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  • Summary: The Prince of Persia returns to his kingdom to find it decimated by war and turned against him in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. You can play as the time-bending prince or his evil alter-ego as he tries to return to the throne that is rightfully his. Now there are two distinct characters, each with their own abilities and backgrounds, as you explore the urban setting of Babylon. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones adds new Sands of Time abilities and an all-new setting for the third chapter in the Prince of Persia story. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 46
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  1. All of the game's elements mesh, from the music to the storyline, from the puzzles to the control system. I can't find anything nasty to say about this game. Ubisoft have certainly done their homework.
  2. A fine blend of platforming and combat. Silken-smooth control set makes you want to play until the fingers are raw.
  3. The game neither holds players' hands or pushes them away with a series of jumps only an automaton with computerized coordination could make. [Jan 2006, p.39]
  4. The Two Thrones provides a satisfying conclusion to the Sands of Time trilogy, with a lot of the same puzzle solving and gorgeous environments you remembered from the previous two games.
  5. While many were worried about this iteration changing the spirit of the title so much like with Warrior Within, it instead manages to take the best bits of both and create a wonderful hybrid.
  6. Ubisoft goes back to what works best for the franchise, and mixes some furious combat with exploration and some good old puzzle solving.
  7. So I fought, each time sitting through an unskippable 30-second scene of the fight's start and then getting killed within a minute. I did this about 70 times. My body trembling from tension and exhaustion, I kept playing not because it was any fun but simply because it was my job, and when after three hours I finally won I experienced not victorious joy but simply relief that it was over. I felt all the considerable pleasure the game had given me had been taken back.

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Score distribution:
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  1. AlexC.
    Dec 5, 2005
    I found this game to be the best of the series. it had a lot of story to it, without all the boring talking. Also, the music in this game is so much better than the last, if you rememer the last agme all it was was a repatitive rock beat over and over again, but in this one it wasn't so reapative and the music in the game just made it more emcompassing to play. I enjoyed playing as to Princes, but the problem ui faced was that when your evil you health depletes so it makies it hard to get someplace, but they did give substantial health while the evil prince and what upset me when i fighting the ending boss there was a huge delay when the boss attacked, and his reaction time, in example, i got hit, went into a roll, and ten the affects of hit happened. What really was the icing on the cake was the end of the game. I absoulutely loved how they ended it, it was the perfect end to the series, and i'm sad to see it end. All in All this game deserves a ten because of it's sheer 'awsome-ness'! Expand
  2. FredK.
    Feb 10, 2006
    I loved this game and all the other Prince of Persia!
  3. NickD.
    Dec 6, 2005
    The new speedkill system makes this game really, really enjoyable. You don't have to sit and waste time fighting like in most other platform games, or even RPGs. You can just slit a throat and be on with it. Expand
  4. TonyB.
    Jan 2, 2006
    this game was simply amazing i was blown away by it. this is the best prince of persia game in the series wow this game is fun. love the fighting system especially the dark prince. and the quick kills is an excellent new feature to the series wish they had it in the other two. Collapse
  5. Frostbolt
    Jan 8, 2006
    Having been a fan of the POP franchise for the longest of times, playing the old games and unlocking everything there was with The Sands of Time, and Warrior Within, this game just satisfied me on all fronts and put a nice warm feeling in my stomach as I watched the end movie play. Wonderfully done, adding in enough of the two previous games to make The Two Thrones triumph. The 3rd installement brings the magnificant unique touch of POP, and as always, delivers hard on the most important aspect of a game in my eyes, gameplay. From whipping your daggertail round and round as the dark prince, to using speed-kills to defeat enemies as the noble prince, it just doesn't get old. Also did I mention the manic and wildy entertaining chariot races? Or the suberb job on the frantic boss fights? There is just too much to go over. Beautifully made enivorments are made even better in The Two Thrones. The story also fits the game and it feels as though it has purpose, not just some lame tale made to make a trilogy, thus making some measily money. Ubisoft really paid attention to what needed to be done and took time and care with the game, and it all shows as a final product. I have gone only over a small portion of this timeless epic. Be sure of it. If you enjoyed the last two, or have always enjoyed POP, it would hands down be a slap in the face, a crime better yet, to not play this game. Impressive Ubisoft, very impressive. Expand
  6. Cassioposa
    Dec 12, 2005
    The folks at Ubisoft certainly listened to their fans on the third installment. I think we saw an excellent blend of the two previous games.. I appreciated that they took the Sand Wraith idea from Warrior Within and expanded its capabilities to form the Dark Prince character. The music was superb. The only criticism I have there is in regards to the oddly dissonant composition that played while you're scaling the tower. Just seemed to be a bit out of place for that part of the game. The game itself felt short, but that may be because it wasn't nearly as repetitious as WW, and the gameplay environment wasn't as static. I appreciated the addition of the speed kills. It's a great way to reward players that have the patience to develop a plan for those minion battles. Overall, it wrapped up the trilogy nicely. If a fourth edition to this game happens, it'd be neat to include more of a back story on his Father, as they seemed to touch on developing his character in this game. I also wouldn't mind having the capability to choose between the good/evil character to complete obstacles/battles. Expand
  7. FPSMaster
    Dec 7, 2005
    I was gonna buy this but instead rented it first. It is pretty good, and is almost too much like the others,but the one thing that is in the back of my mind is knowing there will probably be another one every year from now on just like the damn Tony Hawk games. Trilogy or not, they'll find another way to cash in on this franchise year after year if it doesn;t kill them. So there's really no point in owning this game knowing that. Expand

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