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  • Summary: Frogger is Back to His Classic Beginnings. His home of Firefly Swamp is being overrun by Dr. Wani and his evil plans. Join Frogger in his latest adventure as he explores seven different worlds and tries to restore order to his beloved swamp. Features classic, addictive "hop and dodge" gameplay. Mini games with up to 4 players on all platforms. Over 30 levels of play. Wide range of character moves, such as the double jump, tongue grab, and more. Special bonus - orignial 1981 Frogger arcade game included on all platforms. Expand
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  1. The gameplay mechanics of Ancient Shadow are too standard, and the experience felt un-needed, and is hard to recommend to any gamers looking for a platforming fix.
  2. Lastly, with 30 levels, you would think that there would be plenty to do in Frogger. Unfortunately, the levels are simple and short, so the length of the story mode won't last more than an afternoon.
  3. 53
    The control mechanics in the title, initially jarring and overly complicated, aren't likely to mesh well with younger players, and the die-and-retry level design can be tedious.
  4. An uninspiring platformer with unintuitive controls, bland gameplay, repetitive environments, and a missed target audience – kids aren't going to have neither the skill nor the patience to play this game, if they even have the desire to.
  5. While I do appreciate some of the more conceptual features of Ancient Shadow, the control scheme left me frustrated to the point where the game became more a lesson in aggravation than it was the nostalgic hop back to my childhood I was expecting.
  6. The lack of quality in this game, its very short and simplistic play, and a slightly higher than 'really cheap' price point serves to, in my opinion, produce a game that isn't worth purchasing.
  7. Coupled with atrocious cutscenes and a pathetic story (how can a shadow be "ancient," anyway?), this is a real toad of a game. [Holiday 2005, p.73]

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