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  1. Aug 15, 2011
    It's a fun film, but I want to devote most of my comment to giving huge props to Michael Pena as Chango, Juicy's hit-man/boyfriend. He's absolutely hilarious in this role. Reminds me of what Benicio did for The Usual Suspects. His speaking style made me roar. I think he needs his own comedy vehicle sometime soon. And sure, Aziz is funny, his on-screen sister from Greek is solid (and should get more roles), but I'm getting a little tired of seeing Eisenberg. Lastly, it seems like Danny McBride - while funny - is essentially playing Kenny Freakin' Powers in every role. He needs to mix it up soon lest he wear out his welcome. Expand
  2. Feb 13, 2012
    "30 Minutes or Less" is dumb. The action is aided with too obvious CGI and the film's very cliched and skimmed. I suggest watching something alse.
  3. Aug 15, 2011
    I was hoping this would be funny, but I rarely laughed and neither did the rest of the audience....this is HBO movie material at best. I wanted to write this review as soon as possible, because I have almost forgotten this movie already.
  4. Aug 12, 2011
    First off, I LOVED Fleischer's debut film (Zombieland). That being said, instead of stepping it up for this movie, he takes a step back. Obviously, a movie about a pizza guy trying to rob a bank with a bomb strapped to his chest isn't supposed to be realistic, so that didn't bother me. No, the problem is Danny McBride. His character goes from irritating to seriously obnoxious by the end of the film. The first half an hour is all pretty gross and not all that funny, but stick with it and the movie gets to be very enjoyable. The Eisenburg/Anzari combo makes this movie, and once the bomb is on, it's a hilarious and fun blast to the finish. Expand
  5. Dec 19, 2011
    I was excited to see the movie, as I work next to the location they were using to film it, parked the cars, etc. I will say it's a disappointment. poorly done, language used was not necessary and it certainly was not funny. I'm glad I waited for the DVD to come out, and also glad I got it for free. This is certainly a poor movie. Too much cussing, too much sexual reference, and not funny at all. I can't say anything positive, except when it was finally over. It was a waste of time. Expand
  6. Aug 12, 2011
    I honestly don't get critics bashing this movie. Is this movie silly? Yes. Unrealistic? Hell yes. But I expected that going in, and what can I say, I had a lot of fun with 30 Minutes or Less. The chemistry between Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari is great and hilarious, the direction's good, the script's solid, the action's entertaining, and the pace was perfect. My only big problem with the movie is that Danny McBride was really annoying at some parts. But if you can suspend some disbelief and have fun, you'll have a blast with this movie. Expand
  7. Aug 12, 2011
    30 Minutes or Less is pretty funny that I enjoy these guys are pretending to be robbers so they can send those two unknown losers that they want money, and if they don't they will click on the pizza boy's chest and BOOM! I'm very far fetch that this movie could be handy that the R-Rated comedies to be more wild and comical, just like, the rest of the movies gives to the top. I can say it's very fun and could be laughable for other teenagers will probably enjoy this action movie. Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari are hilarious, but Ansari steals the movie to be more funny, if you know what I mean? Danny McBride and Nick Swardson gets the top same as these two young guys, and the scenes are pretty amazing that has lots of funny scenes that could make it decent and more interesting to watch. Thanks to this funny R-Rated comedy and thanks to the director who did Zombieland that every moviegoer will probably gonna see this late summer. I know it does compare to the actual events that people won't want to see, but in a different way that could make it funny. I probably take it rest to the 2003 tragic of pizza boy who strap a bomb! Pretty Funny! Expand
  8. Sep 25, 2011
    I was really disapointed by this movie and all the good and funny stuff was in the Red-Band trailer. Don't get me wrong, Jesse Eisenberg's, Aziz Ansari's, and Michael Pena's performance were great with Michael Pena's being the most funniest and Jesse with the overall best performance. Aziz Ansari's was good too by the way. Anyways, I was expecting a lot from Ruben Fleischer because he'd already worked with Jesse Eisenberg on Zombieland (which is one of my favorite movies) but this is very disapointing. It's fairly watchable and it's a solid rental. Expand
  9. Aug 27, 2011
    Super boring! There was no funny parts. And all the humor was either lame or super dry. The script full of cussing isn't really comedy. The movie is super bland also hardly anyone laughed during the film. Most of the so-so funny scenes were in the trailer. This movie had so much potential but it just failed! BAD MOVIE, DON'T EVEN BOTHER WASTING YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP.
