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Mixed or average reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 55
  2. Negative: 11 out of 55
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  1. None of this matters. Rogue Agent has it where it counts; in gameplay, innovation and just plain, flat-out devious fun.
  2. Environments, character design and voice acting are the big three standouts of the game, but at the core it is still just another first person shooter.
  3. 82
    Between the AI and the story you also will find hours of enjoyment out of this title. Even if you are not usually a shooter fan.
  4. Official Xbox Magazine
    Entertaining, but hardly groundbreaking. [Holiday 2004, p.64]
  5. 80
    Rogue Agent had the premise to be a great action title, playing the villain but it isn't. Rogue Agent is an average FPS, with an uninspiring single player, with decent multiplayer.
  6. 80
    Perhaps the best feature, though, is online multiplayer--at least for PlayStation and Xbox owners. The game's intensity is upped by the human competition, and the standard selection of gameplay modes.
  7. 80
    While the final cocktail that is Rogue Agent breaks very little new ground, the eye powers and deathtraps are extremely welcome additions to the shooter arsenal.
  8. There is some fun to be had both in single player and multiplayer game modes, but there aren't a lot of areas that Rogue Agent separates itself from the competition.
  9. EA still can't find that elusive GoldenEye touch in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. But they finally seem to be on the right path to glory.
  10. If there had been a better variety of enemies and missions and if the story really fleshed out and brought to life a Goldfinger/No power struggle, we could have had the makings of a classic.
  11. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Rogue Agent does do a lot of things extremely well, though. The enemies are realistic, ducking in an out of cover, constantly moving, even updating each other on what you're doing ("He's behind the bar!" - brilliant). [Jan 2005, p.130]
  12. Anyone expecting a game similar to the N64 version will be greatly disappointed because at the end of the day Rogue Agent is simply a mindless run and gun fest against reasonably smart AI.
  13. A disappointingly repetitive and average ride at a time when above-average is a necessity.
  14. Really only for the die hard Bond fans and those who just can't wait to get some Xbox Live 007 action.
  15. Your standard first person shooter which offers some new ideas over a familiar setting.
  16. The premise of the game is actually very intriguing. However, while being a 'bad guy' in the Bond universe is a great concept, somehow things just don't feel quite right.
  17. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Hell, you can't even choose which side to be on in team games. On the PS2, this is disappointing, but on the Xbox - where most games figured this stuff out over a year ago - it's inexcusable. [Jan 2005, p.100]
  18. AceGamez
    Then there's the mostly drab level design, the 'who cares' story and the often repetitive gameplay.
  19. Unappealing because you are a villain that doesn't seem like a villain. I mean, you are taking orders from Goldfinger like Bond does with M. The villain concept could've been thrown out of the whole picture, and Rogue Agent could've been a bit of a better game.
  20. Game Informer
    It tarnishes the hallowed GoldeneEye name that gamers have held close to their hearts since 1997, and is the equivalent of tossing a martini into Bond's face and then shooting him in the family jewels with a tranquilizer dart. [Jan 2005, p.114]
  21. There is virtually no story, so you have no compelling reason to play, and once you resolve yourself to wading through the levels for the sake of completing them, you are met with repetitious design, disappointing textures, over-saturated colors that border on cartoonish, and smart, but generic enemies.
  22. The repetitiveness of the levels and sub-par AI makes the 8 missions seem a lot longer than they should be.
  23. Aside from the number of flaws that are too hard to ignore and its repetitiveness, this one hardly comes close to the outstanding N64 original in terms of level design.
  24. 65
    An empty vessel of a game missing personality, charm, story or any kind of distinguishing character.
  25. 65
    It's a simplistic run and gun gameplay requires less of the spatial awareness and mental agility that the more refined games can dishearten youngsters with.
  26. Unfortunately Rogue Agent has turned out a bit flat. All of the ingredients should have delivered a novel twist on the Bond universe, but rather than being a villainous spectacle, it's merely a competent shooter that lacks any genuine thrills.
  27. RA suffers from a boring "bad vs. bad" storyline, the game play is more annoying then anything else, and the graphics still look like they are stuck in the 90's.
  28. An uninteresting story and lackluster gameplay, both online and off, leaves this latest adventure feeling rather flat.
  29. The single player campaign of Rogue Agent leaves a lot to be desired, if you were thinking about buying this game for the story mode, do yourself a favor and ditch that idea.
  30. Even an excellent video game would be presumed somewhat bold to rashly take up the moniker of "GoldenEye'. But Rogue Agent actually has the flagrant hubris to attempt to fool us into believing it's fit to wash the feet of the original title. Predictably, it falls some way short of not only the name GoldenEye, but it's also a largely forgettable shooter-at best.
  31. Rogue Agent just isn't that fun of a game because of the somewhat sluggish gameplay, the lack of a real good story, and pretty average multiplayer.
  32. A short and simple minded FPS shooter that will fill the void if you need some mindless run and gun action, but if you are looking for game play that is a little more mentally challenging and in depth, or even fun, than you will need to keep on looking.
  33. A case of an incredibly stupid concept averagely executed. Just who this is supposed to appeal to, we do not know. [GamesMaster]
  34. Hardly groungbreaking, but it is a laugh. In an increasingly bleak world ("Killzone"), that's enough for us.
  35. Aside from dragging it through the mud, Rogue Agent does almost nothing with the GoldenEye name.
  36. 60
    Rogue Agent doesn't just feel like it should be better, it yearns for it. It is so close to being a good game, but just falls short in every major category of gameplay.
