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Summary: Froggy Doo, the wisecracking marionette operated and voiced by Happy Herb, is loved by all the kids – all the kids except young Elliott Plumm. Elliott (13) has outgrown the show and no longer believes in Froggy Doo; in fact, he doesn't believe in much of anything anymore, least of all himself, which causes a considerable amount of tension between him and his five year-old brother Rocky, who believes in everything – especially Froggy Doo. What's real for Elliott is the anxiety he feels at home. His father, Mick, an ex-boxer, treats his oldest son as though he’s invisible, and secretly blames the boy for his not going to the Olympics thirteen years ago. His mother, Roxie, loves him dearly, but is so busy trying to keep the bills paid, her husband sober, and her marriage together that she doesn’t have much time left for her firstborn son. Initially, Elliott has no interest in the Frog-napping, but when an odd-looking trailer pulls onto the empty lot next door carrying young Haley (a new neighbor, junior sleuth, and Trixie Belden fan), everything changes. Soon, Elliott, Haley, and Rocky band together and embark on a mission to find Froggy Doo. And what starts out as a lark for Elliott becomes increasingly essential as the stakes for him rise dramatically: if he can crack the case before the FBI, he could win the heart of the girl he's falling for, bond with his little brother, give his mother the reward money, and maybe, just maybe… earn his father's love. But the journey is never what we expect, and by the end of the road, everyone has learned a lot more than just who kidnapped Froggy Doo. (Freestyle Releasing)

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Runtime: 99 min
Rating: Rated PG for thematic elements and some mild rude language.
Production: Fairplay Pictures
Genres: Adventure, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Caroline Zelder Director
Writer Credit
Caroline Zelder Writer
Frank Antonelli Writer
T.J. Lynch Writer
Cast Credit
Ben Trotter Orin
Brenda Strong Viv
Chris Massoglia Elliott Plumm
Clint Howard Binky The Clown
Gavin Black Wally
Henry Winkler Happy Herb
Jeff Daniels Narrator
Lisa Guerrero Roxie Plumm
Morgan Flynn Haley Dubois
Owen Pearce Rocky Plumm
Peter Scolari Agent Hardigan
Richard Riehle Art Bublin
Rick Overton Agent Brinkman
Tim Quill Wayne Dubois
William Baldwin Mick Plumm
Producer Credit
Caroline Zelder Producer
Doug Metzger Co-Producer
Douglas Kahelemauna Nam Associate Producer
Frank Antonelli Producer
Jonelle S. Anderson Associate Producer
Lisa Guerrero Executive Producer
Lorraine Berglund Associate Producer
Scott Erickson Executive Producer
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