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  1. Mar 12, 2013
    This is one of the first Jim Carrey movies i watched! It will have a special place in my heart forever! One of the greatest movie experiences from my childhood! Full Review »
  2. Sep 8, 2013
    With great power, comes great power, especially when God is involved, with various theological accuracies and religious beliefs aside, 'Bruce Almighty' explores the power and responsibility that a higher being may possess, but in a comic manner of course, because Jim Carrey is leading the show in this supernatural comedy, where he plays a news reporter longing after the coveted anchor job, a job that goes to Evan (Steve Carell). Bruce has a breakdown and decides to take his anger out on the skies, namely God, who answers Bruce in the most unorthodox of ways, giving him all his powers and telling him to use them how he pleases. While the powers of God throughout the film bring excellent comedy and impressive visual gags like the part of the soup, clearly a direct reference to Moses, and others like pulling the moon closer or even the voice change for his rival Evan, it sometimes feels over-bearing when you realise a film is being made about powers that are truly limitless, so where do you even start with that. The true spark of the film rests on the shoulders of Carrey and his energetic persona that he brings to most of his roles, it's difficult to imagine anyone else playing the role, and a deliberate pacing and subtle references to larger compromises in the film do make it a predictable in many parts, but strong performances from Carrey as the down on his luck news reporter, while is girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) is forever trying to keep Bruce grounded. Then we have God himself, played by none other than Morgan Freeman, who has many a philosophical tale to tell us and inspire the hoard as we watch, it's entertaining but also hold sentimental value, especially when the elegant and almighty voice of Freeman is saying it. The theme of it all really tries to test the selfishness of selflessness of the human psyche, how much would one person do before trying to help others if they has unlimited capabilities? Sure we might indulge a little but when it comes down to it, what would you do. But this is of course coming from a comedy angle, many will simply treat this has a quirky idea for a film, while others will see it as blasphemy for treating the entity of God on such a comical way, but then again, laughter is the language of the soul, and while there are laughs to be had, it misses the mark when trying to be too serious and shifting its tone, while also focusing and relying to much on Jim Carrey's personality. But still an enjoyable and interesting idea all the same Full Review »
  3. Jul 1, 2013
    Esta pelicula de comedia fantasia me gusto mucho, tiene una buena comedia; ademas, es divertida y graciosa;no es la comedia del año pero es una comedia aceptable Full Review »