Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 32
  2. Negative: 1 out of 32
  1. Fight Night Round 3 is a fantastic boxing title that really delivers the action in a realistic way for fight fans, and those discovering the sweet science for the first time on their home console.
  2. A great contender for anyone looking for the most realistic boxing simulation currently on the market.
  3. EA has proven that they still believe in the original Xbox, as Fight Night Round 3 is a solid, full-featured title that is worth the money.
  4. Admittedly, most of the improvements and updates found in Round 3 are merely incremental, but they're still enough to warrant stepping into the ring for another bout.
  5. 80
    Round 3 Isn't the huge improvement that "Round 2" was compared to Round 1, and the lack of AI and the impoverished career mode is a disappointment. That said, Round 3 is still one hell of an addicting multiplayer game.
  6. Having just paid 40 to 60 dollars for this game, you shouldn't have to be bombarded by advertisements.
  7. 35
    The graphics are dull and lifeless, the sound is awful, and the gameplay has been completely ruined, and if that's not enough to deter you from purchasing the game, EA's blatant disrespect for the great sport of boxing and its colorful history should do the trick.
  8. 90
    The gameplay is far more balanced than the previous two games, and the graphics are excellent for current-gen and have more detail than their predecessors.
  9. This complexity demands your total concentration, resulting in an all-consuming gaming experience. You're gonna lose hours to this game.
  10. Plagued by imbalance, the Round 3 career can serve up over 50 bouts before one goes the distance. The new stun punch – a thunderclap of a haymaker – helps to ensure first to third round knockouts for the vast majority of fights. [Apr 2006, p.82]
  11. It may well be beautiful to look at, but the fighting engine, although improved, is so similar to that of Fight Night Round 2 that series veterans may feel somewhat aggrieved when faced with essentially the same videogame. [Apr 2006, p.112]
  12. Fight Night Round 3 delivers in all the areas that are important in a boxing sim; it brings the big names to life with luscious graphics and gives them form and ability, with a well-made control system and decent game mechanics.
  13. 80
    My beef, however, isn't with the lame blood effects or the unauthentic venues in ESPN Classic mode, no no; it's with the damn product placement.
  14. Round 3 certainly doesn't shirk in the gameplay department one bit, as it has everything Round 2 offered and more. [Mar 2006, p.98]
  15. Even though Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox isn't the jawbreaking work of staggering genius that the 360 version is, that doesn't mean it isn't a great game. [Apr 2006, p.74]
  16. Fight Night Round 3 takes the sweet science of boxing to bloody new levels, and he results are certainly impressive. [Mar 2006, p.40]
  17. 90
    It's far more than just a really, really good-looking boxing game; it's a little glimpse into the future, and a remarkably good yardstick for ongoing reference.
  18. 90
    The best boxing game in the business keeps getting better.
  19. Despite the less-impressive graphics, the game holds its own with its balanced fights, new punches, and replayability.
  20. Fight Night round 3 doesn't radically change the series but the gameplay is so incredibly solid that the game is still heavily recommended.
  21. A mostly realistic boxing simulator that's just a few sparring matches short of the title.
  22. One of the finest sports titles on the Xbox platform.
  23. For pure boxing realism, Fight Night Round 3 takes the crown. The way you can bust out little jabs and finish off with a crunching uppercut, or bat away a badly timed hook and follow through with a breath-stealing gut-punch is spot on. [April 2006, p.78]
  24. Take the great graphics and mix it up with the innovative HUD-less fighting system and solid boxing engine and the result is an excellent boxing game that is at the top of its class.
  25. The moment when your uppercut lands squarely on the chin of your opponent and you see his lifeless body collapse to the ground feels perfect, and you feel like a champion. No other boxing game has ever recreated this so faithfully.
  26. One round of the next-gen version will make you realize that graphics are a major part of sports games, so I would only recommend the current-gen version if you don't own a 360.
  27. A game to convert even the unworthy to boxing, Fight Night Round 3 will have you quite literally thumbing your way to heaven.
  28. This is a good fighter but it could have been much better. Still, the game is entertaining, challenging and looks good.
  29. During the career mode you can have a rivalry that becomes so fierce it actually gets added to the ESPN Classic's section.
  30. 75
    It's a step back from Round 2, but still delivers a knockout to the competition.

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