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  1. While the options aren’t as extensive as those found in "Madden NFL 2002," and the graphics aren’t as optimized for the console as "NFL Fever’s," NFL 2K2 features the most complete presentation of any football game released to date.
  2. The great A.I. and lightning-fast game speed pulls off an uncommon balance of realistic football with an arcade edge. [Mar 2002, p.144]
  3. I am referring to how much I think Microsoft's controller will feel more natural in your hand, due to the rough similarities between it and the DC's. [Mar 2002, p.85]
  4. 50
    One big issue I have with the game is that when I’m on defense on any level, ball carriers seem to be Teflon gods that have an amazing ability to repel 2 defenders gang tackling them.
  5. 100
    It’s basically a port of the PS2 version, but on the Xbox, its graphics are so much sharper and—despite the beating the Xbox controller seems to be taking—the joystick-dependent interface feels just right.
  6. The graphics of NFL 2K2 are the only aspect of the game that lags behind just a bit.
  7. A great game whether you like football or not. You'll want this game if you liked the Dreamcast version or if you're just looking for an alternative to Madden.
  8. Marginally better looking than its PlayStation 2 counterpart...For anyone who likes Madden or "NFL Fever 2002" but wishes the control were a bit more responsive, NFL 2K2 is a game you'd probably like.
  9. 82
    A bit like the Homecoming Princess. Sure, she looks nice, and is fun to play with, but you can't help looking at the Queen and wonder what might have been.
  10. If you like just calling plays and watching the action play out on the screen, you may enjoy this game.
  11. The audio is stunning. From the Dolby surround ambiance, to the incredible commentary, NFL 2k2 has the best sports audio around…period...Gameplay is fantastic.
  12. NFL2K2 is the easiest to play right out of the box, with appeal to newbies and players who don't have a ton of football experience. Madden is still the sim gamer's favorite, while NFL Fever is the flashy go-between that links all three games together.
  13. 83
    It can't match the polish and NFL intricacies of Madden and doesn't look as good as NFL Fever, but it has the middle ground locked down.
  14. Nothing compares to NFL2K2’s replays. We’ve watched hundreds, yet we’re still impressed each time we see one. [Mar 2002, p.77]
  15. There is some room for improvement in the AI and the features, but when it comes to creating the illusion that you are really playing football, this is the game.
  16. It's at once intuitive and deep, a bit exaggerated yet deceptively extensive in execution. [Mar 2002, p.47]
  17. What 2K2 lacks in graphics, it makes up for in faster, hard hitting realistic game play that coincides with top notch commentary that I feel surpasses the great number of its competitors.
  18. And make no mistake – this AI is tough. Gone are the standard "money plays" of old. [Spring 2002, p.84]
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  1. DeaneS.
    Feb 15, 2002
    Best football game since "Tecmo Bowl."