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  2. Negative: 6 out of 15
  1. Boarding Gate was evidently made quickly and cheaply, and parts of it are fun. It’s too bad there’s no real viewer equivalent--that you can’t WATCH a film quickly and cheaply.
  2. 30
    It’s time for this talented man (Assayas) to pull himself together. He may have something serious to say about the brutal impersonality of global capitalism, yet he’s caught somewhere between insight and exploitation.
  3. Reviewed by: Joe Neumaier
    A ridiculous poseur thriller that seems to be made up of the slow moments from Hong Kong action films and Euro-flashy stuff like "Run Lola Run."
  4. 25
    Draggy and incoherent.
  5. Reviewed by: Russell Edwards
    Thrills and drama are left standing on the tarmac in Boarding Gate a limp, sleazy inanity by renowned French critic cum erratic helmer Olivier Assayas.
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  1. ScottC.
    Mar 28, 2008
    I agree it's not for every taste. But Asia Argento is mesmerizing and bizarre. The whole film is deeply atmospheric, sexy, dangerous, and fairly unhinged. Heady and carrying the whiff of depth, but with cheap kicky thrills. I loved it. Full Review »