  37. It has its fun moments, but on the whole, there's nothing new here and nothing to warrant even a rental, let alone a purchase. It's good to be bad, but not *this* bad.
  38. If there is a sequel to GoldenEye Rogue Agent, and I really hope there is so they can redeem the name, then I would expect that EA and the involved developers would take a good look at the gameplay mechanics, weapon system, and level design to really come out with a title we can all be proud of, and long to play.
  39. Edge Magazine
    Rogue Agent is the result of design by committee: a safe, reasonably accomplished but uninspiring offering which neither excels nor progresses its genre in any way. [Christmas 2004, p.82]
  40. GMR Magazine
    Wearing a no-holds-barred sense of literalism on its sleeve, this mostly mediocre affair fails to bring anything new to the genre or even match its many peers. [Feb 2005, p.104]
  41. Everything about RA is average: the weapons, the levels, the graphics, the controls. In fact, this game should be the new benchmark for average.
  42. 50
    Or how about the single-player in general? It's boring, consisting mainly of shooting hundreds of uninteresting thugs. The baddies are supposed to be endowed with "Evil AI," but heck if I could tell. They just seemed dumb.
  43. Playing as a villain should lift away the restraints that normally accompany the good guy role, and thus provide for a more liberating and refreshing gaming experience. Instead, EA has given gamers a window into mediocrity, and an affair that simply isn't fun.
  44. Play Magazine
    The production's decent enough, but there's such a sense of mechanical design, with flat personality and little flair. [Jan 2004, p.67]
  45. Hampered by an all around unoriginality combined with essentially horrendous gameplay. I was looking quite forward to this title, but ultimately, found myself disappointed.
  46. Not only have they taken the 40 year legacy of James Bond way off track, but they have also taken the classic GoldenEye reputation and created a game that the fans were dreading. Not a classic ' not even an average game, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is just about insulting to everyone in the target demographic.
  47. The game doesn't look great, the AI is poor and the special powers are worthless. Even if you take away these problems you're left with a basic first person shooter that is nothing special.
  48. Dripping with mediocrity, Goldeneye: Rouge Agent is nothing but a painful reminder why Halo 2 is king of the Xbox shooters and that EA should learn that if a movie isn't out for the property they are making the game for, they shouldn't make one of their own.
  49. 40
    A Bond game without Bond just doesn't make sense, especially when the bad-guy gimmick fails miserably.
  50. A while back I played a terrible FPS for the PS2 called "Fugitive Hunter," and within 30 minutes of playing Rogue Agent I realized that Goldeneye's almost the exact same game. It's an atrocious first person shooter that reeks of lazy development, and EA should be ashamed of what it's done.
  51. For the sake of the video game industry, don't buy Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. It's a benchmark for bad ideas badly implemented.
  52. games(TM)
    We're cataclysmically disappointed that Rogue Agent even exists. Just when it seemed like EA had pulled its socks up and become a real unstoppable force with games to match its resources, we get this ' perhaps the most cynical and cobbled-together excuse for a key release we've ever seen. [Christmas 2004, p.111]
  53. 30
    The amount of recycling involved in the level design here is abominable -- some areas repeat the same pair of linked rooms as many as three times in rapid succession, and the problem gets distinctly worse as the game progresses into its later levels.
  54. Rogue Agent ticks all the boxes on the shooter checklist, but lacks any of the oomph needed to make these worthy of note. Unlike the beautiful set pieces of other Bond games and movies, the levels within are about as exciting as a visit to your local public library.
  55. The designers didn't love this game, they just threw together poorly understood ideas from other games like "Halo" and "Half-Life" so that the management chimps responsible for the project could be satisfied that it was ripping off popular products.

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  1. Mar 30, 2017
    Ce n'est plus ce JamBon qu'on con-trôle mais c'est toujours aussi nul, comme tout jeu dérivé d'une licence cinématographique... à l'origineCe n'est plus ce JamBon qu'on con-trôle mais c'est toujours aussi nul, comme tout jeu dérivé d'une licence cinématographique... à l'origine déjà assez consternante en soi, il faut bien le dire. Bien que -tout de même !- démouler un FPS aussi naze tient du tour de force vidéoludochiatique. Finalement en fait, EA fait de la merde depuis bien plus longtemps qu'on ne croit : cet affligeant triple Z en est la preuve merdoyante. Full Review »
  2. B-Rad
    Nov 25, 2006
    The game is pretty much the run of the mill fps, but with that said, it is still a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed the "goldeneye" aspect, The game is pretty much the run of the mill fps, but with that said, it is still a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed the "goldeneye" aspect, being able to see through objects and so on. Although not a Halo type game, I enjoy it and would recommend buying it if you found it for a mere 6 bucks like I did. Full Review »
  3. J.S.
    Oct 20, 2005
    This game uses the same engine as 'Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter'. Mace was better all around though. In the scene where you shoot at This game uses the same engine as 'Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter'. Mace was better all around though. In the scene where you shoot at Dr. No's plane you can never see it explode. After shooting it a couple times, you can only miss if you aim for your foot, the plane simply falls off the screen. WTF? Yes, you can weld two single hand weapons at the same time, however you can not put one down to throw a grenade until you use all the gun's ammo. Hint, aim for your foot :( I got this game for $0.99+s/h on ebay and it is still just plain bad. EA shame on you! Full Review »