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  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. 90
    Some will take Urban Chaos at face value and feel good inside with the game's many nods at the every day heroes of Americatown, USA. Others will take in the game's blatant sensationalism and wonder if it's not-so-subtle satire. Regardless, Urban Chaos: Riot Response is lots of fun, and merits a look from anyone who enjoys shooters.
  2. A no-nonsense shooter that combines brutal violence and utter pandemonium with clever and varied mission objectives. [May 2006, p.74]
  3. I'll admit, I really would have liked better AI and a jump button. But at the end of the day, I'm still playing this game to try and get the mini-goals.
  4. The story may not be all that, but the presentation is pretty good and the graphics certainly aren't shabby, especially the outdoor environments with the bloom lighting.
  5. Urban Chaos brings together some solid gameplay that integrates the gimmick as well as can be done. Over that lies a layer of old school sensibilities and a feeling that'll have you jamming to Team America's infamous "America, **** Yeah." Put all of that together, and you've got a killer game.
  6. The action never lets up and the bullets never run out. It's not subtle but it is fun. [June 2006, p.64]
  7. It definitely isn't a pretty game but when it comes to the shooting action Riot Response will not let you down.
  8. The game never advances the genre, but its use of a protective riot shield, one that progressively takes damage to the point where it's almost impossible to see through, is certainly a nice touch. [July 2006, p.72]
  9. But it more than makes up for that with a smoking-hot single-player adventure sure to provide one last summer sizzle on your Xbox.
  10. Urban Chaos is definitely worth a rental. If you're good, there's no reason that you can't complete it in a weekend.
  11. A very solid title despite its rather lacking looks. The overall presentation is good and it features plenty of cool ideas that seem to work very well in general.
  12. While the story and some of the gameplay elements could use some work, the sheer variety of action is enough to set it apart from a lot of so called "run and shoot" FPS games out there.
  13. An excellent first-person shooter, using a moving storyline as a backbone for its fast-paced gameplay, awesome presentation, and packed online experience.
  14. 79
    If you can get past the ordinary textures, bland character designs, and strange presentation of Urban Chaos: Riot Response, you'll find a technically capable game that offers a lovely little surfeit of gameplay touches that make it very worthwhile.
  15. By around the fourth level of Urban Chaos: Riot Response, it was clear to us that we were thoroughly enjoying this title. Despite each level not be drastically different from the next, we loved the execution of the high-octane action.
  16. The game's twisted sense of humor and tendency toward overindulgence make it that much more enjoyable. If you're looking for a fun, pick-up-and-play shooter, and don't mind a lot of senseless brutality, Urban Chaos is the game for you.
  17. It's by no means a blocckbuster that can suck away years of your life, but it offers up memorable thrills that you won't find anywhere else. [Ju;y 2006, p.105]
  18. It's not the best FPS ever made, but it is one of the more action-packed and genuinely interesting titles to come out in recent memory.
  19. Urban Chaos is definitely worth a rental. If you're good, there's no reason that you can't complete it in a weekend. There are plenty of side missions that will extend the replay value if you purchase the game and want to wring every second of enjoyment out of it, but you don't have to take on these side missions if you just want to blast your way through it.
  20. It is a delight to play and a refreshing change from the usual stack of first-person shooters. The challenges and objectives are reasonable but not so challenging that you'll want to throw the controller.
  21. It looks underwhelming, but spend a little time with Urban Chaos: Riot Response and it quickly stands out from the crowd.
  22. The graphics are surprisingly impressive, movement is smooth and, despite the occasional feeling of repetition, the action is constantly fast-paced and compelling. [June 2006, p.118]
  23. There's just enough in Urban Chaos that's different from the standard FPS title to entice players, thanks mainly to the implementation of the riot shield, which is used to great effect throughout the game.
  24. The game's narrative is told by way of full-motion video news clips (with a genuine news anchor - none of these are rendered or anything) that look incredibly authentic, yet are cheesy at the same time.
  25. Had the single-player elements not been so overused, it might have been a breakthrough title. As-is, playing Urban Chaos feels a lot like listening to a hit pop song. It's fun to hear the first few times, but repetition has its limits.
  26. It's goofy, satisfying, and unapologetically drenched in hilarious M-rated cussing, blood and ragdollery. [Sept. 2006, p.81]
  27. Ultimately, Urban Chaos doesn't have the reach to deliver what it promises, and ends up retreating into cliché. A few months more, a few dollars more and this could have made a much more defiant stand. [June 2006, p.93]
  28. 60
    The level designs vary from excellent to poor, enemy variety is non-existent (ok, the gang members where masks, but still), the aforementioned rescue missions become tedious, and the end arrives a couple of levels too soon.
  29. 60
    It's not as flashy as Black or Farcry: Instincts, but the patriotic vibe and real-life arsenal make up for the graphical inadequacies.
  30. Finally, a twitch-and-kill action game that right-wingers can get behind.
  31. If you're morbidly curious or looking for a weekend rental, Urban Chaos is nowhere near as crummy as its first impression would lead you to believe. [July 2006, p.85]
  32. 50
    Finally, the multiplayer component isn't bad, though there are two things that are glaringly missing. First, there's no straight-up deathmatch mode. Players will be taking the side of either the cops or the criminals, and the sides aren't particularly well balanced. Second, there's the inexcusable absence of splitscreen play.
  33. 50
    Urban Chaos tries to be different than other FPS titles, and it manages to get a few things right. But shoddy visuals and generic action bring the game down to the depths of mediocrity. [July 2006, p.78]
  34. If you need a simple gunplay fix this could maybe see you through a weekend... [July 2006, p.92]
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  1. BlueFalcon
    Sep 4, 2006
    I didn't expect much from this game, but it really surprised me. There's a lot of dark humour, and crazy situations that are right up my alley. I love the gameplay too. The graphics aren't exceptional, but it has nice diversity and great looking fire & explosions. After reading the EGM review, it sounded like they were talking about a different game. This game is great, and worth buying for sure. Full Review »
  2. Eli
    Sep 2, 2006
    The x-box systems days are numbered but it's games like Urban Chaos that breath little bit of life to the console. Urban Choas is a simple game but it manages to constantly keep you entertained with over the top violence, chaotic fps action, lots of fun weapons, some nifty gameplay mechanics, and a ton extras to unlock make the game worth a few hours of your time. Urban Chaos is by no means perfect but it's a simple and often repetetive game but most of the time the simple nature of the game works to it's advantage and the shield mechanic is simply awsome. Not quite worth 40$ but once it drops to say 20$ it's worth every penny. Full Review »
  3. StuB.
    May 26, 2006
    This game is brilliant, Its perfect for everyone that just wants to be able to kill criminals in various ways including cleavers, circular saws, or battering them up. The shield makes this game stand out as other than Counterstrike (if im allowed to say that) its not in any other game...(or if it is then its not that good). For me, this is the perfect game as your a member of T-ZERO Anti Terrorist Riot Response (NOT G18 like the review says) and you get to do a variety of situations...and hit people with your shield. Granted, the game does get a little repetitive but you can earn different T-ZERO weapons through EMERGENCY missions which you can use for earlier missions just to make the killing a little more intense. To be fair....the only thing that I dislike about this game is (this may spoil a slight part of the game) that your riot shield can stop RPG shots....VERY unrealistic...Your shield also gets beaten up with bullet holes and cleavers get stuck in it. If your shield can withstand an RPG shot...Im sure the cleavers wouldn't even make a mark...But in all...THIS GAME ROCKS!!! well worth the money. Good job Eidos! Full Review »