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  1. 70
    Fairly meaty, but ultimate a godsend for retro-junkies rather than general audiences.
  2. Long time gamers will dig it, but it may be too hardcore for casual players.
  3. Now this is how you do a collection of classics.
  4. This collection offers up a wide range of brawlers and shooters from days long gone, but sadly, not many of these are all that memorable.
  5. Not every game in this collection will strike up wondrous memories of gaming's past, but Capcom choose some fine selections here that warrant constant play, alone or with a friend.
  6. The true Capcom hardcore might wonder about the omission of Saturday Night Slam Masters, unless a third package is on the way, but that's just one gripe against what is otherwise a very well structured collection.
  7. CCC Vol. 2 is only 20 bucks, which comes to $1 a game. Considering all of the classic arcade gameplay on this disc, it's an excellent value. We're not sure Capcom has enough material for yet another arcade collection, but if this is the last, then they'll have gone out on a high note.
  8. The control scheme for each game can be set up individually to however you like within the options and menu settings, although most of the similar games found in the assortment can use the same layout for each.
  9. Capcom Classics Collection 2 isn't as hit-driven as the first game, but the hits that are present hit very hard, indeed.
  10. For Xbox and PSP owners that already have the Reloaded Collection you might want to wait or skip Volume 2.
  11. And for those who prefer physical possessions to digitized property, collections like this will always have a place on the shelf.
  12. 70
    With excellent high-level production values, superb emulation, and an easy to use interface, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 should please most retro Capcom fans.
  13. A few titles(including Knights of the Round)support offline three-player fun, but even for $20, we say pass. [Holiday 2006, p.76]
  14. While the retro-gaming experience is partially enhanced (in most cases) by the availability of the analog stick, the core gameplay of all titles remains the same. This is usually a good thing, but some titles should be totally scrapped due to poor design.
  15. Even though Avengers and Speed Rumbler make me twitch with anger when I play them, it's still fun to show to friends how bad some games from the "old-school" era really were, and then load up Super Turbo to purify ourselves.
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  1. AkeemG.
    May 29, 2007
    A lot of the games in capcom classics colletion volume one and two can be up to 2 times more exciting than most modern day game,especially when playing with a friend or two in co-op mode.All of the games have great back ground music that I enjoy listening to and all of the games are all full of superb none stop action.I still think that the old school games are still the reigning champions over all video games,call me old fashion if you want,I don't care. Super nintendo is still one of the best game consoles ever made and that's that. Full Review »
  2. Andyman
    Jan 22, 2007
    Vol.2 offers up some quality retro-arcade gaming goodness. Sure, not all games in this collection are for everyone, but they never are. This is worth getting for the updated Quiz and Dragons alone. If that wasn't enough, Capcom saw fit to include a bonus version of Quiz and Dragons whose trivia questions are solely focused on Capcom games. Great stuff. Full Review »