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  • Summary: As novelist Betty Fisher (Kiberlain) starts becoming darkly depressed after the death of her young son, her plotting mother arranges to have another little boy kidnapped to take his place.


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  1. In today's cynical cinematic climate, there's something beautiful in Miller's simple poetic justice.
  2. Such an accomplished piece of filmmaking that it interweaves enough characters and themes to fill three movies.
  3. What really makes Alias Betty stand out, even from good recent French ensemble films like "Eight Women" and "Venus Beauty Institute," is that ingenious, Rendell-derived story. To kidnap an old phrase, it's a corker.
  4. 75
    Despite a contrived ending that brings together all the film's characters, Alias Betty is inventive filmmaking.
  5. As long as Miller simply crosscuts between the machinations of the three mothers, the sociological and psychological parallels are intriguing, but when they're forced to share the same story line, the contrivances and coincidences begin to seem fussily elaborate.
  6. 70
    A lot goes on, and it doesn't always make sense. But the cast embodies Rendell's ability to incorporate shrewd observations on human behavior into the framework of a crime story, and Miller has a great eye for the places on the Paris outskirts where the lives of haves and have-nots intersect.
  7. 20
    The good news might be that Huppert wasn't available for Alias Betty, but the bad news is that it didn't stop France from exporting yet one more cold, pretentious, thoroughly dislikable study in sociopathy.

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