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  • Summary: Thrust into the future by the evil Aku, a lone Samurai warrior must quickly find the time portal to the past to rescue his defenseless people. Ancestors of the displaced Samurai call him Jack and help him through four enemy-filled realms with 24 interactive levels. Samurai Jack suffers various states of damage if he fails to dodge fireballs and sword strikes, but slow-motion attacks, devastating combo moves, and sushi snacks empower the hearty warrior. From a burning village to the bustling Aku City, you'll guide Jack as he blasts through doors, finds hidden pathways, and frees caged locals, bringing him ever closer to fulfilling his great destiny--the defeat of Aku once and for all. Expand
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  1. Ultimately, The Shadow of Aku's excellent controls, just-right fighting action, humor, and easy-on-the-eyes visuals do the Samurai Jack license proud.
  2. Exactly the game I wanted, delivered right when I needed it most...a great time with a great character in a great genre - plug and play, instant fun. [Apr 2004, p.56]
  3. Don't expect the flair of the cartoon series to survive the transition into game form - 'cause it sadly doesn't. [May 2004, p.84]
  4. A Zelda: Wind Waker–esque cartoony graphics style would have been perfect for Jack, who, now that he's 3D, looks kind of like Jay Leno or John Kerry what with his freakishly long chin. And the cut-scenes—often the only good part of a licensed game like this—are embarrassing. [May 2004, p.89]
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    The game's lack of personality is underscored by its lack of difficulty. Playing through Samurai Jack is about as challenging as watching an episode of Samurai Jack.
  6. It's just genuinely unfortunate that the cartoon consistently scores touchdowns whereas the game fumbles like a man with melted butter on his fingers. [May 2004, p.91]
  7. The trouble is that once you have got the hang of the swordplay, throwing stars and bow and arrow, it all becomes a bit repetitive, while the problem-solving element to the game provides little challenge.
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