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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 62
  2. Negative: 2 out of 62
  1. It has been a long time since I've had so much fun with a video game... Love him or hate him, Crypto's intense hatred for our race and his willingness to fail missions just to !&%$@#* off his leader makes him this year's iconic character.
  2. It's rare that I'll stay up into the early hours of the morning to play a game; in fact, Destroy All Humans! is the only game that has done this to me since "San Andreas."
  3. Fun, if not deep, compelling, if not always thrilling, humorous, if not always hilarious, but make no mistake, it's always entertaining.
  4. 90
    The spicy, tangy combination of third-person action and real-time strategy is unlike anything we've played before.
  5. 90
    While there are some noticeable blemishes in the game such as graphical pop-in and broken cut scenes, Destroy All Humans succeeds where many have failed. This is truly a refreshing way to experience an adventure that you wish would never end.
  6. It really is a breath of fresh air because of its creativity and non-linear gameplay.
  7. Continues THQ's gameplay champ reputation with another hilarious, exciting, and genuinely fun action adventure title!
  8. Though the gameplay in general consists of nothing drastically new, the style and narrative flair that oozes from this game really do deserve attention from the gaming public.
  9. It may not be the deepest gaming experience, and much of the game's objectives are exactly the same (although placed in differing contexts) but it is also the most fun I've had on my Xbox in a very, very long time.
  10. A simple premise that is saved by its charming visual design and campy gameplay attitude. There is something just a bit twisted about playing the "alien" and making the humans the "bad guys".
  11. Not the deepest and not the hardest in the genre, but the overall composition and camp factor will keep you playing.
  12. Wickedly clever...Strikes the right balance between imagination, creativity, and a little borrowed inspiration. [Aug 2005, p.79]
  13. It's got originality, solid gameplay, and is outright fun. Come on, you're the alien! It's time to kick some Human butt!
  14. The game is very short, extremely linear and somewhat repetitive. However, none of these faults really hurt the game's appeal. Its presentation is top-notch, and the humor, visuals and characters really help to sell the experience.
  15. 85
    Talk about a game that took me totally by surprise. Destroy All Humans! is one of the most enjoyable experiences to come down the pipeline in awhile.
  16. I hope that any sequel keeps the writing teams and gives them enough leverage to write a script that's as interesting and fun as the first one.
  17. In spite of its flaws, Destroy All Humans would be easily recommendable if the campaign lasted longer. As it stands, you can play through the game and get all that you need out of the free roam mode with a weekend rental.
  18. If anything, Destroy all Humans is well presented. All the menus are a joy to navigate and hold some pretty decent bonus material.
  19. Fun, creative and surprisingly fresh, but not quite enough gameplay variety to carry the load.
  20. Once the greater story starts, you'll face some great combat (the "Area 42" assault), moments of pure oddness (like making a brainwashed politician B.S. his way through a public speech), great little period touches, and some cool bits of humor from the alien who thinks he's Nicholson.
  21. It could be argued that Pandemic's extra-terrestrial effort is a little on the simple side, but in terms of sheer playability, scale and freedom - albeit within fairly limited areas - Destroy All Humans! is a class act indeed. [July 2005, p.96]
  22. The sheer amount of destruction is satisfying and the sense of humor is refreshing, but the short length and lack of saves during lengthy missions are what makes this potentially great game merely a good one. Even so, it's still hard to resist the Destroy All Humans' charm.
  23. An original take on the shooting game and a subversive take on US paranoia executed with character and style. Destroy All Humans is hard not to enjoy. [Xbox World]
  24. No aspect of life remains unscathed, from sexual repression and homophobia to government conspiracy and rampant paranoia. And it's funny. Very funny. [July 2005, p.114]
  25. Bottom line: being an alien is fun, even if it is a bit rough around the edges. [July 2005, p.76]
  26. With some great-looking explosions, a comfortable control scheme, good action and mission variety and structure, and, of course, genuine fun and humor, Destroy All Humans! is a highly recommended summer title.
  27. One improvement would be if players could interact more with the environment using common things to wreck havoc in creative and funny ways.
  28. The countless in-jokes and references to other films, the mocking comment of NPCs on the American dream, and even the less-than-loving relationship between Crypto and his controlling superior... all the icing on the cake of an incredibly fun actioner.
  29. The unique gameplay mechanics paired with a tried and tested style of play makes it one of the sleeper titles of the year and while its not a smash hit best selling AAA game, it's something that thinks otuside the square of normal gameplay and offers great fun.
  30. It's addictive, humorous and easy to get into three traits that go a long way in the gaming. Even though the game is an overall success it is a little repetitive and dull even with all the destruction and giggles.
  31. Set up like Grand Theft Alien, there are tons of missions to complete, though you can also just roam around, killing filthy humans and destroying their stuff.
  32. 80
    Makes destroying humans fun with an original setting, enjoyable alien arsenal, and cleverly designed missions. Its sense of humor may falter once in a while, and content freaks will definitely find the game on the short side.
  33. 80
    And while the title may never be mistaken for the deepest game on the Xbox, Destroy All Humans! could very well be one of the funniest.
  34. The freedom to create chaos is terrific but some missions lack variety.
  35. A repetitive, simplistic and accessible game with a wealthy plating of good ole' fun-in-small-doses style that makes it the quintessential rental.
