definitely keep hardcore football fans glued to their sets. This one doesn't just have meat on its bones, but big, pulverizing limbs. Prepare to get pounded.
  18. A fun and refreshing change from the more hardcore football titles out there. While missing NFL branding may mean you won't see your favorite players on the field, you really won't miss them. It's just good old-fashioned skull-bashing fun.
  19. Crave a purer form of pigskin, where painkillers and cheap shots aren't just overlooked but encouraged? Then give this ballsy baller a try.
  20. 95
    The crass, lowbrow, and gloriously juvenile Blitz proves that you don't need those fancy NFL-licensed pants to make a quality f'ball sim... Never taking itself too seriously, this shallow Madden instead chooses to revel in the seedy, sex-drugs-rock-and-roll dark side of the pigskin. Which is the side we've always desperately wanted to revel in.
  21. If they would have combined the violence with good gameplay, decent playbooks, and maybe some more modes, Blitz: The League would have been one heck of an arcade-style football game.
  22. Has a few balance issues but plays so well that no one will really care.

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#76 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2005
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 16 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Adam
    Jan 2, 2006
    There is a lot of tackling and a lot of cool tricks. it is fun alot to and a lot of blood. and it is really a better game than street
  2. MikeL.
    Nov 17, 2005
    I have to say I'm disappointed with this game. This does not feel like a Blitz game. The story aspect, or whatever it is, is a nice I have to say I'm disappointed with this game. This does not feel like a Blitz game. The story aspect, or whatever it is, is a nice addition, but the gameplay is totally different than old blitz games. What did they do to my beloved Blitz games? The controls are shoddy at best. If you REALLY want to try this game out, rent it. Full Review »
  3. NeilV.
    Oct 22, 2005
    I actually agree with most of the reviews on here to some extent. This game IS fun and fairly simple (more for an arcade football fan then a I actually agree with most of the reviews on here to some extent. This game IS fun and fairly simple (more for an arcade football fan then a purist of course.....I am more of the latter). The presentation is cool, graphics and sound are well above average, but I can see where these attributes could get old. I'm enjoying the heck out of it, but definitely rent it first if you're not sure.... Full Review »