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  1. 100
    The Heisman difficulty level seems really balanced for the first time in years. The running game is great, with grind-it-out yardage available inside and game-breaking moves to be had outside.
  2. What makes NCAA Football 07 so incredible is a single world: immersion. From the in game cheering to your campus legend's dorm room, you will be drawn into an atmosphere that's been missing from previous years' NCAAs or any other game of this variety.
  3. More than just an upgrade, NCAA Football 2007 is a complete revamp of the franchise bursting at the seams with accurate details and realistic gameplay.
  4. Online play, new features, and completely perfect gameplay once again show everybody why NCAA Football 07 is always considered one of the best sports video games year in and year out.
  5. With the current-gen, you get more bang for your buck.
  6. 92
    The PS2 and Xbox versions boast a plethora of play modes.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    No mere phoned-in afterthought like far too many original-Xbox games these days, NCAA 07 is a mature, refined sports game. [Aug 2006, p.75]
  8. I would give NCAA 2007 a perfect 10/10 based on the gameplay and the amount of fun I had with it. However, I'm knocking a point off for the lack of ESPN integration, the status quo on online play, and for not adding to the pre-game intros.
  9. It may not look as good as the Xbox 360 version, but it is by far more full-featured. There are tons of modes in the game promising countless of gameplay. The atmosphere and enthusiasm that the game portrays are amazing, second only to the Xbox 360 version.
  10. The presentation of the game is damn near perfect, and that also happens to be the case with the game's audio.
  11. By once again capturing that electric atmosphere in NCAA 07, and combining it with an ever-evolving set of control tweaks and gameplay modes, EA Sports has created a game that no fan of football video games--be they college or pro--will want to be without.
  12. This is the most complete football game that we've ever played, and it really feels as though the NCAA Football series is truly hitting its stride.
  13. 87
    NCAA Football 07 manages to capture the back and forth emotional tide of the college experience quite well with this year's inclusion of the momentum mechanic.
  14. [The 360] title provides near-perfect football gameplay with a decent dynasty mode. But when stacked next to the Xbox and PS2, its hard to justify the extra ten dollar price tag for a less extensive overall experience.
  15. Game Informer
    But the big-time college football moments that it does deliver are worth it--and you won't find them on that new-fangled next-gen console either. [Aug 2006, p.81]
  16. With the enhanced Campus Legend content, realistic momentum system, excellent "Get the Jump" mechanic and the tried-and-true core gameplay, this is another championship season from the official alma mater of college football games.
  17. Despite any grandiose new features, NCAA 07 is a smashing success. Yes, it's a glorified patch for last year's game – but it plays such a better game of football that the lack of new snazzy features should not stop fans from grabbing a copy.
  18. We could still do with more Campus Legend mode and fewer ho-hum drills, but this is nonetheless an excellent sports game, with all the thrills and dynamics of real college football.
  19. You have a choice of either settling for a less attractive game on an older system, or paying more for a title that's lacking in features, but has awesome graphics.
  20. The PS2/Xbox version introduces a new ground-level third-person camera on kicking plays that would be a great option for defense, too.

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  1. SammyN.
    Aug 30, 2006
    It's good - not great - but it's definitely fun despite its inherent issues. I've been playing it almost non-stop for a couple It's good - not great - but it's definitely fun despite its inherent issues. I've been playing it almost non-stop for a couple weeks now, and I've got a list of gripes that need to be addressed by EA prior to the next iteration of the series... a) Brad Nessler's hands: why oh why would they put such a half-assed rendering of those awful non-human looking hands in full view, especially when Brad's face is a decent likeness? C'mon EA, it looks like you scrambled to put the GameDay folks in at the last minute. b) Catastrophic Injuries: apparently the folks at EA like the phrase, "when it rains, it pours". Case in point? Look at the injuries. Is it any coincidence that my top three impact players have been injured in the same game multiple times? These are strong, healthy dudes - and yet they all mysteriously get an 8 week+ injury in the same game? Might it be that two of them are leading the Heisman list by a mile? I know injuries are part of the game, but don't make it quite so catastrophic. What's next, a meteorite comes down in the last week and injures my entire squad just before the championship? c) Fublitis: Okay, so what do you expect from a 94 OVR running back with 94 Carry ability? 3, 4, maybe 5 fumbles IN A ROW in a game? This doesn't even require the highest or next to highest difficulty setting to occur. Momentum bar? Firmly on my team's side. It doesn't matter if the HB is composed or not, the computer just decides to take him down a peg, or maybe 5 pegs. It's ridiculous. It's more of the 'rains it pours' mentality that just isn't realistic. d) Personal Fouls: how many freaking Unsportsman Like Conduct calls must I receive? Even with it turned down to 0%, I still get several a game. It's so ridiculous. I stop a team on 4th down, but I do a couple push-ups (stupid, I don't like that evey play deserves some pompous celebration) and then I get a flag thrown and give the other team a first down. Who thought this one up? Ooohhh, let's have players celebrate over the most minor achievements, like running for 2 yards. Then we'll have the most anal refs in the NCAA penalize their asses every stinking time! Sweet! If it's in the game, it's in the game! Come on EA - you know that the least popular aspect of sports is the ULC call, considering that most folks enjoy a (tasteful) touchdown boogie or celebration. Those penalties are not especially popular with most fans, so don't you think you could ease up on them a little? At least so I don't get 4-5 such calls a game, even when I'm not choosing to use the oh-so-cool celebration-selector? Heck, a guy just pumps his fist in the air in joy, and you throw a flag. How realistic is that, anyway? Oh, and while you're at it, review what such calls like "pass interference" mean, and the refs will seem much more realistic. All that said, the game is fun. It really is a wonderful football game, and despite my gripes, I still can't quit playing it. Campus Ledgend mode's tests and juggling of activities gets a little tedious, but it's just too easy to make a superstar and succeed. Even with sub-par teams overall. Passing is improved, and overall, I'd recommend the game. Just make sure that you have a) a lot of patience for computer-scheduled injuries and fumbles/interceptions and b) you don't mind seeing some awfully glitchy animations of Brad Nessler's hands and some players that chat with thin air after the game concludes. Full Review »
  2. TimothyP.
    Aug 1, 2006
    Best NCAA yet Kudos EA!
  3. JimA.
    Jul 26, 2006
    Great game. Improved running game. Much improved passing game. The information windows for audibles, hot routes, etc is very helpful. Really Great game. Improved running game. Much improved passing game. The information windows for audibles, hot routes, etc is very helpful. Really fun to play. I like that EA doesn't try to re-invent the game every year. They take an already great game and make it even better. Enough is new to keep it fresh. Enough has been around before to allow the game to be stable. Best football game I've ever played. Full Review »