Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown Xbox


Mixed or average reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
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  1. AceGamez
    If you don't have Xbox Live then you aren't going to get the full package, it's as simple as that.
  2. But the thing that feels most welcoming about Lockdown is the overall level of polish and presentation. Graphically, it's not a massive leap over the previous game, but the textures look crisper and the lighting is way more dramatic. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  3. Although some Rainbow Six veterans might not enjoy Lockdown, it's one of the best online games available for the Xbox. Those of you sick of shooting the Covenant should check out Lockdown, because it has a lot to offer.
  4. The sound effects are insane and have a very high level of detail.
  5. All in all still a solid game, and I could see turning in "Black Arrow" for Lockdown.
  6. Game Informer
    I dare anyone to put some time into learning the maps and modes, leveling up their avatar, and argue that this is anything but one of the best online titles on consoles. [Nov 2005, p.166]
  7. 85
    And to top it all off, Lockdown features Lifetime channel–style scenes that do their damnedest to to make you think of your squad mates as real pals instead of the "meat shields" they really are.
  8. A far different game than "Black Arrow" with a lighter attitude and more emphasis on fun than modern combat realism. If "Black Arrow" was a bit too hardcore for you, then Rainbow Six: Lockown should probably be the next FPS in your collection.
  9. Burn enemies to death with White Phosphorous or just gun them down using a multitude of weapons. Whatever your mood, you're sure to have a good time.
  10. Lockdown continues the tradition of solid shooters in the Tom Clany franchise, but doesn't try to change the status quo by doing anything revolutionary.
  11. While we wish the graphics, enemy AI and sniper bits were better, the online multiplayer is great and there are some great missions later on in the game.
  12. 80
    I love the concept of being rewarded for playing a ridiculous amount of hours. Rather than saying "I played Lockdown for 120 hours!", you can say "My character is level 60 and I purchased five outfits, eight new guns, and heavy body armor!"
  13. Unlike the innovative "Rainbow Six 3," Lockdown doesn't introduce a great deal new to the franchise aside from some miscellaneous aesthetic improvements.
  14. Rainbow Six Lockdown doesn't quite join the ranks of the big guns because it has too many inconsistencies and troublesome flaws to hold up as an endlessly entertaining experience.
  15. A slightly above average shooter with plenty in the way of multiplayer options and a forgettable single player campaign.
  16. 78
    The new sniper missions are average at best. They don't add enough one way or the other to justify their existence, and a game like Namco's "Silent Scope" is far more fun to play; plus, in the arcade you get that big old sniper rifle with which to blast away.
  17. Beyond the P.E.C. mode and faster gameplay, not a whole lot has changed since Black Arrow, which disappoints even the most meager expectations for change.
  18. Though Lockdown is still a worthwhile shooter, its overall feel may leave longtime fans wondering if the developers have finally strayed too far from the game's roots.
  19. 77
    If you're a huge "Black Arrow" fan, stick with it. If you've never played a Rainbow Six game before, then this is definently the one to start out with, as it is far more forgiving, and will probably get you hooked on the series.
  20. A competent shooter, which is disappointing simply because the previous Rainbow Six's were fantastic shooters.
  21. Although Lockdown plays with the formula a little more it's still an entertaining game, but we it's stepping forward while moving back.
  22. The action this time out is much more run-and-gun, something that's very likely to turn off many of the series' fans. On the flip side, the new scheme is much more inviting to new players of the series.
  23. The game is worth a few nights of frantic firefights and stat building with some friends for co-op, but ultimately, if you don't mind the graphics, you should stick with "Black Arrow." It's just more fun, and way cheaper.
  24. Do not pick up Rainbow Six: Lockdown for the single-player experience. If you plan on picking this game up be sure you have Xbox Live because that is the only place you are going to find meaningful gameplay.
  25. Lockdown offers some reasonably fun, familiar action, but in a package that's too friendly and ultimately disappointing as the final Rainbow Six of the current Xbox generation.
