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Generally favorable reviews - based on 66 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 66
  2. Negative: 1 out of 66
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  1. Delivers more onscreen pyrotechnics than a Kiss concert.
  2. The new mech designs with new weapons also give a strong presence but it's the addition of the battle armor and VTOL that makes the biggest impact.
  3. Game Informer
    The final boss is one of the coolest-looking foes I've faced in a long time, and overall the graphics are great. [Feb 2005, p.118]
  4. Moves the series forward by giant robot steps. MechAssault fans will love the enhancements added to the game.
  5. While the single player campaign and storyline feel a bit lacking, the deep multiplayer aspects of Mechassault 2 and the amazing graphical effects push the game to greatness.
  6. This is one tough game for newbies! Don't expect any sympathy from experienced MechWarriors, who take gleeful delight in annihilating those novices who come in their path.
  7. The 20-some missions will certainly give you a day or so of great entertainment, despite the poor story and shallow characters, but more importantly these missions will serve to train you for the endless combat that awaits you online.
  8. There is still a bit of linear gameplay in the single player mode which could be a bit more in depth and dynamic, but as it is, blowing stuff up has never been more fun.
  9. A much better game than the original. The single player, while still weak compared to multiplayer, is longer and more engrossing.
  10. 91
    Multiplayer battles over many different maps are excellent fun and are a definite departure from the traditional fast-paced deathmatch you'll find in other shooter games.
  11. A fun (if ultimately shallow) single player campaign is dwarfed by an incredible online component that takes everything you loved about the first game, adds some new twists, and turns the whole thing on its head.
  12. AceGamez
    In an online world surrounded by countless traditional shooter games, MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf stands out as not just a great mech game, but a great shooting game. Everything here is done well and the new features are implemented brilliantly.
  13. MechAssault 2 struggles with its single player mode and strives with its multiplayer support to still bring you another great Mech experience.
  14. Cheat Code Central
    This version provides much of the same but it does so with better graphics, more features, more depth and an incredible variety of online games. In short, it's a blast.
  15. 90
    Leaves its predecessor looking rather simple and boring in comparison. And the online opportunities offered in the new package are some of the most compelling available on any console - at the moment.
  16. It's the perfect mix of old school mech action with an arcade feel to it.
  17. 90
    Not only is the pacing much more deliberate -- and therefore very intense -- but the awesome selection of different mecha and other war machines give this game a feel all its own.
  18. The quintessential sequel as it features everything the first game had going for it, only made better.
  19. 90
    This game's heart and soul lies in its Xbox Live play. If you've got Live, it would be a good idea to run out and pick this title up for the hours of online entertainment it'll undoubtedly provide.
  20. 90
    It looks better than the original, offers satisfying (if slightly short-lived) single-player action, and is an excellent multiplayer game.
  21. 89
    For online players, the world of MechAssault 2 is your oyster. The online aspect has exploded into a deep, diverse, and potentially awesome experience.
  22. The scale of the online component is hard to believe, and the Conquest mode could play itself out as the best Xbox Live title-ever. While the single-player game is painfully unimaginative, it is undeniably fun.
  23. Does what every sequel should do; it expands on the gameplay of the original and adds essential improvement upon it at the same time.
  24. Getting out of the "Mech injects a level of strategy that was missing from the original game, and it also helps immerse gamers in the scale of the world Day 1 Studios and Fasa have created.
  25. 85
    The single player is desperately lacking in length and substance however, so that leaves you with online play, which while fantastic, is rampant with brats.
  26. As with an increasing number of recent Xbox titles, MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf gets our recommendation largely thanks to the inclusion of a multiplayer mode that is pretty unique and a lot of fun.
  27. Official Xbox Magazine
    Hardcore MechWarrior fans who won't play online much may be disappointed with MechAssault 2. But for Live addicts/multiplayer buffs, expect big returns on your investment. [Feb 2005, p.82]
  28. A worthy successor to the MechAssault crown, building successfully on every single aspect of the original. However with that said, singleplayer is still incredibly weak, and two years on, this even more painfully obvious for the sequel.
  29. It just does not have the impact that the first had thanks to a plethora of action titles available now for the Xbox.
  30. Pelit (Finland)
    Has a solid single player campaign which is fun while it lasts. The multiplayer mode suffers from match-making difficulties but is still a blast. [Feb. 05]
  31. By no means a classic, and the online multiplayer modes aren't quite as instantly gratifying for Halo 2. But it's a very good solid game that offers value for money and a chance to get involved with a prolonged war online.
  32. This ridiculous level of world destruction becomes infinitely more enjoyable when you play a multiplayer battle.
  33. netjak
    If you can't play online, this game's a 5/10. If you can't play online and are a fan of MechWarrior, the game's about a 3. Able to play online, an 8 in its current state, with the possibility of being a 9 if the kinks get worked out, and a 7 if they don't.
  34. The beautiful graphics and destructible environments (both upgraded from the last game) add to the ambience, but the single-player game disappoints with brevity (6-7 hours to beat) and a throw-away story that never sets the mood properly with its weak dialogue and characters. [Feb 2005, p.109]
  35. The inclusion of battle armor really is the innovative aspect of this game and would fair much worse without it.
  36. 80
    If you don't have Xbox Live, there isn't a lot in MechAssault 2 for you. The single player experience is quite short at only 8 hours to complete.
  37. MechAssault 2 sounds pretty damn good as far as simulating a giant robot fight.
  38. With a tremendous amount of on-line support and features, its a great game to play with your friends in cyberspace.
  39. The mech hacking was something I didn't expect and I loved its inclusion. It's executed so it's not annoying, but it's just challenging enough to get your blood going when the screen is full of action.
