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  • Summary: EA Sports Rugby 2005 incorporates all the major Rugby teams, players, and tournaments, including the Tri-Nations, Super 12 and many more authentic and prestigious events from the world of Rugby. The game incorporates a completely upgraded graphical engine with individually differentiated players, realistic motion-captured player animations, dramatic lighting and cameras, and stadiums that are accurate with details such as crowd reactions, songs, and chants. EA SPORTS Rugby 2005 plays realistically with on-the-fly play-calling, right analog stick controls for fakes and crushing hits and improved kicking control. The game also features a "Rugby 101" training mode outlining the rules, controls, and tactics of the sport through videos and interactive challenges. Expand
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  1. Positive: 12 out of 20
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  1. The controls are responsive and the animation has been smoothed out with motion-captured animations and virtually seamless transitions. The Xbox version is much better looking than the PS2 although there are some traces of slowdown, flicker and online lag.
  2. Despite the fact that the developers still quite haven't managed to replicate the bounce of a rugby ball entirely satisfactorily, kicking now forms a vital part of the gameplay and every kick imaginable can be used to your advantage, including the good old 'Garry Owen' and grubber.
  3. 80
    Includes all the modes that rugby fans would want, with a ready-to-play engine that improves on everything that has previously been available in a rugby video game. The graphics have made a quantum leap, the soundtrack is fun, and the commentary is excellent.
  4. A stepping stone to a better game and if EA continue to build on this engine and title they could possibly have the definitive Rugby game.
  5. Some very fun moments arise in the various tournament offerings. Hits in the game make "Madden" look like its players are playing patty cake with each other. Controls could have been handled a bit better but what we have is acceptable.
  6. In a market of precisely one, this package lacks a number of bells and whistles (decent multiplayer most of all), but it had me pursuing a repeat of England's World Cup victory for many hours. [Apr 2005, p.88]
  7. Rugby 2005 still sucks. Why? Well, how about the dumbest AI we've witnessed in a sports game since, well, since "FIFA Street."

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  1. GiovanniG.
    Mar 20, 2005
    At last a pretty decent rugby game! maybe it has its faults....e.g. kicking the ball is a bit clumsy, a bit more of tactics such as offensive and defensive plays would have been highly welcome....but let's face's the best rugby game around since the times when I played with Subbuteo Rugby on the floor! Collapse
  2. AlexK.
    Sep 7, 2005
    Great for ne rugby fan, and to turn up the difficulty and u find some of the smartest rugby played ever!
  3. GordyM.
    Mar 23, 2005
    Game does have its faults and when I 1st played it I thought it was average. However in time I picked up a few more moves and are enjoying it a lot more. For a rugger fan like myself, we have been waiting 4 a decent footy game like this since Lomu's Rugby on PS1. A big improvement on rugby 2004. Expand
  4. JonnyW.
    Mar 22, 2005
    Just not good enough. It looks good and the teams are all there, but overall it's an infuriating and disappointing game. The camera system is poor - rucks and scrums occur behind graphics on screen so you can't see what is happening. Play on the far side is too small to see what's happening. All the alternative camera options are useless - in broadcast you can't see the opposition when attacking from your own half, and I passed to players off screen who I couldn't see!! The AI is terrible - opposition players lined up in my backline and tackled me and weren't called offside!?! Terrible. And the music in the Australasian version is horrible, tired, new Aussie rock. Ghastly. The Xbox controller doesn't help - not suited at all to this game. Expand
  5. RichardS
    Mar 18, 2005
    Typical EA sport rubbish. Glossy, smart graphics, but terrible, woeful gameplay. Just like EA's FIFA games, get beyond the slick exterior and the game sucks bad. If you know anything about rugby, you'll hate this. The AI is abysmal, passes go astray at every turn, backs line up to attack behind their own goal line, forwards run away from loose balls. Worst of all, it's nigh on impossible not to stray offside every time there's a ruck. If you want to play football (soccer) stick with Pro Evo 4, if you want football (US style) play NFL 2K5. Don't play EA sports games. Don't give them your money, it will only encourage them. Expand