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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. Even the Destruction Derby Arenas and Ragdoll Mini Games are all online playable for you!
  2. An outrageous orgy of twisted metal and flying debris. The races are fast and furious. Too bad the AI drivers cheat to keep the races exciting. [Aug 2006, p.28]
  3. It's not a game you'll still be playing in a few years, but in the meantime its destructible racing at its best.
  4. FlatOut 2 is a blast to play. Apart from some of the AI troubles, there is really nothing wrong with this game. It is a great title that has variety, character, and great graphics and gameplay to go along with it.
  5. 83
    One hell of a fun racing game. Sure, many of its elements feel a tad generic, like the track and character design, but what it really comes down to is the racing itself and Bugbear has done a great job at drawing a line between control and complete chaos.
  6. The actual racing is not quite up to the level it should be in the year 2006, but the Stunt area is binary crack.
  7. 81
    If FlatOut 2 proves anything it's that there's room for more than one type of racer that strongly encourages wreckage at every twist and turn, and it's refreshing to see that despite EA's undeniable might smaller developers are willing to have a go at competing, often showing them a thing or two about game design in the process.
  8. Better than its predecessor, Flatout 2 is like a brasher but uglier brother to "Burnout." [Aug 2006, p.66]
  9. Don't be turned off by the difficult controls right away. Once you get used to the steering and can take the corners, FlatOut 2 is an awesome racer with enough destruction and mayhem to last you awhile.
  10. FlatOut 2 seems content to cement itself in the niche of Burnout's bratty redneck cousin, but it passes at least one basic quality test with flying colours: I couldn't help taking regular breaks during this review to creep back to the joypad for another go.
  11. It may not be quite in the same league as Burnout, but it certainly has enough charm and variation to be considered a real contender, one that may begin to catch up with the market leader given a next generation sequel and a little more time to iron out the creases.
  12. 80
    The single-player Career won't take all that long to complete, but with a hugely entertaining multiplayer mode both on and offline, there's a good chance you'll continue playing for a while after.
  13. When all is said and done, the most important thing that can be said about FlatOut 2 is that it is fun.
  14. FlatOut 2's a more interesting racer than most, one that's smooth, nice looking and as easy to get into as a really big hole. It's not exactly moved on in any way since the original FlatOut, but if you missed out on that one, or really loved it and want more of almost exactly the same arcade racing insanity, go for it.
  15. FlatOut 2 is one of the most chaotic racing games ever made. Whether you're playing on or offline, you'll be lucky if you can last two minutes on the track without eating twisted metal.
  16. 79
    The controls still aren't quite perfect, but feel better than before, and now that the demolition derbies and mini-games are online expect a lot of extra playing time out of this.
  17. There's no getting away from the fact that FlatOut 2 is damned good fun, and will bring you back to the days of Destruction Derby and its ilk. However, as much as we appreciate the tweaks – and that's really all they are – to the first game, there are still a few too many fundamental flaws which bring out a wail of frustration or a tut as you consider how easily certain annoyances could have been avoided.
  18. If Bugbear could solidify the vehicle control in the racing mode, this game would be 100% solid in every aspect. Even so, a great sophomore effort.
  19. This game hasn't solved all of its pivot-based racing problems, so unfortunately that doesn't help matters, but at least it's better simply because the tracks are more interesting and the sense of speed is pretty good. [Sept. 2006, p.88]
  20. FlatOut 2 is an above-average racing game, which means casual racing fans will feel satisfied with its features and gameplay. The more demanding hardcore racing fans -- those are the ones that mull "Forza Motorsport" in-depth -- won't be so happy.
  21. With its destructive, albeit a little unforgiving racing that is fast and of course very furious; players should have a fun time with the game, especially as the focus isn't on the usual high performance racing cars that don't take much damage from impacts.
  22. Better then the original in everyway, which basically means it's awesome.
  23. FlatOut 2 seems a little too slick for its own good in spots, but it still manages to provide plenty of destructive racing fun.
  24. FlatOut 2 is a big improvement over the original game, but it's not quite ready for primetime yet.
  25. An invigorating shot of speed and carnage that tops that of the original, even if it does fall short of the mighty "Burnout." [Aug 2006, p.121]
  26. The track design is hit-and-miss, usually featuring aggravating blind curves that can quickly turn a comfy lead into a last-place finish. [Sept 2006, p.80]
  27. FlatOut 2 is fun, if only for a little while.
  28. 70
    FlatOut 2 drives a fine line, but manages to come out on the good side more often than not. It might be a good idea to tether that controller to your wrist, though, because it's possible you'll send it flying just as much as your driver.
  29. It may be a little too chaotic for its own good. The difficulty is all over the road, and the car handling leaves much to be desired. The lack of a custom soundtrack feature hurts as well, leaving you with the option to listen to the game's repetitive rock selections.
  30. If the game controlled better, and didn't fall victim to one of the most annoying problems that racing games can face, it might be worth it. For me, however, I'll be going elsewhere.
  31. FlatOut 2, as a racing game, is competent, but marred by a poor sense of speed. [Aug 2006, p.63]
  32. Both more of the same and a little less. The challenges don't hold their appeal for long and a lot of the problems from the first game have reappeared in this one, but anyone looking for a racing game that rewards you for knocking over fences and road signs will be hard pressed to find better.
  33. Where FlatOut felt like racing in a field, FlatOut 2 feels like racing on a film set. It has been reshaped into the archetype, competent arcade racer. [Aug 2006, p.89]
  34. 60
    Like the original game, the best way to play FlatOut 2 is with a group of drunken buddies. No one's ever going to mistake it for anything more than it is: an adequate execution of a silly idea.
  35. You'll instinctively reach for the seatbelt in this aggressive display of reckless racing.
  36. 60
    Amp up the speed and iron out the physics and perhaps FlatOut 2 could give EA a run for its money but for now, it's simply eating "Burnout"'s dust.
  37. If you were a fan of the first and are happy with the "more is great" attitude, then Flatout 2 is for you. Everyone else, this game is just a rental if just for the mini games and destruction derby arenas.
  38. Flatout 2 is pretty much like the first "Flatout", which was pretty much like a poor man's "Burnout". [Sept. 2006, p.98]

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