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  • Summary: A fun-loving romantic comedy focusing on the lives of second generation Indians in America. The story is set on a college campus and follows the exploits of an Indian freshman whose path in life takes a sharp detour down a road to self-discovery. (Eros Entertainment)
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  1. Mr. Pandya tells a story of conflicted assimilation that's been told before, but he and his exuberant cast invest it with fresh energy and winning humor.
  2. Clubfooted but earnest, Pandya's movie never forgets about its second-gen issues, but never quite plumbs them, either.
  3. Most of it has to do with the ways younger Indian-Americans keep their culture alive in the United States and the ways they don't.
  4. 50
    The script is often obvious and much of the acting is amateurish (Rakesh's comic sidekicks are just dismal), though Purva Bedi is a shining exception — she's got star quality to burn.
  5. With a few exceptions, the Indian characters are two-dimensional buffoons whose traditions are presented as silly quirks meant for cheap laughs.
  6. The subject is likable and the story has possibilities, but why does every single performance sink into a self-indulgent mess of hammy overacting?
  7. Despite some genuinely funny scenes, American Desi turns out to be inferior to the as yet unreleased "ABCD" and even last year's "Chutney Popcorn."
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  1. JayM.
    Jul 31, 2006
    Worth a watch definitely / as someone said its a comedy its meant to be funny (in bits)...some of it tongue in cheek someone it firmly tongue in bottom... leaving unfamiliar taste in ones mouth. Its part of a tradition which is still finding its feet in est cross over to west movies. Good attempt. Collapse

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