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  • Summary: Test your mind and reflexes with Mojo!--a challenging puzzle game for both casual and hard-core gamers. The object of the game is to successfully collect all of the colored cubes in a level and use them to solve the puzzle. Because each move you make slowly drains your Mojo energy, you must carefully weigh each action as you maneuver through increasingly difficult puzzle stages. Only the most shrewd and skillful players will be able to navigate Mojo!'s unique chain of puzzles in order to survive to the legendary 100th stage. Expand
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  1. The simple color-matching gameplay principles will test the younger kids and the complicated puzzles and tricky control will challenge their parents. Even if you never explore beyond the initial 100 levels you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth with Mojo!
  2. Though it won't best the more enduring genre stalwarts like "Bust-A-Move," it has plenty of challenge for those tired of first-person shooting at full price. [Mar 2004, p.81]
  3. Everything works as it should, but the sum of these parts is booring with as many extra "O"s as you please. [Oct/Nov 2003, p.93]
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  1. BlueFalcon
    Nov 6, 2004
    It's basically marble madness, but with worse graphics (yes, worse than the nes version of marble madness). What's good about Mojo is the large number of levels, and having some decent puzzle elements. Don't expect anything exceptionally fun though. Expand