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  1. 80
    It's a strange situation when one of the weakest elements of a game -- in Spider-Man 2's case, the story -- can massively improve in a follow-up, and yet the overall quality of the games can remain roughly the same, but that's exactly what's happened here.
  2. The true letdown, though, is that the master villains can still be supremely frustrating to defeat, requiring several replays and exhaustive bouts of highly patterned attacks.
  3. It plays like a giant, interactive comic-strip, and with Treyarch's 'Comic Inking' (that's cel shading to us) so tastefully illustrating the whole shebang, you'll wonder what the appeal of the first two Spidey games ever was in the first place. [Official UK XBox Magazine]
  4. A fun and stylistic outing by any measure, but the game-lengthening tactics are all-too apparent.
  5. 75
    USM is a fantastic rental, but it doesn't really have the long-term appeal to warrant a purchase.
  6. With a little more variation in the combat, and a few less chases, Ultimate Spider-Man could have been a fantastic game. As it is, this is a fun title that stands on the cusp of greatness, one step away from achieving something special.
  7. A beautifully put together game that will make a lasting impression on anyone who witnesses it in action.
  8. 82
    Couple this with the brilliant voice acting throughout and quirky comments from the public as you glide by, ('He looks thinner on T.V!') and Treyarch are definitely onto a winner.
  9. 80
    The short length and repetitive sequences make it more of a rental for non-believers, but overall, excellent gameplay, a great presentation, and familiar characters make this the best superhero-based game since, well, "Spider-Man 2."
  10. This is a comic lovers dream come true; the perfect marriage of comics and video games, and with so many comic-inspired games already out and more on the way, I can say without reservation that Ultimate Spider-Man will rule them all with ultimate gameplay and ultimate style.
  11. Game Informer
    Spidey's acrobatic moves are also captured perfectly, and experimenting with his powers is the most enjoyable aspect of this adventure. [Nov 2005, p.142]
  12. The action is fun, but a couple of the vagaries of gameplay kill that. This is a case of an otherwise high-quality game being hindered by a few iffy additions that wreck the whole experience.
  13. 80
    Brings the super stylish world of Marvel comics to life with beautiful and enjoyable results, but ultimately spins a regrettably short Spidey story-mode experience.
  14. It wasn't designed with perfect care, but just enough for comic book fans and newcomers to swing around in sheer joy.
  15. The closest a game has come yet to being an interactive comic.
  16. A liberal splash of new ink and some gameplay innovation manage to revitalise this slightly over-familiar franchise. [Xbox World 360]
  17. 80
    The biggest drawback of this game is the inclusion of Venom as a playable character. He draaaags. He can't web swing (but he can cover vast distances with his leaps), he relies on brute strength rather than finesse, and you must also devour people in order to keep the suit from killing the man inside.
  18. While the game is beautiful, and the story mode is a lot more engaging and interesting than that presented in "Spider-Man 2," some of the lackluster combat options and changes to web-slinging keep it from being amazing.
  19. The voice acting is very solid, and the too-few story based missions make the game completely worthwhile.
  20. It is a deep and fun single-player adventure that fans of comic books or superheroes are sure to enjoy.
  21. The fun of this game is that you can pick it up at any time and swing around for a while and then shelf the title for the day. It is a rare game that you can do that sort of thing. Even the full missions are short enough where you can plow through one or two on a lunch break.
  22. 84
    A major improvement overall, with a stellar story mode and decent free-roaming system. I enjoyed swinging around enough to invest 25 hours in the game, but the first third remain the most memorable and most enjoyable.
  23. Heck, you should just play this game for the comic-book styled cutscenes alone. Good thing there's a good game in here as well.
  24. While it undoubtedly falls short in certain key areas – the imperfect controls, the repetitive side missions, the slightly bland engine... – it will certainly be more than adequate for any Spidey fan feeling the need for some web-slinging.
  25. It's not perfect, but playing as Venom is a great change, and exploring the city is a lot of fun.
  26. 90
    Simply the ultimate in comic book video games. Ultimate Spider-Man does for comic book games what "Sin City" did for comic book films.
  27. This is truly a benchmark game for all future comic adaptations. The slick comic style is superb with a fantastic storyline making this game a must-buy/rent for any Spiderman fans.
  28. It is a beautiful game with some technical flaws that are definitely worth overlooking. The excellent mixture of the alternate storyline and the sensational art style are second to none.
  29. It brings the comic book to life right in front of your eyes.
  30. Though the game isnâ??t perfect, the addicting story line and amazing presentation are definitely welcomed. If Treyarch had kept the bigger city and more advanced web swinging techniques, Ultimate Spider-Man would have been the definitive Spider-Man game.
  31. Play Magazine
    Quotation forthcoming. [Nov 2005]
  32. 95
    A vibrant, eye-popping superhero disc that has more style, wit and compelling gameplay in its first 10 minutes than most games have in their entirety.
  33. A great game engine plus a web slinger equals a damn fine game. Venom and Carnage need their own games.
  34. Manages to take the web-crawler to new heights thanks to the great visual style, the variety in gameplay (which is certainly an improvement over Spider-Man 2), and a tweaked combat/control system. The game looks phenomenal and really does bring the characters out of the comic book and in the consoles successfully.
  35. The game sure looks fantastic but is it fun to play? Without a doubt, although it could do with some fine-tuning here and there.
  36. A quick fix of fun gaming that really doesn't need to be lingered over.
  37. The characters all look to be in their teenage years [which] may create some problems with die-hard Spidey fanatics.
  38. The game features inspiring art direction, a short but engaging plot, solid controls and a number of elaborate and well-staged action sequences. However, to preamble each of these sequences with a series of mandatory and repetitive exercises is surely not the best way to entice players to keep playing.

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  1. Nov 8, 2014
    I wish I still had my XBox. Oh, the fun I had. 8 yr old me had a beutiful time with this game, sometimes it got me in trouble with my olderI wish I still had my XBox. Oh, the fun I had. 8 yr old me had a beutiful time with this game, sometimes it got me in trouble with my older sister for hogging the system, other times my parents looked like they were gonna put my talent in the Guiness World Records book. Anyway...
    Gameplay: 7/10
    When I was younger, the gameplay was newest of the century. But when I got older, more free roam games got in my head, so I have to give it a 7
    Graphics: 10/10
    This game introduced a new graphical style where things looked like they were in a comic book. A good pat on the back to the creators
    Wish I could play this game: 20/10
    Sold my XBox, and it went to my friend, Erin. I've been thinking about just getting another one
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  2. [Anonymous]
    Jul 19, 2006
    Excellent graphics, storytelling, and fun ... but a little too dificult in some places. Like fighting Rhino the 2nd time! Still fun, and well Excellent graphics, storytelling, and fun ... but a little too dificult in some places. Like fighting Rhino the 2nd time! Still fun, and well worth the $20 I paid. Full Review »
  3. Lars
    Dec 31, 2005
    I was really getting into it, then something terrible happened. I beat the game. This was incredibly short, I beat in almost one sitting. I was really getting into it, then something terrible happened. I beat the game. This was incredibly short, I beat in almost one sitting. After the game ends, they try to boodt the replay value by adding a GTA style "cause as much destructoin as you can without getting killed by cops" game woth Venom. Sorry, but that and collecting tokens for costumes isnt my idea of a good time. Full Review »