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  • Summary: Experience the most realistic horse racing simulation ever created and the only game officially licensed by the NTRA: Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships (Breeders' Cup). With thousands of horses, the ability to race your own thoroughbred, play the ponies, and even build your own stable, Breeders' Cup is the horse racing game with something for everyone. Perform well enough and maybe you can race against some of the greatest thoroughbreds of all time. Collapse
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  1. All in all, Breeders Cup gives a nice introduction to the sport of horse racing, but only those willing to truly dive in and concern themselves with the more complex aspects of the game will be satisfied. Those that just want to climb onto the back of a horse and race will be left wanting more of a challenge.
  2. The gameplay is so easy and simplistic that it's just not any fun, the graphics are just plain bad, and the sound is positively laughable.
  3. 43
    Despite a variety of options, the gameplay turns out to be extremely limited since it's so easy to make money and quickly create the best stable possible.
  4. Perhaps the biggest design gaffe in the entire game is that you cannot quickly skip races to get to a race that contains one of your horses. There are weeks when you may not even have a horse running, but you still have to go to the track and manually "skip" each race.
  5. 38
    The races are simply formulaic and far too easy- if your horse matches up at all with the other horses, you are going to win as long as you can press the A button.
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