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  • Summary: College Hoops 2K6 is the latest entry in the 2K series of NCAA basketball simulations. New to the game this year is the Coach's Clipboard feature, which lets you instantly change your tactics during the game. Recruiting has also been changed with the addition of recruiting camps. Coaching is the main focus of the changes, with real coaches having been added in. Also, teamwork and focus have been made more vital to team success. All other game modes from past iterations of the series have been included. Expand
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  1. A smooth flowing basketball game, complete with a huge franchise mode and Live online play.
  2. Rock-solid gameplay engine artfully recreates the college hoop experience.
  3. 85
    Greg Gumble and Clark Kellogg do a nice job with postgame highlights and their "Selection Sunday" show lends real NCAA flavor to the proceedings. In the booth, Vern Lundquist and Bill Rafferty do a solid job of keeping commentary interesting.
  4. Easily the best college basketball game of the year and one that every college hoop fan needs to own.
  5. The defensive steal system just doesn't feel right, and the interaction animations between players can produce some funky results. [Jan 2006, p.138]
  6. With the depth of the legacy mode, the replay value is huge.
  7. Pitting 2K's college game against EA's is a close call, but ultimately I suppose that this game's better price and A.I. give it the edge. Someone needs to fire the coach before it's guaranteed a tourney berth, though.

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  1. SteveK.
    Nov 29, 2005
    I was a big fan of the 2K5 edition and this one is much improved without changing what was so great about last year's game. Last year was REALLY buggy. So far so good for this year's. The basketball is more real-feeling, more kinetic. It's harder to steal, harder to fake out a defender with a pump fake. If you try to pass it right in front of a defender, they'll steal it. There's more to do in time outs, more coaching decisions and ways to affect the game. I like the shot stick and ability to change your shot in mid-air. Rebounding feels more real too but this is probably the easiest game to rebound of any basketball game I've played (this is a good thing! Basketball games are notorious for being next to impossible to grab rebounds) There are subtle changes like at the end of the game when a player chucks up a hail-mary shot, the likelihood is so much less now that it'll go in, unlike last year when it almost always hits the rim even if there is a defender in the person's face. The crowd reacts appropriately now (and is appropriately attended depending on how good you are and how big a game it is), instead of cheering incessantly even when it's a blowout and the home team just got pasted. The VIP system is cool, it tracks your game playing tendencies. This game is also more challenging than last year. Legacy Mode is better too. Only slight changes here, but legacy mode was the best part about last year's game. There's a midnight madness scrimmage you can play and a season preview show (good idea, but it's really long and boring). You can now recruit players in any year and recruits can go to a summer hoops camp! (I also like that they give you a clear percentage on your recruit's interest) Your coach starts off crappier, but that just means there are more coaching milestones. Players can transfer more often (keep em happy) and coaches age (unlike last year when "Coach K" will coach at Duke for a 1000 years)! Graphics on close ups didn't change, but the players on the floor look more like the close-ups than they did last year. Movements just look more real. This game is awesome. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I definitely didn't want them to. Why in the world would you pay more for a crappy EA game? It's the subtle changes and improvements that make this game more immersive and addicting. Just about every complaint I had about last year's game has been tweaked and improved. AWESOME. Expand
  2. RelyeaS.
    Dec 10, 2005
    This game is the full package. I've never had this much fun playing a sports title.
  3. Texas
    Mar 18, 2006
    Im stoked on Baskeball now and this game helps me get to play it. The court and graphics look petty good, but the players just look ok. The Shot stick i dont understand but hey, freethrows take getting used to but this is a simply fun game. You can just enter the marchmaddness tournament without having to play a season. Plus its a great Price. Collapse
  4. AdamK.
    Feb 7, 2006
    This is the best basketball game out there, and I have played them all.