  10. Jun 24, 2012
    I went into this movie with high expectations. With a cast like Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and the same director as Zombieland I thought that the movie would be great. But sadly all the funny/entertaining parts were in the trailer. I thought the concept of the movie could have been funny, but it just wasn't executed properly. The movie just isn't funny, the jokes don't connect which made the movie seem long, and it was only 83 min. The acting was ok, nothing special. In the end it was just a bad movie, don't watch it. Expand
  11. Mar 16, 2012
    As the movie went on I actually hoped it would live up to it's title and last 30 minutes or less. Unfortunately it went on for a soul-sucking 83 minutes.
  12. Aug 16, 2011
    Bumbling buffoons Danny McBride and Nick Swardson strap a bomb to pizza delivery loser Jesse Eisenberg and force him to rob a bank. Although there's plenty of energy, the madcap misadventures aren't especially surprising or extreme. The cast (including Aziz Ansari) manages a few funny moments, but it's not enough to make this worth even 30 minutes. NOTE: Stay thru the credits for a silly commercial. Expand
  13. Nov 24, 2011
    It was a decent film, Enjoyable through out. I wasnt all that satisfied with the lead characters though, Thought they could have been better. It was your pretty average comedy, Nothing special about it.
  14. Nov 8, 2011
    It's truly difficult to dislike this film. It's harmless fun with a decent story and some seriously funny bits. Short and sweet, and could have done with another 30 minutes or so. But rather watch a film wanting more, than struggle through something which feels like it never ends!
    Very much in the vain of Pineapple Express cross The Hangover. Jesse Eisenberg pulls off funny quite well ...
    and look out for classic line relating The Social Network - hilarious.
    McBride and Swardson do what they do best - silly. But the standout for me was Ansari who was very funny and has a thousand different facial expressions. I would buy this on blu-ray for those Friday nights when you are looking for a good laugh.
  15. Dec 10, 2011
    A respectable comedy, not the best I've seen but one of your better options, it's mostly funny because the characters are really just goofy, it does take a while to get into and has some pacing issues, but once the bomb gets strapped to his chest the laughs start, although I feel the excessive use of the F-bomb was often unnecessary and never made anything funnier but instead made the dialog sound like it was coming from bratty 12 year olds as opposed to adults, but still I got laughs from it, so in the end it's a decent comedy with flaws, but it is worth at least a rental. Expand
  16. Aug 27, 2011
    This is why I hate Metacritic things like How I met your mother or the Hangover that suck can get high scores but something funny like this gets like a 5.5. That's why so many new movies suck this movie rocks though.Check it out.
  17. Dec 20, 2011
    Ridiculous and outrageous! This is a fun film and pretty much every character is priceless here, especially McBride. Though it is not very inventive, with the exception of McBride's hilarious mind, this film is still enjoyable to watch. I'm glad I did not spend the price of a theatre ticket however.
  18. Sep 6, 2011
    In all honesty, I wanted this movie to be good. I wanted to laugh, however; watching this, the funniest scenes came from Danny McBride using profanity, and even that wasn't funny. This is one of those movies where all the funny jokes were in the commercials, however, this movie also had all "jokes" (you know, the word Joke), in the commercial, the rest of the movie is Danny McBride...
  19. Aug 26, 2011
    You know it's bad when you are seeing a movie for free at an advanced-screening, and when it's over you still want something back in return for having to sit through a P.O.S. like "30 Minutes or Less." This movie doesn't deserve much of my brain power, so I am going to keep it simple: if you are going to make a "comedy" that includes racism, homophobia, violent deaths, misogyny, and is just generally all-around mean-spirited, said movie better be really funny. "30 Minutes or Less" was painfully unfunny, and therefore was painfully offensive. The screenwriters are largely to blame, whom seem to think the key to great comedy is to throw-in the F-bomb a few times every other sentence, but the actors were generally awful too (and I say that as someone who generally likes Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg). They all seemed incredibly unmotivated and uninspired, but who can blame them? This is one of the few films I have ever seen that I would say I actively loathe, and I felt like a worse person for having seen it. Expand
  20. Aug 16, 2011
    Good comedy. Not amazing or groundbreaking, it was funny and that's what comedies are supposed to do right? Be amusing, make people laugh, and it did. The theatre was laughing throughout the whole film. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson are idiots, yeah, and they play idiots in the movie, yeah, and it's hilarious. Aziz and Jesse Eisenberg were great together, and were hysterical. Michael Pena was also a good add to this cast. Good comedy, made me laugh and that's all I was hoping for. Expand
  21. Aug 19, 2011
    very funny movie. and thats what you want when you go to cinema. i laughed so badly that my stomach started curling. in fact whole of the cinema were going crazy laughing. plot was very unique and loved every aspect of this movie
  22. Aug 14, 2011
    30 Minutes or Less will certainly deliver some laughs, but the poor acting by Aziz Ansari and other supporting actor, Danny McBride, help to ruin the experience. The idea of this film is, in itself, hilarious and the director (Fleischer) capitalized on much of it's potential; it's potential, however, was never set for greatness. The film is ultimately a meaningless experience meant for a few laughs on rainy day. That said, enjoy it for what it is-- a comedy for the masses. Expand
  23. Aug 23, 2011
    Awkward acting, stupid plot, unfunny and discomforting writing. To be fairly honest, this film was just stretched to fit the average movie time. Otherwise, it could have easily been something worth 20 minutes of your time.