  40. If you're big into the series then you'll probably want to pick this one up, as it's going to provide you more of the same fun with some new features that you're sure to love.
  41. 80
    One of our biggest concerns about Mech Assault 2 is the lifespan. It is a bigger and more expansive game than its predecessor, but the game can still be over really quickly.
  42. 80
    While there's occasional pop-up and clipping, those glitches are trumped by smooth animation and incredible explosions. When an enemy Mech is trashed, the bright blast lights up the screen and ripples the surrounding terrain in the most satisfyingly way.
  43. The gameplay is stimulating, with all sorts of firepower at your disposal, and the online components will keep you busy for lengthy periods of time. This Lone Wolf has got some fangs.
  44. Experienced gamers will have a blast in cyberspace, battling with other players from around the world, which pretty much justifies the cost of broadband on its own.
  45. The mech-jacking and the variety of team-based modes available are cool, but the relatively slow pace makes the rest of the game feel like a plodding, fairly standard third-person shooter.
  46. Great for a night of full-on onslaught!
  47. Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf's biggest downfall is the punishing method you search for games on Xbox Live, and the feeling of imbalance throughout the title.
  48. Day 1 has upped the ante, and created something far better then their original, but only those who crave Mech games, and need their online fix should give it serious consideration.
  49. 76
    This game rewards and encourages teamwork and the multiplayer team games can really bring some exciting gaming to your Xbox. Definitely something to look out for if you play clan games.
  50. A game that probably could have used a bit more focus and polish but despite that still does its job well. The single-player campaign is somewhat interesting and gripping, and players looking for the ferocity of multiplayer won't be disappointed.
  51. Play Magazine
    In the stupidly scripted, overly basic single-player missions, you'll probably find interest trailing off by the swift end. [Feb 2005, p.64]
  52. A screaming, cursing, testosterone-soaked attack on your eyeballs and ears.
  53. The sheer joy of destruction, variety of mechs and plethora of game types result in a fun if slower-paced online action game. This giant robot might not save the world, but it's still a pretty good pal.
  54. A fun, exciting game. It's just a little bit behind the pack.
  55. Weekly Famitsu
    7 / 8 / 7 / 7 [Vol 841]
  56. Wolf's added variety pushes its multiplayer componenet into Xbox Live killer-app territory. [Feb 2005, p.96]
  57. games(TM)
    It doesn't matter how many explosions or missiles you cram into a mech game, it will still remain a product for a niche audience. Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf may have more to appeal to the mainstream gaming community than the average title in the genre but it's still a mech game. [Feb 2005, p.90]
  58. Lone Wolf does build upon the original game's foundations and does start off as a decent Mech game, sadly it quickly degenerates into a standard blaster and becomes forgettable.
  59. The singleplayer experience is still woefully sub-par (honestly, what the hell was up with that final battle?), the interface feels a lot slower and clunkier than it needs to be, the multiplayer is laden with a number of bugs, and the game overall just doesn't feel very polished. On the other hand, the graphics are nothing short of amazing, the game is very easy to pick up and play.
  60. Accessible and instantly satisfying but can become dull all too quickly. A good, but not great, online-focused war game that's just not exciting enough to threaten "Halo 2." [GamesMaster]
  61. There are sufficient missions but little choice of objectives, ensuring the action starts to feel prematurely repetitive.
  62. Edge Magazine
    Mechs are the only interesting offline opponents, but in a way that causes the action to feel stuttered: these encounters are engaging due to the sensation of one-on-one combat, but those of Lone Wolf are so ponderous that most fights become wars of attrition... As a result, the game can't throw enough of them at you to make the skirmishes feel genuinely intense of chaotic. [Feb 2005, p.76]
  63. Intriguingly, the presence of an all-encompassing online mode called Conquest ties up all the various strands of multiplayer game into a coherent whole.
  64. 60
    It's hard to recommend a game that ultimately turns into running in circles while attempting to unload your weapons faster than the next guy.
  65. A thoroughly underwhelming package, with a few nice additions that don't really elevate it above 'average'. And its most notable feature - the Xbox Live multiplayer mode - feels somewhat dated and simplistic compared to current Live games.
  66. There are flashes, bangs, and crashes, but after more than an hour of playing it, the only thing you're really want is to lie down about a few rounds of Majong...If called upon to describe MA2 in a single word, that word would be relentless. This game is furious, sure, but it definitely isn't fast.

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  1. Jul 24, 2017
    Not as fun as the original. they introduce walking on foot as well as driving tanks and battle armor. The game just doesn't seem meant for that.......
  2. Dec 29, 2013
    Although the control scheme might first seem a little confusing, the game forces you to master them by throwing you to the wolves (pun) rightAlthough the control scheme might first seem a little confusing, the game forces you to master them by throwing you to the wolves (pun) right at the beginning of play. Once you get these controls down, the relentless action quickly draws you into conflict with your opponents for each mission. Challenging without being too frustrating-MA2:LW is a lot of fun. Full Review »
  3. iliyun
    Jul 16, 2005
    Great game. The action was non-stop accompanied with solid visuals and a music score which brought out the flavor of the mayhem was plain Great game. The action was non-stop accompanied with solid visuals and a music score which brought out the flavor of the mayhem was plain sweeeet. Only gripe, voice acting sucked. Actually the acting was so poor it became hella annoying after awhile. But that's just nit picking. Full Review »