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  1. 71
    Battles are from epic, the expansion model is limited, and there isn't anything to do outside of playing a single Sherwood adventure. Worth a try if you enjoy the source material or have an affinity for the time period.
  2. There is little in the gameplay that can't be done by a freakin' Commodore 64! [Dec 2003, p.174]
  3. It's not deep enough. For starters, there isn't enough depth in the turn-based strategy portion.
  4. Ultimately it gets somewhat repetitive and can be completed rather quickly and easily.
  5. 60
    Hardcore gamers will be put off by the lack of depth in the arcade sequences, and casual gamers will be put off by the degree of challenge in the strategy sequence.
  6. It’s a noble attempt at a solid strategy / action hybrid, but Defender of the Crown feels more like an amalgamation of disjointed gameplay elements than a single, coherent experience.
  7. An average strategy title. The simple action and battle elements will turn off hardcore strategists. But the strong story and entertaining characters will keep you from popping the disc out.
  8. Only satisfying for those gamers eager to take a trip back down memory lane. [Dec 2003, p.100]
  9. Sadly it seems as if this revamp of the old Defender of the Crown, is simply an update in graphics and sound with very little thought put forth to update the gameplay. All of the extra modes are repetitive and lack any sort of attention grabbing features.
  10. A trip down memory lane for anyone pining for the original, but without strategic and gameplay enhancements, it's just a poor game by 2003 standards.
  11. Crown is entertaining only if your other option is taking an algebra test... You know, maybe I'll grab some pals and play "Risk" instead. [Nov 2003, p.175]
  12. More glaring than the minigames' poor quality is their length, as each one takes several minutes to complete, and repeats ad nauseum. [Mar 2004, p.98]
  13. In fact, every element of Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown kinda loses its comedy sheen over time, inviting the doubts to creep in and fester in your mind: Could it be that Capcom aren't actually having a laugh? Are they serious about this game?
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  1. JohnJ.
    Oct 21, 2003
    Not bad but the original still brings back better memories, Ahh the Commodore 64!