  24. Aug 13, 2011
    This movie was great, real funny! Even Though this movie is slightly based on the real death Of Brian Wells. This Movie makes the whole scenario look really cool. The movie had a few twists and was great. i didn't find it boring at all! i don't know why it has a 50/100 should at least have a 60! awesome movie good cast. but not as funny as HORRIBLE BOSSES! just saying....
  25. Jan 14, 2012
    This is one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen in my life, I honestly feel embarrassed that I even watched it. To give it a 1 is being generous. Most of the guys in the film are damn funny, but here this just seems forced. There is no chemistry whatsoever and the script was seemingly written by a seventh grader. Unless you are 13, you will be struggling to find anything remotely humorous or entertaining about it. Aside from a couple (and I literally mean a couple) good laughs, some decent directing and special effects, this film is a total waste of time. Don't even spend a dollar renting it at the Redbox because you will regret it. If you watched this flick, laughed your ass off and totally disagree with this review, then please do the world a favor and go out to the garage, start up the car with the door shut and pretend you have just robbed a bank and are now speeding around town in a classic Datsun with your Indian will all be over soon... Expand
  26. Aug 15, 2011
    Well I watch the TV Spot and it was so funny. However, 30 Minutes or Less may be as less popular than Bad Teacher or Horrible Bosses. Kind of like a mixed bag of Pineapple Express and Step Brothers. But the cast is hilarious and hopefully I'll check it out in theaters.
  27. Aug 12, 2011
    I like the fact that the movie had gotten mixed reaction because it shows me that half the people know what a good comedy is. 30 Mins is sooooo funny, itâ
  28. Aug 12, 2011
    Funny ! infact, funniest movie ive seen all year! definetly worth seeing ! Dont listen to the crictics, the all have NO sense in judgement when it comes to movies !
  29. Aug 15, 2011
    30 Minutes or Less is the last of the Summer of R Rated comedies and while it didn't live up to the promise of its excellent cast and cool premise it did manage to get out some genuine laughs even with all of the overly crude humor thanks mainly to Aziz Ansari's well done performance and some great chemistry between some of the actors. 30 Minutes or Less is based on a true story of a pizza delivery guy who had a bomb strapped to him to make him rob a bank. That is literally the plot of this movie. The plot lost what made it so fun halfway through which made the movie feel disjointed and the measly 83 minute run time could've easily been boasted had they decided to follow up on their character development or extended a short bank robbery scene which the movie had been building up to but we never saw enough of it. The biggest bright spot out of the bunch was Aziz Ansari, who played Nick's (Jesse Eisenberg) best friend. Ansari delivered his lines with comedic poise and fit the role well. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson's roles were held down thanks to overly crude writing and a lack of any creativity. In terms of how good it stacked up against other comedies from the Summer, it certainly is a let down. Horrible Bosses was a much greater and clever comedy and didn't rely on crude d*** jokes. Expand
  30. Aug 16, 2011
    Simply put, this movie fails in almost every area. The unnecessarily raunchy jokes fall flat and feel out of place, the characters are all rather unlikable, and the whole movie just feels awkward and unintelligent. Overused cuss words detract from the dialogue, and most of the jokes made are - to say it blatantly - idiotic. I was disappointed; I think this movie had a lot of potential, but the writers and actors failed to deliver anything worth watching. Even the mildly exciting action scenes were all cut short or performed poorly. Expand
  31. Aug 18, 2011
