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  • Summary: Three friends "come of age" for a second time on a trip across the great American West. Faced with the decision of a lifetime, Arvilla Holden loads up her 1966 Bonneville convertible and, with her friends in tow, sets out from Pocatello, Idaho, en route to Santa Barbara, California. As they make detours to such spots as Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas, it doesn't take long for the women to realize Arvilla has something unexpected in store. But no one realizes that what began as a simple trip will end up becoming a chance to rediscover themselves, their friendships, the importance of promises--and of letting go. (SenArt Films) Expand
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  1. Scarcely original and in no way earthshaking, but its notable cast is a pleasure to behold.
  2. Ladies! Thelma and Louise drove a '66T-bird, remember?! They picked up a young male hitchhiker 17 years before you did, and they too, um, interacted with a trucker and admired magnificent American sunsets -- is it coming back to you? Nope, it's not, which is exactly why the tires are so low on this creaky vehicle.
  3. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Except for Ms. Lange’s silent, expressive close-ups, which render flashbacks unnecessary, the women’s journey is aesthetically and dramatically unremarkable.
  4. 50
    The prodigiously talented Allen, Bates and Lange give it their all, but there's a limit to what even they can do with platitudes and prefabricated homilies.
  5. Bonneville does provide at least one important service: The next time an older actress complains that there are no good projects for women of a certain age, she'll be able to hold this clunker up as Exhibit A.
  6. Reviewed by: John DeFore
    Put three old friends in a convertible for a cross-country road trip to a loved one's funeral, and what do you get? Very few surprises, in this feel-good fluff that, despite offering nothing novel, could do well with older audiences who rightly feel that too few films are being made with them in mind.
  7. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    This rarity in cinema--a graying cast in a female-bonding adventure--couldn't be more dull-humored or predictably maudlin without just calling itself "The Bucket List 2."

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  1. Apr 20, 2013
    You look for a good film full of good performances and you get more of a badly made Bucket List instead. It's nothing to be to excited about and its one of the most disappointing small, not-very popular films ever made. Expand

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