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  • Summary: Create and sample original music tracks, and remix some songs from today's hip-hop and electronica artists. Songs include OutKast's "The Way U Move," Snoop Dogg's "From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace," Sean Paul's "Get Busy," Fabolous' "This Is My Party," and Carl Cox's "Katja." You can even combine samples from your own music collection to bring your favorite artists together in a remixed track. With a full-featured Studio Mode--including an editing bay of riffs, beats, bass lines, and vocals--aspiring DJs, producers, and music aficionados alike can easily assemble professional material in a matter of minutes. Expand
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  1. The audio portion of the game is wonderful, as expected. The sound quality of the included tracks is excellent, as are the numerous included samples in the game.
  2. Remixing is an art and takes a great deal of practice, MTV Music Generator 3 takes some of the guesswork out of that process and makes it fun for the average gamer, and at an entry price of $29.99 you can't go wrong.
  3. 84
    To be able to pick up Music Generator 3 for a console and have a system that is cleanly designed and easy to make music on is pretty much amazing.
  4. An improvement over previous titles in the series but there are still some glaring deficiencies to creating music on a console. Among which is a lack of importing and exporting options, and available source material.
  5. The basic menu system starts out simple enough, but if you really want to dig down deep into the guts of groove, you've got to work around a menu system that is definitely daunting. Sure it's pretty to look at and has a very professional feel to it, but it can be a total bear for newcomers to the mixing game.
  6. For not really improving much, it doesn't feel like MTV Music Generator 3 as much as it feels like this should have been "MTV Music Generator 2."

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