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  • Summary: NBA 2K6 is a 3D simulation that lets you play as a professional basketball player both on and off the court. Build a player and take him through training camps, competitions and NBA games. The more successful you are, the more you can customize a player's home, buy music, unlock minigames, and land an endorsement deal. The game also includes a comprehensive franchise modeand online play. Different players and coaches exhibit different personalities and tendencies, adding depth to the team-building process. Collapse
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  1. 100
    This year's game clears up almost any blemishes that may have carried over through the years, and perfects the package in a way that blew my socks off.
  2. There are so many nuances to the look of this game; it'd be a feeble task trying to list them. Needless to say, it's stunning.
  3. NBA 2K6 just proves that you can improve on a series that already comes close to perfection.
  4. Some of NBA 2K6's updates are incremental, while others show a continuing commitment towards maintaining the best NBA video game on the market.
  5. Luckily for gamers, this year's version of the NBA 2K series delivers.
  6. By far the best version of what has become the best NBA game on the market.
  7. NBA 2K6 also has full Live support, something that mysteriously disappeared from "NBA Live 06" just before it was released. Take your pick. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]

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