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  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. 90
    The Xbox version varies from the PS2 edition in several key ways—different challenge structure, no look-ahead mode, more police chatter, darker colors, and a points-based system for unlocking cars and tracks—but it’s no less fun.
  2. The fuzz and Need's sense of speed are what kept me playing. However, many of the modes are the same rat race in disguise. [Nov 2002, p.141]
  3. Killer aerial shots, intense chases, and a rock-infused soundtrack make for a heart-pounding ride. [18 Oct 2002, p.124]
  4. If you want a game to be realistic but not so real you need an MOT, buy this game. If you feel that games should offer boundless enjoyment and make you smile like a ten year old at Christmas, buy this game.
  5. 80
    The graphics are decent, good enough on the PS2 but lacking somewhat on the Xbox.
  6. The visuals at work here are arguably the best ever in high-speed, open-highway gameplay, especially considering the self-induced slow motion and course study, which is wicked cool. [Oct 2002, p.84]
  7. It's not the best racing game on Xbox, but every racing fan should try it just for its unique approach and tense chase action. [Dec 2002, p.92]
  8. A great multiplayer mode. Playing by yourself could use some work, but if you don't mind the unintelligent cops, or the racers that seem to ignore everything around them, there are 33 cool levels to enjoy.
  9. The biggest disappointment of Hot Pursuit 2 comes in the multiplayer. There is no way to have one player be the speeder and the other player be the cop. Either you're both racers, or you're both cops. This is a terrible omission.
  10. Why is this version so much different than the Playstation 2 one? I understand there were different developers, but the games are so much different and the Playstation 2 version is so much better.
  11. The [PS2] game is easily one of the best games in the series, whereas the sloppy controls, floaty cars, and average graphics of the [Xbox] game make it simply OK.
  12. 71
    Neither the police-chasing aspect nor the brand name are enough to help elevate this game into the upper-echelon of Xbox racing games.
  13. Outrunning the cops while racing on gorgeous international tracks is damn fun... [but t]he intense sense of speed found in the PS2 version is missing. [Winter 2002, p.103]
  14. A good game that would've been great if it ran as fast as the PS2 version. [Nov 2002, p.300]
  15. 68
    Pales in comparison to the PlayStation 2 version.
  16. If you own an Xbox, however, "Project Gotham Racing" and "Sega GT 2002" take advantage of the hardware's capabilities far better than NFS: HP2.
  17. Should be one of the best racing games available, yet on the xBox it just comes off as slow and clunky.
  18. But the worst crime of all is the dynamics – or rather, lack of them. You can plough into a police car at top speed, and mostly come to a grinding halt.
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  1. Jan 13, 2014
    I don't get why everyone is hating on this game. Sure its graphics aren't perfect, but it is better than nothing, and I found most of the scenery and cars to be enjoyable to look at! The handling is so unique, and I feel like this game is the only game with such a unique style of handling cars - in a good way! The cars are great, the tracks are long and well made, and the difficulty isn't too easy or too hard! I still play this game 10 years after it's been released, so it definitely also has its replay value. The sound effects are pretty accurate and the music is really what's not to like about this awesome game? The only downside to this game that I may be able to see is the lack of open world, but that's more of a complaint rather than an actual issue. Buy this game for cheap, and have fun with it! (IGNORE THE OTHER BAD REVIEWS)

    Gameplay: 9.5/10
    Story: N/A
    Music: 9/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Length: 8/10
    Overall: 9/10
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