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Mixed or average reviews- based on 159 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 94 out of 159
  2. Negative: 37 out of 159

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  1. Nov 7, 2012
    I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. I hate this movie. Wait- what do I think about this movie? Oh yeah. I hate this movie.
  2. Aug 27, 2010
    There are worse disaster movies out there, but there are also shorter ones (the popcorn tends to run out about halfway through the film, and then what do you do from there?)
  3. May 9, 2011
    Someone fire a gun into my eyes. You know, Eli Roth should make movie where someone sees this pile of **** and has to have an grisly process of unseeing it. I'd rather be that character than slowly kill my eyes, ears, and brain by rewatching this.
  4. Oct 22, 2011
    This was a pretty bad movie. Pretty funny jokes and cool action sequences but not good storyline. It's a classic Michael Bay movie with a terrible storyline but with cool action sequences and special effects. If you like that kind of stuff I highly recommend it for you. It wasn't a horrible movie but it for sure wasn't the best movie I've seen by far(as you can see from the score i gave it). But it did have really cool action sequences and special effects, don't get me wrong but the storyline didn't make much sense at all and the physics were terribly off. It did have a really awesome cast though. Including Ben Affleck(barely acting like usual, not my fav), Bruce Willis who did pretty well in this movie, Owen Wilson(cracking me up as usual), and many more. That's one more good thing about this movie and here's another bad thing, some of the acting sucked. Like Ben Affleck was terrible, Billy Bob Thorten was not good and I usually like him a lot in movies. So not the best acting. But good cast as I said before. It's a typical end of the world disaster flick with a lot of special effects and distruction, they have shallow story lines too like this one. Don't get me wrong it was a good movie but I like storyline in my movies. So Michael Bay is not my favorite director, actually he is my least favorite. :) Expand
  5. Oct 3, 2011
    I always saw this film as a real Pearl Harbor, and even with the participation of as Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. Love stories the same, terminology dramatic equal. Pure Pearl Harbor, the big difference is that this is not based on fact.
  6. Feb 29, 2012
    The story doesn't reveal anything good to appeal and everything including the visual effects underachieves compared to other disaster movies that have been made so far. However, this is not Michael Bay's worst.
  7. Jan 8, 2013
    All I have to say is that when I was watching this... My mom started crying and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life! Michael Bay, you suck.
  8. Jul 5, 2013
    The score was given for the drama. This film makes no sense and by that I mean not only plotwise, but physics seem to have been thrown outta the window too. Wrong advertising. Now if had been pushed as a comedy the score would have been much higher....
  9. Apr 10, 2014
    For a space trip this movie can't construct a good atmosphere. Instead we have "heroes" from America, who are either too stupid for this mission or stereotypical (like the Russian). Seriously, why are these men selected for this mission? Because of their knowledge of boring, which is too hard for serious experts? Or are they the only US-people, who are capable? And some scenes are also so stereotypical, like the important "Success in the last second".

    So this is for me a mediocre movie at best. I'm sorry, but I like "The Core" more (see the review for the reasons). I normally like movies in space, but this is one of the worst I've seen so far! It's an insult, that this movie got Oscar-nominations!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 23
  2. Negative: 7 out of 23
  1. Director Michael Bay's filmmaking style is so frantic and frenetic that it's often impossible to figure out exactly what is happening.
  2. 70
    The movie is ridiculous, but since the special effects are really quite impressive, that seems a small point.
  3. The actors mark time, and the gung-ho heroics on display are embarrassingly hollow.