  36. Worst of all, if you die at any point during the series of several tasks that make up a mission, you must start from the beginning, at times replaying the least interesting sections of the game over and over. It's a shame the gameplay lacks the almost flawless perfection of Destroy All Humans' story and presentation.
  37. Failing to rise above its mediocrity, Destroy All Humans! is still a fun and original game gamers will want to check out when they're in the mood for something different.
  38. 76
    Those looking for a lengthy adventure will be disappointed for sure, while those who are just looking to do whatever they please to mankind will surely be thrilled.
  39. And while the gameplay doesn't really do anything especially remarkable, and the adventure is unfortunately quite short, Destroy All Humans! shows such enthusiasm for its thematic inspiration that you can't help but at least appreciate what it tries to do.
  40. I guess it boils down to how fun you think it is to toss cows at unsuspecting people!
  41. Goofy fun, and that makes up for a lot of its failings. But I couldn't quite forgive the occasional tedium and fairly short length enough to give it a better rating.
  42. The combination of frustrating mission mechanics and limited replay value leads me to strongly suggest renting Destroy All Humans before buying, if at all, regardless of your love for bad sci-fi.
  43. The meat of the game's storyline is rather fun, but it's over before you even know it - renting the game would probably be the most advisable thing in this situation.
  44. In the end, Destroy All Humans! just doesn't provide good value for money, and that's something the developers seem to have lost sight of.
  45. One of the most fun, enjoyable and hilarious games of the modern age and it's a crying shame to see such a rarity soiled by a few glaring issues.
  46. The concept is pure gold, and much of it works beautifully. We hope this becomes a series; a sequel that kept all the dark humor and cool powers, but explored and civilized its gameplay could utterly dominate us, and we wouldn't mind one bit.
  47. A flawed, funny, likeable game that doesn't quite live up to expectations.
  48. 70
    It features all the underdeveloped and totally unessential components of other notable and forgettable open world action games, yet it also boasts terrific personality, a great premise and some generally solid action.
  49. For the B-Movie enthusiast Destroy All Humans could be a worthy purchase, packed to the brim with an assortment of Sci-Fi references and replicating the style to good effect. As a game however the action just grows a little too thin, a little too quickly; there's no real substance to the game, which will likely have you switching off far too quickly.
  50. The game has a great sense of humor, and I enjoyed the story missions, but the side quests hardly vary at all from one level to the next. Just screwing around and messing with citizens isn't as fun as it could be, either.
  51. 70
    The main positives going for Destroy All Humans are its enjoyable action sequences, but these are alienated by, what are in nature, dismal fetch and find missions that lack the originality that the game was trying to deliver in the first place.
  52. The game's got a solid story, pretty visuals, and good controls, and it's for the most part a very fun experience, but some targeting issues, unimpressive mini games, and maddeningly frustrating stealth elements keep Destroy All Humans from being a killer app.
  53. Destroy All Humans! is a successful mix of 3d-action, free roaming game play, conspiracy theories and sci-fi silliness. It has no apparent flaws but there's still something missing from the mission design and the game as a whole. It promises a bit more than it manages to deliver. [June 2005, p.64]
  54. At the very least, you have to rent this one just to experience the 50's B-movie hilarity.
  55. A technically accomplished, but thoroughly unpleasant gaming experience. I'm sure there's a market for this; I'm just not part of it.
  56. 65
    The main game isn't terribly long, and the missions, though sometimes creative, are often frustrating because there's usually only one way to complete them, making them feel needlessly restrictive--something that stings a little more in a sandbox game such as this.
  57. From a gameplay perspective, Destroy All Humans! is purely inoffensive and average; it proves itself to be somewhat entertaining in small doses. In all other aspects, the game lacks a soul of its own, choosing instead to use what others have already done.
  58. It's very easy to while away the time just terrorising the populace of each level in an increasingly destructive fashion, but to actually care enough to contribute anything to a completion percentage is another matter entirely. [July 2005, p.86]
  59. The humorous parody, satire and carnage of Destroy All Humans is enjoyable, but the experience is significantly lessened by far too much repetition, some frustrating sections, a lack of proper sense of destructive scale, and free-roaming areas that are too small and don't contain that much of interest outside the main story.
  60. While there's some good stuff here, its sense of humor and playful vision doesn't extend to its repetitive gameplay. Must be another Commie conspiracy.
  61. Unfortunately, unless Crypto's race is looking to harvest tedium and repetition from our earthly minds, he's better off just harassing than destroying them. [Sept 2005, p.90]
  62. 30
    Uninspired visuals, disgustingly easy gameplay, and a complete lack of any real motivation to play the game awaits any who dare purchase this title. It is tedious and boring at every level.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 32 Ratings

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  1. TonyP.
    Oct 6, 2005
    Hey, who doesn't like playing around with telekinesis and blowing stuff up? Picking up cars and trucks then flinging them into enemies Hey, who doesn't like playing around with telekinesis and blowing stuff up? Picking up cars and trucks then flinging them into enemies alone makes this game worth playing, but sadly it doesn't make it worth a good score. Sadly lacking, the humor gets old and the missions tedious. The extras, mostly time races, are absolutely unplayable rubbish. Full Review »
  2. SallyS.
    Sep 20, 2005
    I love the game because its so so awesome, cool and you shuold make a 2.
  3. mikep.
    Aug 30, 2005
    Awesome awesome awesome!!! i need help on 1 misssion though. but still a briliant game!!!