    Absolute disappointment. I waited for this movie in anticipation since I watched the totally awesome Zombieland, and while what I've seen in trailers wasn't exactly top notch, I had hoped that the final outcome will be just as good or better than Zombielad. Unfortunately, even though both director and Jesse Eisenberg are still here, this movie is just a generic flick. Barely watchable, boring, with an idea that has some potential, but it is wasted by flawed execution. Expand
  32. Dec 28, 2011
    30 Minutes or Less is nothing but a dumb movie. The story was so predictable and the way they put it that really sucked . It could be a lot funnier but its really wasn't .Jesse-Aziz's duo was the only positive and the best thing in this film .Danny & Niks duo couldnt be more dull and it was the worst also Danny's acting was the worst thing this film and the second worst was Michael Peña as the assassin . And as for Ruben Fleischer's Directing compering to Zombiland 30 Minutes or Less wouldn't even count as a movie to me . So overall Bad script , Bad Acting , Worst Ending but with a great duo of Jesse-Aziz makes "30 Minutes or Less" Mixed to Negative type of movie . Expand
  33. Aug 20, 2011
    This movie was hilarious. You see such negative views on it simply because of its crude humor. Mainstream media isn't ready to embrace McBride style movies, and as a result, score them low. 30 Minutes or Less is a well written and action packed comedy that leave you wanting more. I can't recommend seeing it enough!
  34. Aug 27, 2011
    Damn, Aziz Ansari I went to your new film and you disappointed me by playing the funny minority sidekick to that Facebook guy. And, you were Aziz Ansari playing sidekick to The Facebook Guy. Who cares about the Facebook guy, Columbia--take a risk on something. You made Smurfs 2, didn't you?
  35. Sep 12, 2011
    Wait-for-it - Don't fall for the advertisements on TV stating every scene is hilarious, unless you care for crude lowbrow comedy, because this film about a small town pizza delivery guy's plan to rob a bank is rarely smart and only occasionally funny.
  36. Nov 19, 2011
    So boring i almost cry, this movie is terrible is kind of serious comedy but come on! is very stupid and boring, there´s not a single joke that make me laugh and of course is full of cliches, 1 out of 10
  37. Oct 8, 2011
    I don't know why everyone was so down on this film, it was really funny and exciting. Danny McBride was hilarious as always, the film never lets up. Should've been a bigger hit, maybe people will find it on DVD?
  38. Nov 1, 2011
    Unpredictable, outrageous and but inconsistently hilarious! It may seems lack of many factors of a good film..but guess what I enjoyed it though the dialogues are not so good. The film's plot is just how it is presented, so I will just focus on where the film fell short despite all the ingredients for success failure in the writers side. There were some individual lines that I was stunned actually got into a film with this caliber of people involved just by how stupid they were, but for the most part I found myself in a constant state of enjoyment and the bank robbery scene is one of the funniest of the year for sure. Also ended on a really big laugh, which is always a plus to leave me smiling. Expand
  39. Jan 23, 2012
    The movie was ok and funny at times but the fact that this film has a messy plot, flat characters, way to fast paced, and the worst ending in recent memory. The movie was still filled with enough fun to enjoy it just that little even with the story being so undeveloped and fast leaving you with no information about what happened.
  40. Dec 3, 2011
    I only laughed about 3 times through the whole movie, every single member of the cast has done much better movies. I would only recommend if you are looking for something stupid and relatively short.
  41. Jan 22, 2012
    Eh it was a rather generic comedy. It started off promising but it got so corny and stale that it just ruined the whole experiance of it. Wouldnt recommend this.