  26. Lockdown really deserves two separate reviews; one for hardcore tactical shooter types of gamers, and another for run and gun gamers. While it would score well for the second group, the first group will be sorely disappointed by the game's transition to an arcade type shooter.
  27. Gamestyle thoroughly enjoyed Rainbow Six: Lockdown. The campaign is an improvement over previous games, but the ropey enemy AI and prevalence of bugs can soon annoy.
  28. The graphics seem to be a step backwards in the franchise but as I have said before, the PEC mode is the saving grace of this game.
  29. There's little need for varied strategies throughout Lockdown, and once you figure out how to sweep a room efficiently, the entire game is pretty much open for completion. It makes for an interesting twist on the strategy based shooter formula, because the need for absolute teamwork is almost entirely diminished.
  30. 70
    One of the best things about the earlier games in the franchise was the feeling that you could be taken out at any time by a hidden terrorist, which made player approach each situation much more carefully. With the addition of the heartbeat sensor, you can simply scout out every room before you enter, allowing you to easily pinpoint enemy locations.
  31. Another great entry in the critically-acclaimed series, but Rainbow Six enthusiasts may be turned off by its quicker pace.
  32. The "dumbing down" of the single layer game is a big disappointment, though, and Rainbow Six fans will find this to be a huge letdown. Rainbow Six deserves better than to become yet another arcade shooter.
  33. Visually the game is sub-par at best, and the only real reason anyone would want to check the game out besides some interesting gameplay quirks, is the headset communication, which you can do in other Raindow Six titles on Xbox already.
  34. Official Xbox Magazine
    A mediocre installment in a series where the bar - and our expectations - have been raised very high. [Nov 2005, p.128]
  35. We'd happily slap a glowing score on the online bit, but the single-player offering is burdened by so many problems that you'd be generous to claim it's slightly above average.
  36. A game caught between markets. Gamers who want a pure FPS shooter have much better options to look into. Gamers who want tactical, squad based shooters will consider this a watered down, arcade version of the genre.
  37. The new arcade-style squad control may make things quicker, but it short-circuits the one thing that made Rainbow Six different: intelligent squad strategy.
  38. Play the earlier games, as this one's a huge letdown.
  39. Computer Games Magazine
    it's ultimately just another tactical shooter to throw on the growing pile of games that make you truly appreciate your mouse and keyboard. [Dec p.92]

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. SpencerH.
    Dec 8, 2005
    most people who play this game dont take the time to learn all the little things that help you out, like hiding spots and out thinking your most people who play this game dont take the time to learn all the little things that help you out, like hiding spots and out thinking your oponent. kids online coming from halo expect to run strait at someone and kill them without dying themselves and i admit that does work sometimes but its not the way this game is meant to be played. Full Review »
  2. JaceN.
    Nov 11, 2005
    Yay, the sluggish look system has been fixed. Boo, all the weapons we know and love have been replaced with weird, futuristic guns that look Yay, the sluggish look system has been fixed. Boo, all the weapons we know and love have been replaced with weird, futuristic guns that look more like 1950s sci-fi lasers. Too arcadey to be of any use to a RS fan, too real to be of any use to an arcadey fan. Should have just fixed RS3 and Black Arrows problems, made some new missions and added some new guns...not these bulky plastic boxes with barrels, clips, handles and triggers taped to them. And taking over the cheats with some stupid unlock system is the biggest insult. So now if your having trouble, youre pretty much at an impasse as you cant play further to get the points to unlock the cheats you needed...DERP! Full Review »
  3. Ryencoke
    Oct 20, 2005
    First of all. Nerdbikerz, you're a moron. This is the worst Rainbow Six EVER made. Redstorm should be ashamed. Don't buy, in fact, First of all. Nerdbikerz, you're a moron. This is the worst Rainbow Six EVER made. Redstorm should be ashamed. Don't buy, in fact, you see it.. Burn it. Full Review »