Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 39
  2. Negative: 1 out of 39
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  1. The shooting control takes some getting used to, but stick with it and you’ll advance through a solid plot laced with a meaty hip-hop soundtrack, celebrity voices, and…drumroll…a playable Snoop Dogg! You’ll never need MapQuest in L.A. again.
  2. Make no mistake about it, this game does not trounce, destroy, walk all over, or replace "Grand Theft Auto." It is a better game though, as it is more refined and makes a nice addition for those who like the genre and are looking for more.
  3. Delivers its own brand of addictive free-roaming fun that’s just too clever and entertaining to put down. You’ll spend hours just going through the massive environments looking for crimes to solve and mayhem to cause yourself.
  4. The city map that you will drive is huge. It's not just Downtown LA, but also runs you through Hollywood, Century City, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and points in between. The city is also almost exact to scale, complete with landmarks and the entire city street grid.
  5. 90
    The greatest strength of this Luxoflux game however is the integration of story and layers of game design into one cohesive package that's makes the whole thing flow more like an interactive movie than anything.
  6. If repetitive slaughtering of the innocent by punching a few buttons is what you're looking for, then True Crime isn't the title for you. But you other guys really can't go wrong if you're looking for an action/adventure with riveting, twisting, non-linear storyline, advanced move sets, solid graphics, and a sweet audio track.
  7. Cheat Code Central
    One of the most entertaining games I've played in a long time. It has a ton of injoke humor, action, car chases, explosions, violence, adult situations and language - it's what adult videogames are all about.
  8. There's no denying that True Crime is really just "Grand Theft Auto" in a police uniform and a badge, but delve deeper than that and it soon becomes apparent that at its core lies a much better game.
  9. 90
    Striking a balance between cinematic, story-based gaming and free-roaming fun is harder than most people realize, and True Crime manages to pull it off in a way that brings excitement, challenge, and even a few laughs here and there (some of the voice work, particularly that of one Mr. Walken, is priceless).
  10. This version of L.A. is a living, breathing city where your actions have a direct bearing on immediate events and could even impact the story much further than you can possibly imagine.
  11. Lacks the one element that really made "GTA" the phenomemon it is: It's just not cool. [Jan 2004, p.150]
  12. 85
    Too bad it's so short, but there's plenty to do in the city of L.A. once the story is over.
  13. I think if Luxoflux could have tightened the controls, eliminated the stupid one-liners done over and over by Nick, had a more varied soundtrack and made the game a tad bit more involving for the player they really could have had a home run here.
  14. It's a strong, individual game and when the dust settles it'll undoubtedly be in with a shout for action title of the year. I just wish there was more of it.
  15. The Karma system, the skill training mode and the branching storylines offered promise for what could’ve established the new standard for action titles. Unfortunately, graphical glitches, fighting issues and a breakdown with the plotline feature tarnish the game from truly being stellar.
  16. But undeniably, Luxoflux have delivered BIG on their biggest undertaking to date, and have thus elevated True Crime: Streets of LA to sequel-worthy status.
  17. Savvy gamers can also unlock Snoop Dogg as a playable character.
  18. Despite gameplay bordering on being shallow, True Crime is still very worthwhile of your time because of the experience of brings. It’s a Hollywood cop movie where you’re in the driver’s seat, and it has the acting to back you up.
  19. 80
    You won't spend as much time with True Crime, but that time will be spent enjoying nicer visuals and a very deep story experience, as opposed to flipping cars across parking garages.
  20. 80
    A solid game that manages to be more than just a "GTA" clone. It was clearly rushed, however, and the numerous bugs and glitches drag it down to a great degree.
  21. True Crime is, thankfully, not a total failure, although one does get the impression that with more development time and more polish to individual aspects (aside from the impressive driving sections), the game could’ve been a masterwork.
  22. Rough edges aside, True Crime: Streets of L.A. is a fairly strong entry into the action game genre, worthy of at least a rental for action fans.
  23. The graphics need work and the fighting system needs an overhaul and don't forget to make the challengers a little tougher to beat. Also curb the cheesy one-liners.
  24. Playboy
    What does this action game packed with guns, cars and crooks have that "Vice City" doesn't? The voice talent of Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman as characters, for one thing. [Oct 2003, p.37]
  25. netjak
    Instead of the perfect, mind-blowing game it should have been, True Crime ends up being an unacceptably flawed title. If you've got infinite patience for random crashes and sloppy graphics, go ahead and pick this one up.
  26. The game tries to be everything for everyone by offering a great variety of gameplay styles, but doesn’t quite succeed at any of them. Each facet of the game has minor issues that hurt an otherwise enjoyable experience.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  1. bobdabuilder
    Apr 27, 2006
    besides the fact its basically a gta rip off(you can free roam and kll anyone) its great!
  2. ArmandilloD.
    Sep 7, 2005
    This game is just BORING... the city is very boring... missions are boring etc... Wannebe gta, but fails badly ALMOST everything sucks in this game.
  3. ChrisB
    Jan 28, 2005
    True Crime was one of the first games I got for Xbox. It's clearly meant to be a GTA-killer - it has many of the same gameplay elements. True Crime was one of the first games I got for Xbox. It's clearly meant to be a GTA-killer - it has many of the same gameplay elements. The problem is execution. Where GTA and GTA-VC feel like very "solid", with seamless passage between driving and on foot action, True Crime feels awkward in both. The cars don't handle well, and the fighting is more geared towards fans of fighting games. There are special moves and combos and things like that. The missions themselves are very run of the mill, and are direct ripoffs from Grand Theft Auto - kill this guy, drive across town in a certain amount of time, etc etc, but True Crime is completely devoid of the humor or originality that some of the missions in Grand Theft Auto game possess. It's also a lot shorter than any of the previous GTA games. One thing that's pretty good about True Crime is the enormous map. It's HUGE. Most of LA is in this game. It's not as impressive now that GTA San Andreas has come out, but True Crime deserves credit for the being the first game of it's kind to have a game world this big. It's a shame the huge city isn't used more by the game. The other problem is that there isn't a whole lot going on. True Crime's city doesn't seem to have as much "life" to it as Grand Theft Auto series games do. There are random crimes that you can choose to help solve, but there isn't a big variety of them at all, and they're pretty boring once you've done a few. While I didn't experience any of the crash bugs that other people have, I did find a few cutscene bugs (the wrong cutscene playing for example). All in all, it's a shoddy GTA rip off, and your much better served picking up ANY of the GTA games if you want this type of game, especially GTA: San Andreas. Full Review »