  42. Oct 20, 2013
    I hate this cast of actors more than I have ever hated the entire cast of a movie in my life. Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari are two of my least favorite actors in Hollywood, so why would I watch this movie? The trailer looked hilarious and that's really the point of trailers isn't it, to get you to watch a film you wouldn't otherwise be interested in. The story follows Dwayne, a spoiled rich kid who won't grow up. Dwayne and his buddy Travis hatch a drunken plan, to off Dwayne's father for the insurance money, using a pizza boy as a pawn in a murder for hire scheme. The pizza boys job is simple, rob a bank or the bomb they've strapped to his chest explodes. The clock is running out for pizza boy Nick, along with his best friend Chet, they have to come up with a plan before they're blown to bits. With this cast and the same Writer/Director as Zombieland, I was expecting all the funny parts to be in the trailer, but I was pleasantly surprised. That Facebook kid, Jesse Eisenberg stars and is actually pretty funny, he always reminds me of Michael Cera, only less lanky and gay. His Co-star is Danny McBride, who is my top 10 list of least favorite actors. It's not that he's a bad actor, but he's just so over the top with everything he does, that it destroys anything that could have been funny. Surprisingly, McBride is pretty toned down in this film and for once you could actually see that he can be very funny in the right circumstances. The story wasn't bad, but it isn't as unique as you might think. About 20 years ago this actually happened and in that case the pizza boy was killed, so turning it into a comedy may not have been the most sensitive thing to do. As for the film, it was a lot funnier than I was expecting and the cast actually had some really good chemistry. It's not the funniest film you'll ever see, but it's certainly a good way to kill a couple of hours. Expand
  43. Dec 25, 2011
    I'm seeing some pretty bad reviews on here for this but I'm not sure why. I was most certainly entertained (possibly because I was rather intoxicated). Maybe seeing this over again would change my mind. Yeah it's not groundbreaking or anywhere near as good as Zombieland but I was entertained. Isn't that what we are looking for?
  44. Jan 19, 2012
    All the parts were there, but it did not congeal into a funny movie. Great cast, fun plot, but something was missing. The jokes. There weren't enough of them to satiate someone going to see a comedy. They tried, but swung and missed a lot. There were some funny gags and quips, but so far apart between laughs at a comedy doesn't bode well for the film.
  45. Jan 26, 2012
    It was just too stupid. The acting was average, as expected from the "star studded" cast. It wasnt that funny either and the action was generic at best. Its just another trashy stoner comedy imo.
  46. Apr 10, 2012
    The film contains a remarkable level of violence, yet never establishes a tone that would make it seem funny or truly shocking; the jokes flounder in an air of half-hearted spite.
  47. Aug 4, 2012
    I think it is an awesome movie. Not only is it really funny but also original and everybody are perfect for there roll especially Micheal Pena who plays Chango. They all really make you believe that this could be true.
  48. Nov 8, 2012
    In the end, it's just not that funny. It certainly isn't memorable for the most part. The lone bright spot is Michael Peña, whose performance is so committed and hilarious, it makes a bad movie mediocre.
  49. Nov 7, 2012
    How did people even let this swill into our theaters? This movie just combines everything a twelve year old boy would love and shoves it into a ninety minute supposed comedy that goes by like four hours.
  50. Nov 28, 2012
    Minutely funny with poor writing abound and one of the worst endings I have ever seen.
  51. Dec 7, 2012
    Like 08's Pineapple Express, 30 Minutes or Less strives to make-up for it's shortcomings with foul language, nudity, and flat jokes, but with that in mind, it's also important to mention that there's still a lot of fun to be had with this. There are some genuine hilarious moments. The film is short and I think that's the main reason why this was not the disappointment it could have been. Not the best comedy of 2011 but I liked it! Expand
  52. Feb 2, 2013
    Whilst this is film is really nothing special it is one of those films that you will watch once, enjoy it and instantly forget it. Therefore, i suppose if that's the kind of film you're looking for then give it a watch. The film offers an interesting plot and sub-plot than delves well into the genres of comedy, action and romance. Also, I personally think that the films two central protagonists Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari both make the film well worth a watch. Expand
  53. Dec 8, 2013
    Obviously 30 Minutes or Less isn't an exact representation of the true-life tragedy. What 30 Minutes or Less is is an R-rated comedy, and the bomb, the bank robbery, the car chases, and the shootings are all played for laughs. Too bad those expected laughs just don't come very often, if at all, in 30 Minutes or Less.
  54. Mar 29, 2013
    Though the setup of the film is pretty original, it would have benefited for more wittier lines, especially from Eisenberg. Ansari's performance can be pretty aggravating at times, but McBride delivers amusing dialogue to keep the film going.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 37
  2. Negative: 5 out of 37
  1. Reviewed by: William Thomas
    Sep 12, 2011
    Outrageous and endearing, the Zombieland team swaps horror for crime in a daft caper that's undoubtedly slight but terrifically entertaining all the same. Very fast and lots of fun.
  2. Reviewed by: Meghan Keane
    Aug 17, 2011
    In the end, 30 Minutes or Less is a tidy, entertaining nerd action movie that should provide a good distraction for viewers this summer.
  3. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Aug 13, 2011
    For a soul-sucking 83 minutes, you're trapped inside the film's tiny, ugly mind.